40 on the week

I just went for a run in the cooler temperature Maine. It is always nice when you are somewhere new and can go for a run and explore. I set out to do around 4 miles and ended up doing 5.92 - that is always nice too! I would guess it is around 65-70 here and perfect for running. There is a great breeze! This run put me at 40.1 for the week! I haven't made it to 40 in a while, maybe 2 months or so, even though I've been close! Before I went for the run this morning though, my left knee tinged in pain - it has been problematic in the past, but I haven't felt it in a while! Maybe the hills on Thursday got to it, and the lack of stretching.

So far it is pretty here in Maine. But, I need to make some ground rules for myself so that I don't go insane.
1) Do not complain to husband. He may leave me here.
2) Try to bite tongue instead of biting off mom's head and making rude comments that I regret 2 seconds after I open my mouth. Keep mouth shut.
3) Try to block out mother in law instead of wanting to stab.
4) Try to enjoy time with parents and in laws and be appreciative of their kindness instead of wanting to jump out window or off porch (does this happen to anyone else? I feel like such a brat!)

We'll see how that goes. I am not one for sitting around the family table, unless there are siblings involved here. Not just parents and in laws!! Serenity now!


  1. Great job on the run and for hitting 40. You are doing lots of running. Guess you may be getting out a lot this week, if all the parents start to drive you crazy! Have fun and enjoy Maine.

  2. Way to go hitting that 40 mark, that's awesome! Maybe you need your folks around more if they get you out there to run... then again, maybe not. Keep up the good work.

  3. Good job reaching 40 miles-that is quite an accomplishment. I think it's great you went out for 4 miles and managed to run nearly two more miles without bribing yourself.

    Yeah, family can be tough sometimes. We love them but they know just how to hit our buttons. I think you have a good plan laid out-try to enjoy without bodily harm. Good luck!

  4. WHOOT!! CONGRATS on 40 chica!!

    OMG I am so LMAO! It's terrible but parents and IL's always bring out the worst in us. I think my parents do it more so than the IL's, since they know EXACTLY what buttons to push :-X

    Nah, I didn't run before kids LOL. I've only been running for a little over a year. It can be tricky sometimes but for the most part it works out alright LOL

  5. Awesome on 40! Congrats on that milestone. Enjoy your time in Maine and keep repeating "Serenity now."