Dealing with the Lost Mind

My mind may be coming back, perhaps. I realize that I'm not fully conditioned to do a marathon - yet it is still on my mind! Had I done a few longer (15+) runs in the past few weeks I would feel better about it. I know that I would finish it, but my real goal is to run fast, and really, that wouldn't be too possible I don't think. One poor thing is that my knee is bothering me (it has in the past and I've done physical therapy). Maybe it is a sign.

This week I ended up with 35 miles, which I was happy with. The best days were later in the week, yesterday was somewhat brutal and yesterday was difficult, but overall this past week I feel like my motivation is coming back a bit and I was able to get back into my pace.

The next real run that I have planned is the Philly distance run (1/2 marathon) in September. I'm thinking about signing up for the Baltimore half marathon and that is about it.

I'm still envisioning the SF marathon.


  1. awesome job on the 35 mile week!! you will find your next big race soon enough!! and you will definitely get your goal i have no doubt! just be patient and the time will come :) would have been sooo fun to have you in sf too though!!

  2. 35 miles is a big week!

    Stick to your goal and don't give up. It will happen!

  3. You still have a goal, and it is a good one! And I WISH that I could run half that much in a week. That should be about my goal for now...

    I hate hate knee pain, I get it sometimes - usually when I am doing too much too fast. It is the worst!

  4. Kick ass on the 35 miles! SF marathon would have been great but there's tons of marathons out there..sounds like you have a couple good ones picked out. Yay for running!

  5. i was in philly this weekend (the wedding was in malvern! at radnor hunt) and i TOTALLY want to do the distance run in sept...except i'll be so slow. still, maybe you'll inspire me!!

  6. Don't worry chica! When you do get to another marathon it WILL be supa speedy! I know it!! ;D ;D

  7. Great week!! And you will do another marathon, and do it well.

  8. Damn, you must be a glutton for punishment. SF has a lot of hills. I fear hills myself. ;)

    Glad your motivation is back and great job on this week's mileage.

  9. Sounds like you're well on your way to running a big race soon! 35 miles is great! I love that Nike+ widget. Seeing that mileage increase everytime I come by your blog is really fun!