Yay! I relapsed back to my running addiction! I have to say I was quite nervous to run today thinking, will I make it? will I still be able to run? and some doubts. It was only 4 days off, but it felt like 4 years. The number in my head was 15 miles. I also wanted to catch up with my sister so I was trying to plan my run around that too, without having to get up too early. I started out doing 3 out and back and hadn't been as far as I went on one side of the trail, where it became a little sketchy and stopped being marked off (miles) so I was glad to turn around. I am not sure if I did more or less than 3, but nike + seemed to think that I did more. I watered and gel-ed it up and went out thinking I would go for 2 out and back, but ended up doing 3 more out and back in the other direction. There were more people this way and I felt good. By the time I was done that, I had to stop to go meet my sister for breakfast. My plan was to go to the gym and do 3 at some point later on.

12 miles/ @2:00:00/10:00
Nike + (12.62 miles - wish I could go with this one - pace 9:34)

Stretched a little, got breakfast, and went to the gym to do 3. By this point, I have to say, my left IT band was feeling tight and in the last 2 miles, left knee started to bother me a bit. My right knee felt rested this whole time - a little bit of pain, but less than previous weeks. After each mile of the three, I stretched out and big stretch when I was done. It felt good to have finished my original goal, but eery to have my other knee starting up!

1: 9:50 2: 9:40 3: 9:18

I feel that the rest helped, but really I would need to take a week or 2 weeks and lay off my lower body. So.. in several months when running isn't possible (hopefully never actually) my body can get some rest. Or at least in those 2-4 weeks after giving birth. There's the rest, 6 months away - sorry knees!

I want one of the personal stretcher/trainers like baseball players have.

Total long run: 15 miles 2:28:48

Have a good weekend everyone! Run on!


  1. Yay! Glad you were able to get back out there and not feel too much discomfort. Great numbers and good job stretching. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  2. Nice job. I wish I had the crew Dara Torres had with her.

  3. OK, a few things:

    I just wanted to say thanks for the comment a few months back. It really did help to hear your story and I can totally imagine what's going on in your head, even still. But hearing your story gives me hope.

    Also, I was reading through some of your back posts and realized you live in the same area I do! My husband and I just moved to Manayunk from Miami a month ago. We run on the same paths (Valley Forge Bike Path). Small world.

    And finally, I can totally relate to the post you had a while back about gaining the weight, getting slower etc. You are in great shape though and will be fine. My very best friend is about to give birth in a few days and ran clear up until a few weeks ago. She also ran a full and 3 half marathons while she was pregnant. She was a bit slower, but the consistent running helped her stay sane while she was gaining weight.

    Anyway, thanks again. Good luck!!!

  4. i wish i could still run 15 miles...sigh.

  5. Girl you are freekin harcore! Whoot! Awesome! Seriously chica, within 1 week of finding out I was pregnant (both times)my butt was on the couch chillin with the bag o Lays HAHAHA

  6. wooo glad you were able to get your long run in!

  7. You know your times are pretty sweet for being "slower". Haha, but I know it's all relative.

    Thanks for the welcome. We are LOVING all the running routes. The bike path, Wisashickon, Kelly Drive, etc. It's one of the best thing about this area. And the weather is WAY better than Miami right now.

    My friend ran her full pretty early on, but I think her last half was about 7 months. She too had a real struggle with slower times, getting bigger, etc. But then she finally realized that she that she ran 4 half marathons and a full while she was pregnant, and that's pretty bad-ass no matter what time you do it in. I think she was logging 40 miles per week until about 3 weeks ago. The only reason she stopped is because she was put on bed rest (totally unrelated reason).

    Anyway, just remember, what you are running or will be running as the pregnancy goes on is still pretty amazing, try not to be too hard on yourself. And if you feel good, keep trucking!

    Good luck! Maybe I'll see you around!

  8. Back in the day when I had a personal trainer, I used to get awesome stretches like that.

    Ha, ha - about my menu today - usually that will keep me pretty full for the day, with some tea or coffee thrown in. But I will be starving by dinner. Today, however, not good. I ate TOO MUCH chocolate when I got home because I was staaaarving. I have to bring some healthy snacks to keep in my desk!

    Have a good weekend!

  9. Nicely done. I am running 13 tomorrow. Seeing someone else who is still running long and doing well in their pregnancy really makes me feel better! Sorry your knees still need a break. Nagging injuries suck. I have an issue with the arch of my right foot, I don't think it'll ever get better unless I take like 6 months off, urgh.

  10. Nice job on taking a few days off. Stretching is key! Well done on the running! Your mileage is insirational.

  11. Ha ha...I knew you couldn't sit still! Did you do all of that before going to work today? Yikes!

  12. I would love to have someone massage/stretch me out after every run (totally like the Dara Torres entourage).

    Great job on toughing it out, even though you feel slow. Just think how much good you're doing your body and your baby by being active (and way more active than most).

    Kudos to you!!

  13. Thank you very much for your support!! It means a lot to me!!


  14. Great lil runs spread out that added up to a ton o miles... lil runner :-)
    Yea I would love to have a personal strecher. Dena Kastor married hers, LOL!