the mofo quilt

Have you heard about the bank robber runner in PA? Maybe he is in training. Pretty crazy!

I am in the final stage of my mofo quilt. I named it that today, or the F quilt after I wanted to yell at it and the sewing machine several times. I really SUCK at sewing and going in straight lines.
I only have a little bit more to do and it is done. At the end, you go over all the lines so that it gets sewed together with the middle layer and back - you should see the lack of straight lines people. It is kind of frustrating to sew it! But, whew, can't wait for that to be done. Too bad I ruined so many shirts to make railroad tracks that go in criss crosses and off the tracks. I wish I was more of a perfectionist when creating things like my mom is. I just half ass it and get it done. When it is all done I'll post some pictures.

I ran 7 miles today with the bum knee hanging out with me. With about 7 minutes to go, it started telling me to stop, but I trudged along, determined to do 7. When I was finishing 6 miles, I thought maybe I could go on to 10, but later the knee opted out. Also I had an abs class starting right when I planned to finish 7, so it was a no- go. I may try to run 3 later though, my mileage is so low this week due to the dumb injury! And it was low last week too after keeping up 30+ weeks for sooo long. Oh well, take it easy with that, better to rest than to be doing no running for a bunch of weeks. Thanks to all the doctors and researchers who have taught me new terms for knees. A couple of the things that I read and agreed with were 1) running on old shoes (IDIOT move, didn't realize they were 425+ miles on them). 2) Tight hamstrings (also, just stupid, I have been slacking off on stretching). and 3) this one I made up, there was one day last week that I just started running at my normal pace instead of my slower pace over the last month or month and a half, and I was pushing it maybe too fast, especially with the old shoes. A few days later, or maybe even the next day was when the weird problem arrived. Thanks again for your help and support!!

Unrelated note: I met my dad for lunch at this vegetarian place that has a buffett that is like an asian/chinese theme for the food - everything is vegan I think. I asked him to go there with me before and told him it was all veggie stuff and he was totally uninterested. I suggested going to this "cafe by me" today, not reminding him what it was, he's a huge carnivore but I've been trying to get him to eat better. At the buffett, it just says "double cooked chicken" or "general tso's chicken," there was some kind of meat looking item, and my dad didn't even realize he wasn't eating meat. They have alot of veggies and tofu too, which I focused on. I didn't tell him at the end that it was all veggie stuff - I thought he might make himself puke. Was that mean?
Maybe I'll tell him at some point, I don't know - what do you think?



  1. i need to be better about stretching too... my hamstrings get real tight! thats on my list for "things to do differently for the next marathon training" :)

    cant wait to see the quilt! at least you know how to use a sewing machine because i sure dont!

  2. ROFLMAO! You sound like me!! I DO NOT care how something looks after I've spent X amount of time and X amount of frustration. I'll half ass it just to get it done.

  3. ditto me for a half-assed attempt over perfection.

    i think it's funny you didn't tell your dad...i'm sure you'll find the perfect moment to let it slip some day!!

  4. I think you quilt looks good. It is certainly much better than what I could do. I am not very crafty. My mom and my sister are good at that stuff, I just don't have the patience for it.

  5. Don't tell him anything! I have told my lovely wife to NEVER tell me about the "healthy" stuff she puts in when she cooks. All I ask is that she hide it - small pieces of tofu please, mince the kale, etc... On the other side, she has asked me to cook healthier, and I am happy to oblige with more veggies, less grease. Glad to hear you are able to still run a bit on the knee. Your post reminds me that my shoes are due for an update!

  6. The Mofo Quilt looks great.

    What ever happened to resting your knee?? :) LOL.

  7. Nice quilt!! My wife and I do that sometimes too!!

  8. That is funny about your Dad! I would tell him later so that he sees that veggie food IS way better than he thinks!

    For the quilt - if you are not done, why not do crooked lines on purpose? Like, do squiggly curvy ones?

  9. I like the mo fo quilt! It looks pretty good and much better than any attempt I could muster through. Way to stick it out and not give up.

  10. HAHAHAH I love the mofo quilt. I can just hear it now..hey I am cold hand me the mofing quilt.

  11. awesome quilt! i'm a runner too & i've always wanted to make a quilt like that but never have had the time!

  12. LOOKS GREAT! I love it and yours is cute! :) and nice and big so it won't be too small that you can't even use it! :) Great job and thanks for the link.