week 13 stats

I went to a yoga class today in hopes that it will start to stretch out my hamstrings. It was painful, and I haven't been there since June and I really sucked. I even lost my balance on some pose we were doing leaning on our elbows and fell over. And made a big noise. Embarrassing for the feeling fat lady. I was getting frustrated by the end that I started thinking the instructor (who I have always thought was awesome and inspiring) was a showoff for being able to do crazy poses. Hah.

I am trying not to run this week, but I don't think that I will do it. Back to school (for teachers) is tomorrow and workouts now move to 5am and go back to an hour a day, and I usually go on my treadmill at home. I can go to the gym but it is so convenient to hit the basement instead early in the am to save some time. I'm not trying hard enough not to run. I'm going to think about it more later.

Week 13 stats:
Monday: swim - 3000 meters (1 hour)- elliptical 30min, lift 30 min
Tuesday: elliptical + bike 30 min, Run 7.28 miles, 1:05, (8:56) - treadmill
Wednesday: swim 3000 meters (1 hour), run 2.7 miles (25:30), lift 30 min - treadmill
Thurs: Long run - 13 miles, 2:07:45 (9:50) -outside- Valley Forge
Fri: elliptical 30, lift 30, bike 10
Sat: Run 7.2 miles 1:10 (9:44)
Sun: 5.52 miles 54:00

Totals: Swim 6000 meters, 2 hours
Cross training 1 hour 30 min
Lift 1 hour 30 min
Run 35.7 miles, 5:42:17


  1. You crack me up. I dont know how anyone can hold those crazy yoga poses. LOL at your "showoff" line.

    Repeat after me: "I can rest. I will rest. Resting now = running later."

  2. Your weekly stats are impressive! I can't even begin to contemplate the pain of some Yoga poses, so I will stick my my "stretching" for now. Take it easy on the knee though...

  3. I still am in awe at how much you can do being in the 2nd trimester of being preggers. And being mad at the "showoff", that's hormones so you are forgiven :).And I too go back to teacher days this week. I hope all is ready for your class!

  4. Good luck with the new school year! Try not to run, I know it is hard. You are doing great with your swimming keep it up. I hear you with the gym not being convenient. Hang in there.

  5. Oooohhhh girl you jsut don't even know how bad I'd be in a Yoga class. I would make ANYONE feel better by participating in one HAHAHA

  6. Stick with the yoga and your hamstrings will be sorted in no time. I always had hip and thigh problems until I started a class last year.

    Someone always falls over drama-style. It'd funny how you can hold a pose until the person next to you tumbles. It's like a domino effect :-)

  7. You put in a lot of miles last week, I can understand it being hard to avoid running this week. Good luck and I hope your time off pays off with the knee/hamstrings.

  8. i wont even go in a yoga class so props to you for going! i would just tip over in 2 seconds :)

    try to rest!! you will be so glad you did in a week. just keep yourself busy with other things and then you will be feeling as good as new!