Odds and Ends

A few things from the past:

The quilt - it sucks. You can see in the picture that nothing lines up. It is in its final stage where it has to be quilted, but I have no idea how to do that. I want to get it done by the end of the summer, but some help will have to be brought in for that!

The nutritionist:
I think she was a liar. Or calculated something wrong. Well, I haven't been following the whole thing where you circle what food group you are eating at all, but I've tried to be more aware of what I am eating and making sure I'm getting the recommended servings (70% of the time, I guess). One big change I've made is eating more cereal in the morning. It does keep me full longer. But I feel like I'm gaining weight and I feel puffy, so I don't know.

Change the way you think about things:

I've been better about that, at least trying to. I think the week in Maine was just HARD overall!

For headphones, I did get the Nike Vapor ones. For me, they are ok for now. They stay in my ear. I'm just not a BUD person though.

Yesterday's knee issue is still here today. I didn't even try to run today, instead I did the elliptical, some lifting and a pilates class (which I think helped). Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow and it will be fine. Also, my new shoes are expected to arrive today, so this should help. I think the random knee issue is my body's way of saying "You were even thinking about doing a marathon right now? We'll show you!! " Because I was definitely pondering it all week long. Good luck marathoners this weekend!! I'm envious of you!


  1. thank you!!!!!

    nutrionist wasnt a liar - just takes time! plus - you know what plus :)

    wish you were in sf too :) maybe next year!!! thanks for all the support!

  2. Oooohhh I wondered about the Nike Vapors. Mine fall out from time to time and it gets annoying.

    Good luck with the kicks and I hope your knee starts to feel better!

  3. I've looked at those Nike earphones and wondered if they work.

    Gook luck with your knee, I know how that is, had to wear a brace for my first half marathon, hope it gets better soon.

  4. I hate bud earphones, but I also hate the big ones. I got some that are bud-like but have the regular "headband" thing at the Apple store. They are made by Nike, but I am not sure what they are called. I love them! I crunched my numbers with the formula you posted from the nutritionist, and to lose weight I should be only eating 1230 calories a day. Yikes!

  5. Sorry about the knee, you're smart to rest it. I hope it's better soon.

    I deeply admire you for attempting the quilt, it looks good to me! I have saved all my race shirts but who am I kidding, I don't even know where to begin. Good luck with it!

  6. The fact that you can make a quilt is amazing in itself!! It's your first one, right? You should be proud! :-)

  7. My knees have also been iffy lately...and it happened about the same time I started considering training for a marathon.


    Hope yours shape up soon.

  8. LMAO at the odds and ends calling the nutritionist a liar and the quilt sucks which i am sure it does not!!!

    Hope the knee starts feeling better and the shoes will be the remedy.

  9. Good idea to rest the knee. I hope it feels better soon.

    I have yet to find buds that stay put for an entire run. The shifting in my ears is so distracting and annoying. Those Vapors sound promising.

  10. I hate bud headphones, they never fit right.

    Your quilt may not be perfect, but at least you tried. I wish I could make them, but wouldn't even know how to start.

    Hope the knee is feeling better.