Showers are a waste of time

Many times when I get home from a run or the gym I really just wish I didn't have to shower to get clean. I wish there was another way. I find showers to be such a waste of my time, so boring, I just want to get in, get clean and get out. Maybe if the shower was more interactive, I don't know.

After spending 7+ hours in the car yesterday, and not sleeping too well Friday night, we were pooped when we made it back to PA last night. I wasn't happy spending so much time sitting when I didn't get up to run Sat a.m. but I just couldn't do it. It was too many days of running in a row and my body needed a break! Today we hit the gym together - I love it when we get to go together, mostly only the weekends, sometimes during the week. I was running for 15 minutes when I felt like I had been running for at least an hour. After 7 miles I felt like I had completed 20 (unfortunately not). I think I'll run less days this upcoming week but more quality workouts.

Also, my goal is to start swimming again with my masters program for the month of August. Then I have to decide if I want to continue through the school year - it used to be right at the high school where I teach but it moved to another school and went from $150 to $700. Right.
We'll see about that one!

Last, what is your powersong right now - the song that gets you going? For me, I'm fading, I need some more pump up songs. 'Pump it' has been the song for about 5 months.


  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I know what you mean about showering, I hate having wet hair, putting on makeup, etc! I don't know if I have a great powersong right now (I wish I had my ipod with me!) but lately I've been listening to "Don't You Evah" by Spoon, it puts me in such a good mood!

  2. I am thinking of starting to swim once the marathon passes. That is insane the amount they raised the prices to. Swimming is a great workout.

    Hope you use this week to recover from your vacation.

  3. OMG I LOVE showers! I would live in the shower if I could ROFLMAO! That might be because I have the nastiest skin on Earth (oily) so I feel like I constantly need to get the slick off :P

  4. Welcome back N. You deserve a recovery week - go easy on the runs. I agree with D, that swimming is such a great cross training workout. But $700? What the hell is that pool filled with... champagne? What a rip.

  5. Hey great blog! no rss feed? btw, i am a total nike+ aficionado but my widget isn't working!

  6. i LOOOOVE showers... i hate getting out of it after my long runs.

    my fav song right now is untouched. i dont know who its by but it was on an episode of SYTYCD if you watch that show. i also need some new songs for the upcoming race!! i am getting very bored with mine.

  7. i'm an inefficient swimmer so i never manage a good workout with it. but that's actually the ONE reason i kind of want to start showing with this might make running and spinning too uncomfortable and force me to try to get better at swimming! that, plus i'm slow at swimming anyway so i won't feel bad or even notice if pregnancy has made it worse!

  8. I just LOL when you said Pump It has been your song for 5 months. Devotion, I toss em after a week or two. LOL! i am into some song with Akon Dangerous not that fast of a beat but gets me going.