Beautiful Weather & Thanks!

First of all, thank you all for your supportive comments on my last dramatic and selfish post. It was really helpful for me to read what you had to say. Moving on, I know that I have to change my perception, priorities and goals and this will come in time.

I don't know about where you live, but the weather here in PA has been amazing the last 2 days. Great sleeping weather - windows open! And great running weather in the mornings - around 60-65 with a little breeze - and blue skies. Wonderful!

I was able to go for a longer run this morning on the path at Valley Forge. It felt pretty good most of the time, and I got in 13 miles. For a little stint, my left knee wanted some of the action, so had a little pain there - but I'm hitting the doctor tomorrow to see what is going on. I'm willing (so good of me, right?) to take off next week to rest the 2 of them. I think that is pretty much what they need but I haven't been willing to do it.

LONG RUNS. Do you do point to point runs or out and backs? I think point to point runs sound nicer, where you can say, I ran from Valley Forge to Philly, instead of point to point - I ran from VF to Conshohocken and back, or went out and back 17 times. What do you prefer?


  1. for training runs i like out and back... mentally it feels shorter since i am breaking it in half. i would probably like the point to point more if i had someone to pick me up but that usually isnt the case :)

    glad the weather is so nice! good luck at the dr tomorrow... if a week off is what it takes DO IT! it will go by fast and feeling better is sooo worth it!

  2. I'm a fan of point to point.. out and back is kind of boring. Lately ive been running on my treadmill. I love that. Its addicting. I ran outside for the frist time since the last weekend in june (tuesday) and i rolled my ankle. Really bad. I'm still running but its sore. The uneven ground kills me. Any tips?

  3. I'm a point to point chica. Like Nicole, out and back gets boring.

    You're loving the weather? Dang it's getting COLD here, especially in the AM. The other morning I saw 2 ladies with mittens on. GAH!

  4. Amen to the weather. It's been great here too. I love it and celebrate it.

    Wow. 13 miles is awesome and a really impressive run. Great job.

    I agree that rest is the smartest thing for your knee. I dont think I would bother seeing a doc about it until after the rest period (btw, that is NOT advice, that is just me). I hope the knee feels much better for you soon.

    By the way, feel free to post screaming rants. It's your blog - rant when you want to. I miss reading your great, trademarked N.D. rants now and then.

  5. So, since you are preggo, do you just run slower? Or are you still pretty much running the same? Just wondering.

    As for long run, out and back one long way for sure. I can't do repeats over and over again.

  6. i like loops...bathroom and water stops guaranteed. if you're running 13 now at 13 weeks (i think), you're doing awesome, regardless of speed!

  7. Nice job on the 13 miles! That distance, to me, puts the "awe" in "awesome". You marathoners blow my mind...

    I took a whole week off for my knee and this week returned at slow, reduced mileage, tonnes of stretching, and lots of exercises to strengthen the apprpriate muscles (as recommended via reading books, magazines, etc.). This seems to have paid off as I really am feeling on the mend. Now I just have to stay conservative. Good luck with the Doc, and as I said before, don't let him/her leave the room without all your questions being answered. In my experience, doctors are typically unaware that they are not giving patients enough in-depth information and have a tendency to "dumb it down". It may be worth bringing something to write on and take notes so that you can learn about technical stuff after leaving the appointment. I think the week off is a great idea, tough as it is to do. (sorry for the novel...)

  8. I'd rather do an out and back only because I like to know how far I've gone and how much I've got left. To me it's a mental thing.

    Wish I had your weather, it's gotten a bit nicer here in NC but nothing like what you've got.

  9. Glad to hear you're feeling better. I go for big loops because I think out and back routes are really boring and I find myself watching the garmin way too much.

  10. Since I'm new to running please excuse my out and back just running to a spot and back the same way vs. running from different places? I am not running as far as you so I have no advice, just getting inspiration from you and other runners.

  11. I'm with Clare- I like loops. So it's kind of like an out and back in that I'm not too far from home (I usually zig zag back and forth and do figure 8's), but I don't have to see the same scenery (even if it's in reverse).