Not much going on today, but I'm looking for some August marathons. I haven't been training, which is ridiculous, but all I am missing is the long runs (key components). Maybe I am just having a crazy day, could I run a marathon with 10 mile runs most weeks as my long run??

I want to run one before school starts and I really want to qualify for Boston.

So what August marathons are out there??

I feel like I'm back in the groove from the past 2 days, today I ran 4 easy miles at 8:38 pace. The first 2 miles I wanted to break my ipod like the scene from OFFICE SPACE and the copier, but after that, and some patience, I really got into the groove and enjoyed the run.

Give me advice please, I think I'm starting to lose it. I went as far as looking up flights and hotels for the San Francisco marathon that Aron and Julianne are doing - NEXT WEEKEND!


  1. just come out next weekend and run SFM with me :)

  2. You only live once, right? I wish I could do things like that on a whim ;-)

  3. That would be fun to take off to San Fran for a marathon. What beautiful scenery you would have while running! (Notice how everyone is voting for SFM)

  4. You're starting to sound like Laura at Absolut(ly) Fit. Crazy girls! :)

    I say go for. Like Marcy said, you only live once.

  5. Sounds like a great idea. I want to go too.

  6. I'm with Marcy, if you've got the funds to fly out to SF and do the marathon I say go for it, you only live once.

    While you're at it sign beach runner and I up for it too.

  7. It's not too late!! I don't think it's sold out! You can definitely run it with me and Aron! Although, Aron is faster than me... ;-) You can stay with me! My finace is going to drive us into the city. (My brother in law is also running the race!)