Humidity + Pizza

It is super humid here in PA. I finally sucked it up and went running yesterday outside through some busy streets and it was fine. It wasn't the best ever and I wanted to run for an hour but it ended up being 42 minutes. There just wasn't any further that I could go without possibly getting hit by a car so I turned around and ran back. There was no enthusiasm to my run yesterday, it was majorly humid, I was cursing my town (what happened to "WHAT IS?"), and having headphone issues (still working on that one). The husband bought me 2 pairs of headphones and I'm sorry, neither of them is going to work out. What a pain in the ass I am, but I'm moving on to some of the ones that you all suggested. I ended up coming home and checking my pace which was super slowpoke for myself, and then running 18 min on the treadmill due to my anal nature. Today I took off from running, the knees are bothering me a bit and I figured I ran too many days in a row. Running plan for the next 2 days: Try for either an easy 6 miles tomorrow or intervals, and then try 11 on Thursday as long run. We're going away for HELL week (his parents, my parents, and the 2 of us - kill me!) on Saturday to Maine, so I want to get in some good running before I go, but you can bet I will be running to save my sanity probably everyday while I'm there!

And now, the second part - pizza! When I was at the beach for the long weekend, when we'd head home around midnight there were pizza places everyWHERE. Both nights we spent there, I ended up getting pizza at midnight, hot, right out of the oven, delicious pizza. I've been picturing it and craving it ever since. Before that it was cheese sandwiches. This is bad, my friends. Cheese slowly exited my life when I started watching what I was eating, and now I am having these days where all I want to eat is cheese sandwiches or pizza! I met my cousin for lunch today and got non else but pizza. It was delicious. I hope it satisfied by craving for at least a few days. I'm picturing that picture without the pepperoni on it. Or I was until I ate the pizza. Bad, bad, bad.


  1. Good luck with your knees, headphone issues and upcoming Hell Week. LOL at pizza. Doesn't everyone just love pizza?

  2. i LOOOOVE pizza :) i used to not eat cheese too but then my nutritionist said i needed more fat and calcium in my diet so now i am not afraid of it! everything in moderation though haha.

    great job on getting the run in even though everything wasn't going great. those are always tough ones to run though but when you do its so much better!

  3. OMG I AM SO SORRY!! :P Both the IL's AND your parents?!? Whooaaaa Momma! Hang tough chica! Hang tough!

    I hope the weather is nicer up North!

  4. Yeah, that humidity sucks big time..really drags out the running, doesn't it? Hope you find some good headphones and don't lose too much insanity with the big family weekend.

  5. All I can think about now is getting pizza for lunch, and I blame you for that.

  6. Lots of great running along the Maine coast! Definitely enough to get you through the week :)

    Looking forward to hearing (and reading) about your escapades.

  7. I used to hate pizza - I think I ate too much in college, but now I like it again. I like to make my own homemade healthy version on a whole wheat pita. Throw anything you want on it! So yum.

    Yes - I'm an event planner.

  8. Love pizza! I would have definitely broken an ankle if I had to run in high heels...I can barely walk in them!