week 12 stats

Weekend of August 15-17: Pittsburgh

Was in Pittsburgh over the weekend to see the baseball stadium and NY Mets. Stadium was pretty with the view of the city in the background. The Mets won both nights we were in town, a bonus, and we could see the stadium from our room Friday night since we didn't go to the game - fireworks and all, which was pretty cool.

The city was alright, I was not impressed. They had a nice river path though, with lots of people biking, walking and running. Yesterday I didn't run, and sitting in the car for the trips there and back - was not helpful on my knee. We did a lot of walking and checking out the city and suburbs, and found the old stadium wall near PITT. Bill is like a tour guide, knowing where to go and finding neat things. I felt like I was on an adventure.

This morning I had to get out there and run. Even though I should have taken a rest day, I love exploring on the run when I am somewhere else. I went out for an easy run, and slow it was. I am going to see my doctor on Friday to find out what is going on with my ailing knee, I am not happy to be running so slow, but I am happy to truck through the running (which is bad and impatient of me).

I missed the marathon, since we were at the game. My hero Paula Radcliffe didn't medal (or come close). I have to go see the highlights and read up on what happened to her!

Week 12 stats:
Monday 5.26 miles (50 min), bike 40 min - Ocean City
Tuesday - easy 3.2 miles, (
32 min) - outside by gym, 5 miles tempo (44 min) - treadmill, elliptical 30 min, abs class
Wednesday - Swim 1 hour, lift 30 minutes
Thursday - elliptical 50 min,
bike 10 min, abs class
Friday - 18.2 miles (2:55) - Valley Green
Sat - elliptical 30, bike 15, lift 30 min.
Sun - run 4.1 miles -(45 minutes) - pain
ful - Pittsburgh

Weekly totals:
Swim 1 hour, 3000 meters
Run 5:47:23, 35.8 miles
Bike 40 min
Lift 1 hour
Abs 1 hour
Craving: American cheese, chocolate

Question for this week: How do you recover from a long run or relatively hard run?


  1. I think it is smart of you to get the knee checked out. Let us know how you make out. I wasn't impressed with Pittsburgh either.

  2. Nice stats. Hope your knee is ok. What do I know of recovery from long/hard runs?

    Never been to Pittsburgh. I won't bother after reading your review. Go Mets.

  3. Nice stats! I love the pics of the stadium with the city view. Keep u sposted on the knee hope it is a quick recovery fix.

    After a long run if I can get into an ice bath with in the hour I am in it. In the evening a Epsom Salt soak in warm water followed with Ben Gay and rollered out.

  4. Good luck seeing the Dr for that knee issue. Let us know ho wit goes, chica!

  5. Nice trip, and the ballpark in Pittsburgh does look nice. Take care of that knee. I took a full week off (not that I am equating my issue with yours), and now it finally seems to be on the mend. I was also doing a tonne of specific exercises to strengthen the hip flexors and in particular the vastus medialis, which prevents the knee cap from sliding towards the outside of the leg. Although I still have some tenderness, the pain is going away as I improve the strength of the muscles around my knee. Good luck at the Dr.'s, and be an informed consumer - ask tonnes of questions!

  6. Just catching up...congratulations! That's awesome to hear you will continue running too!
    Let's go Mets! I just saw them last week at Shea playing the Marlins.
    Good luck with the knee!

  7. sounds like a great weekend! probably a good idea to get the knee checked out since its been bothering you for a while. good luck!!

  8. Good luck with the knee. As for what to do after long runs--don't be like me and hop onto a 7 hour flight right after. Not the best decision I ever made. :)

  9. One thing i like to do after a long run is get in really cold water for like 5-10 minutes. It helps get that lactic acid moving & your not as sore the next day!

    Thanks for the info about the watch.. i think i'm gonna end up getting the part for my shoe and ipod! It sure is motivating!

  10. Sounds like you had a good time. I enjoy baseball games but it's so freaking humid down here to want to be at a stadium.

    I agree, it's probably a good idea to get the knee checked out. Best to find out what's wrong and fix it right away.

  11. I totally crave cheese too... that started in the first few weeks and hasn't gone away yet.