Day 3: I feel like an addict

These days have been tough. I'm not going to lie, I feel like a drug/alcohol addict dependent on running for my high. I talk to people about running, I look at my 0.0 miles running log, and I watch people running on treadmills and it is REALLY TOUGH! Each day I feel like I overcame something huge by not running. It is HARD and I am jealous of people running and my schedule in previous weeks. But I'm over the hump.

Today I swam and did yoga, yesterday I just did the kickboxing. Friday since I don't have to go in to work, I still want to go for a long run. Sunday is the nike+ challenge and I really want to get up and do that!! That's 4 days off - even though I feel like my knee has not improved at all. I'm just going to continue running on it unfortunately, since I have a race coming up in about 3 weeks and I don't want to skip too much time of training. And seriously, I NEED to run!!

Post Break Goal:
Stretch twice a day!

Is being addicted bad? Would it pass if I continued to NOT RUN (which I won't) for a longer period?? Are you addicted?


  1. Yes I'm addicted - No it's not bad. I'm also a victim of tight hammies (who isn't) and feel your pain. Lastly, my wife is a teacher who is back to school in NJ next week, so I suffer indirectly of that as well (maniac about getting classroom in order, bummed about class lists, you know, etc, etc...). I'm doing the PDR too - hope you feel better by then!

  2. Lol, I am NOT addicted, although I wish I was a little closer to being addicted than I am now! I have sucked in the running department lately...

    I send my daughter to a daycare - and I LOVE them there, they are so great. I like that everyone there has been to college as an Early Childhood Educator. They are busy all day long and learn so much! Also, there are a lot of educators there all day long, not just one. I didn't want to put her in an in-home daycare - I am just wary about stuff like that and didn't like that there was only one person there, who knows what they are up to all day and if it is a nurturing environment? The daycare is a lot more money, but here it goes down a lot once they turn 18 months. But, I think it is totally worth it. She will be sad tomorrow though, she hasn't been there in about a month!

  3. Definitely addicted. I remember one time a fellow athlete saying to me, "How are we really different from drug addicts? We both need our hit everyday just to feel normal." I think he was right. I can take about 2 days off and be ok but consistently have a meltdown on the third day, regardless of the reason for not training. The good news for me, being a triathlete, is that I have 3 sports to choose from and any one of them acts as the 'hit'... so injuries don't always put me totally out.
    Hey, at least we're addicted to something healthy, right? It could certainly be worse! ;)

  4. wow.

    Id say I dont get it---but I do.

    only with weights.

    the cardio doing is a daily battle for me.


  5. I am addicted too. If you go for your long run, take it slow and listen to your body...especially the knee.

  6. Not sure if I am addicted, but it's a close call. Running is definitely a routinized part of my life now.

    It aint easy to take a break (but it is all for the benefit of enjoying countless future runs). You should be proud of what you for your body by resting. Great job.

  7. Damn blogger ate part of my comment. LOL.

    I meant to say: You should be proud of what you ARE DOING for your body by resting.

  8. I'm definitely addicted, and I hate it when I can't run. I see other people running and I get jealous. Even if I ran in the morning, and I see people running on my way home from work, I want to get out there with them.

    With the knee pain, I think rest is really best, because by running through the pain, it could make it much worse, and never really heal. Then running will be painful forever, and that would suck!

    Good luck with back to school, resting, cross-training, and the pregnancy. = )

  9. I would like to say "addicted in a good way" LOL. I've learned my lessons as far as injury and running go. At least I think I have, I'm subject to relapse every once and ahwhile ;-)

  10. I'm addicted. Its taken a month to be fully like omg i have to run. Even when i dont feel like running, i make myself. Like now. I ran 4 last night and i need to get my butt on the treadmill and go for a 2-3 mile run.

    I too have had my share time off due to injuries. I guess it depends on how bad your knee pain is. If its your runner addiction saying YOU HAVE TO RUN, but your body is really not wanting you to, then you should do what you think is right.

    My ankle has been sore lately, and its not stopping me. I should take a day off and rest, but i feel so bad doing it. I dont know. I think running makes people crazy. :)

    Good luck with the challenge if you decide to do it... i'll be out running too!

  11. I'm so with you. A few years ago, I had a knee problem and had to lay off for three whole painful weeks. I tried my bike, but cycling doesn't cut it. It was such a nightmare, it was hard living with myself :-) On the flipside, the rest was worth it as I haven't had a knee pain since.

  12. haha yes i agree with the "addicted in a good way" comment.

    take it easy on your long run and hope the knee doesn't bother you at all!

  13. I know I am addicted. It is tough to sit back and XT when every one else is running.

    I just hope that knee gets better soon, and holds out through the race is always the deal I make with my body.

  14. I never was addicted before but now I find that if I miss a couple days of running, my body starts begging for the movement. At least it's a good addiction!