Runners World Log

So I found some neat things to embed in my blog from runners world. They have distance totals which didn't seem to be working, but latest workouts (because I was totally slacking on that one) and also PRs. So if you have a runners world log, that's fun, you can add the info to your blog!

This week, running has been good. Yesterday did 7 in an hour and today 4 in 33 min, building it up faster as I went. Tomorrow or Friday I'm trying to do my "long" 10-12 miler, 10 has been the longest run I've done in the past several weeks, maybe even months. I think for the weekend I'm going to visit my sister in DC and maybe run there. Hubby is going to the shore for a bachelor party this weekend (boo). I know, I still want to do the SF marathon but I think the hills would eat me up. There's also a run going on down the beach, but I'd have to go for the day and come back, and it starts at 5:30pm - pretty hot right? So, I don't know. I'm all over the place and can't decide.

As I was leaving to go for some workshops today, this older couple was walking down the street with coffees - as if it was a walking town. It is a main road, Route 30 if you are local! I was looking at them questioningly. Maybe they were reading Marcy's blog and the walking profile for our town and since it was over 50, they thought they could walk around? Hmmm.

Oh well, have a good day everyone! My swimming debut should hopefully start again on Monday, we'll see!


  1. thats fun about the RW stuff - i didnt know that! will have to check it out.

    great job on the runs this week!!!

  2. Ooohhh that RW Log is pretty nifty! (I went over and stalked yours since I didn't want to bother making my own account :P)

    ROFLMAO about the couple. I hear you! I see some peeps walking on not so friendly roads myself (the casual Sunday stroll walkers too!) LOL

  3. I hate running when it is hot! Maybe that is why I love my basement treadmill so much. Have fun on your long run!

    I am off until the last week of August, I get July and August off every year. I WISH I was still on maternity leave! Those were the days...But, I went back in January. At least I only had to make it through a few months until the summer vacation!

  4. 6 weeks paid - is that all that you will get? Oh my! I was lucky to get 8 weeks with full pay from my employer, and then the Cdn government gives about 60% of your pay for the remaining 10 months up to a year. It makes a HUGE difference. I know a girl who is a nurse, who got a FULL YEAR paid from her employer. Isn't that insane?? How cool would that be? I am a teacher! Less than a month left until I go back, where does the time go?

  5. I live in Ontario, Canada. I am not really looking forward to going back! I love it and all, but I also love my holidays!