Slow and Steady

Planned on getting 10 miles in this morning, but yesterday started with some weird behind the knee pain ON MY GOOD KNEE! I did some faster running (than I have been doing recently) in the 4 mile run yesterday towards the end, but it felt good! But later on in the day behind my knee just started to hurt. At night when I was sitting on the couch for a while and got up, it was totally stiff and same this morning. The run started out as a limping run, and it felt awful!! I was going to run 10 minutes and stop but I just decided to run slower. And I ended up doing 3 30 minute sessions, right after each other, but just to make it seem like less. It was slow for me, but I was happy to finish it. I can't find anything anywhere about behind the knee pain and have no idea what it is! But at times while running I could feel it also on the inner part of my knee. Anyone have that ever? Really weird, it is right in the crease behind my knee.

While running, the last two "long" runs I have had the new Berry Luna bar with me, and it has been good so far. I want to go out and get some luna moons for the longer runs coming up in August, but the Berry Luna has been good to me so far! For July, it was my highest mileage probably all year, 161.1 miles. I hope to keep it up for August! I wish I was doing a fall marathon, but with other things going on, I decided I'd take off this fall. And with the lingering bad knee pain, and now this weird behind the knee crap, maybe it is better anyway!

My shoes are about 420 miles, I just ordered new ones. When do you replace your shoes? I think 500 is my limit, but when I start having pain in weird places or shin splints, that is when I get new shoes! I just ordered a couple of pairs, one because I like how they look (oops - pink and silver get me everytime) and the other the same pair I've ran in the last 1000 miles (Mizuno's Wave Rider 11). I love the sites that have free shipping and free return shipping (like running warehouse!). Nice!


  1. YAYY good job on getting the run done! hope you knee feels better.

    i am a luna addict!! but never had them on runs, only after or before... but everyday after lunch :) YUM. i like the choc ones the best though (carm brownie nut and choc rasp are my faaaavs).

    i put just over 350 on my first shoes... now i have 2 of my asics i will alternate after the marathon until they start to feel like i need new ones. prob 300-400 miles.

  2. Definitely time for those new shoes.

    Personally, I wouldnt efff around with the mysterious behind-the-knee pain. Listen to your body. Rest for a week (maybe do some easy cycling or swimming if it feels ok) so that you don't make a minor ache into something major. Besides, a week off from running won't kill you. I hope you feel better ASAP.

  3. OMG I WISH I could get taht much mileage outta mine. As much as I *heart* Nike's, they don't last long. 300 miles about the norm here. YIKES! Good thing I'm only a 3 day a week runner, eh?

    I've been getting mine off of Zappos lately. They're at your door the next day. Free shipping too! (Well they say "free shipping" but generally the prices are a couple dollars more than other sites)

  4. "slow and steady" is my new motto. that, and "4 1/2 more months...!"

    i always buy the same brooks shoes but forget to get rid of the old ones and i now have 3 pairs that look identical (plus one new pair to break out as a treat after the baby comes in dec!). i get them mixed up sometimes...not good considering some are pretty old.

    rest the knee!! i've had LOTS of weird aches and pains and most resolve themselves if you let them. if not, it's not pretty.

  5. Hope the knee pain starts to go away. Maybe it is the sneakers. I would continue to play it smart, no need to risk an injury. The pictures of the new ones do look pretty. I am due for a new pair once I get back home. I am going to stick with my Brooks, I love them!

  6. Hello! Great Blog! My husband, the Ironman, swears by Etonics. He has too many pairs to count and buys them from Keep up the running and take it one day at a time!
    Michelle (mabbinanti)