10.5 miles in the bank today on the treadmill. Lucky me, I was able to run straight with Bill's mom watching the baby while I ran. I went up and kept checking on him every so often. It was kind of nice though, because Bill and his dad went to the Villanova game and I really had no excuse not to run being left home with just Bill's mom and a sleeping baby! I went through 2 GUs but man, GU just does not have the same appeal as it did when I was pregnant.

10.5 miles/1:38:40/9:22 pace

This run felt good. I felt like the second GU really kicked in towards the end so I pumped up the pace and did the last mile at 7.0mph which felt good, but I think my body may be a bit sore tomorrow. But it was a confidence builder. I'll attempt a few more miles next week. I'm a little nervous of 15+ miles - trying to get outside for these but not going to think about that yet. I wonder how little of a long run I can do and still feel fine @ Boston. 18? I think its all a mindset but I do want to make sure I'm prepared.

I have to think of better recovery foods, I just eat veggie burgers and powerbars.

I'm trying to make it a bit over 30 miles for the week and feel pretty good. So far I have 28.6 miles completed (2 fun ones with BOB!)


Abwork, Diet & Weight

teaching the baby how to fold clothes
taking a break I suppose!

I did some core ab work today.. I still have this split part between my muscles. How long does it take for that to go away? It felt a little weird, more so I feel like something is sore in my spine. Anyone else have that? What about the jelly belly - that is kind of poopy - how long till that goes away?

We took the baby for a walk today - fun times - and a better picture. I posed and ran for the picture.

My diet has been decent, I'm not really limiting much, except things that might cause the baby to be uncomfortable. I feel like my weight is just stabilized. Is that what happens? I'm not in freak out mode at all, just keeping track! Will I start losing weight from the nursing and working out soon? How much should I REALLY be eating?

This little guy seems to be eating well!


BOB's debut & hungover running

I heart BOB

First we'll start with the hungover running. I don't know the last time I was actually drunk - I'm not a big drinker at all except when I have to be the center of attention so I drink a couple glasses of wine to loosen up (engagement party, bridal shower...hence one of the reasons why I didn't have a baby shower), but I do remember in college working out after a night of heavy drinking and what that felt like. Take that, and that is what running on the treadmill this morning felt like. It was awful. I thought I was going to DIE. Everytime I slowed down to walk, it felt worse than running.
I made it through 6 miles in just over an hour, but it was not pretty. Nick was in the boppy next to me... he fell asleep, woke up and took a couple looks around and went back to sleep. Good little guy! Mommy was kind of hoping he'd start crying and need attention as an excuse to lay on the couch next to the treadmill (which I did a few times for mini breaks). Gu - just didn't have the same effect on me as when pregnant. I was downing water like a hungover punk though.

And then.. the BOB! I wanted to get out yesterday and just test it out, but my knees were kind of crappy yesterday and I didn't want to run so I did some elliptical instead. I think I am going to have more OFF days though, just to get in some rest. So I took the little guy to this loop park by our house - had to drive there. We call it the Paoli Massacre - it has some history behind it. I just think of it as a 1/2 mile loop.
This hill seemed enormous

Unloaded the bob and plopped Nick in w/ his carseat. I wish I could have videotaped this experience. As soon as we started moving, I was in my glory. It was sooo great! The thing is pretty versatile over bumps so that he wasn't bouncing all around, and it was a very smooth run! The handlebars were in a great position for me, and I really didn't feel like it was that much more effort at all except going up hills, which are already difficult. I basically just wanted to try it out since I already ran this morning so I did 2 miles. It was great! I love the thing! Nick did not wake up once! One thing I have to try out again was making a U turn - this didn't seem to easy, so I don't know if there is an easy way to turn around. Other than that, it was tough over bumps and kept the little one safe. He was all bundled up and cozy. I felt like a complete loser taking pictures of myself when I realized there was someone else walking nearby. Hah!

I am having a decent day of eating. Abby gave me the idea of putting the cinnamon naturally nutty (which is kind of a strong flavor and not my favorite of the flavors) into oatmeal! So I tried it yesterday with wheat germ and flaxseed and some brown sugar. IT was good stuff! So I had that this morning after a powerbar with some milk. Then I ordered from Diamond Organics, a colleague had given me a gift certificate to this place and it is WICKED expensive because delivery charges are minimum $25 (overnighted) and it came today. I have veggie crudite (which is veggies and a tofu dip), some grain veggie burgers, and then 2 single serving dinners for Bill. I was more excited about the above 2 things. I had some veggies and dip and a burger (it was decent but not worth its price).
I'm really pretty wiped out. Everything is starting to catch up to me, so I may run on alternate days and for now maybe just rest the other days!

10 min later:


Calling mamas

Mamas and anyone else interested...check out my baby blog

Got the BOB last night - was too tired to take pic!! Debut tomorrow, weather permitting!!


Time to look at training plans

Alright. Finally plugged in a plan to the computer to try to follow. I'm not going to do speedwork or tempo runs for a few more weeks - just easy runs. Goal for Boston - finish and be comfortable - have fun and raise lots of $! Here's my plan above. Advice and thought accepted willingly! It is bare minimum to get me to the finish line! I am going to try 8 to 12 this weekend. More likely to be 8 or 10. I don't know how I'm going to get in those real long runs by myself but I do know I have to get outside for them! I think I will feel confident as long as I get outside for at least a couple of them. I ran inside all last winter except for long runs and had a great spring!

My running bud Abby came to visit today and brought a fun outfit for Nick from her and our other runner friend Ali! Both of them are running really well and training for the NJ marathon. I can't wait till I can run with her again soon! She's too speedy right now! I love her Ironman jacket.
I got in 5 miles just under 10 min/mile pace and 2 later in the afternoon around the same pace.
I'm tired though, this little peanut didn't give me much time to myself today!!

BOB just came from the UPS man!!!


Sweet pea hat for my sweet pea!

Happy Monday!

Today in the mail I got a sweet pea hat for lil Nick from fellow DFMC teammate Sarah! It is ADORABLE! Thank you so much to Sarah!

What a fun surprise! I also got my DFMC singlet for Boston! Fun mail day!

I was planning on going to yoga this evening but plans went otherwise. I did an easy 3 miles this morning while Nick was sleeping and hope to do around 6 tomorrow. I had stopped bleeding and have had a little spotting the last couple of days - I think it is from lifting on Saturday, I had started doing some quad machines and it didn't feel right but I think it was too much too fast.
I'm monitoring that one, but running still feels fine. I think the BOB is coming tomorrow, so I'm ridiculously excited and hope the weather warms up for the end of the week!

Looking ahead, I haven't looked at my initial training plan yet, but I may try to get in a longer run this weekend, maybe 10-12? I am going to see how it feels. I don't know how I will be away from the baby for that long though! If the weather is cold, it will be on the TM and I will visit him every 1/2 hour. Daddy can hang out with him :)



6 miles under 10 min mile pace, yaahoooo! I had a good treadmill run today, averaging 9:39 mm - it felt good, I was pressed for time or probably would have done 2 more miles. It felt so good to be in the 6's of speed!

I'm still counting down the days until the BOB gets here - then the weather better warm up and I'll be running outside with the little guy!

I have no regrets about running throughout the pregnancy - in fact, I completely would recommend it to ANY runner out there ! Probably didn't need those long runs but they kept my sanity and kept me going really!

I ran on Friday and it felt like I was still pregnant - I did 2 split up runs because everytime I got on the treadmill for an extended period, Nick woke up and would start to cry. I wasn't timing it right. I had to walk often and something wasn't sitting well in my stomach. So, today's run was very exciting. I was kind of feeling like I didn't want to run when I woke up.

Yesterday I did some lifting and the elliptical. I'm looking forward to getting back in the pool in a couple of weeks and considering switching my gym membership to the Y near my parents house so that they can watch him and we can hit the gym together. Also they have a pool there instead of having to pay extra for masters near work.

Haven't improved my eating much - we've been living on spinach balls - Bill's mom's recipe so I'm getting in the spinach!

I'm really cranky/bitchy around adults that think they need to tell me when he needs to eat or ask "should he be laying like that?" Had it already. I've been really mean to my mom, and feel badly about it, but I wish people would just listen to what we need right now and not overdo it!

Scale is still reading 136.0. The thing is NEVER consistent but my weight has been consistent all week long! I wonder if you hit a plateau and I'm stuck there now and soon as I up the intensity of the workouts, I will lose more weight. No weight control needed for now, but would be nice if some more pounds could come off. By my appointment with Dr McDreamy 6 weeks postpartum, I'd like to be back to my starting weight - or less!


2 weeks later - my psuedo due date

Happy 2 week birthday Nicky!

Today is the due date that I made (it was the 19th but I made it one day later for the better #).
I don't really know what I'm doing as far as anything at all. I'm just going with the flow with running and enjoying the ability to do so. I would really like to swim but I think they said 4 weeks and with chlorine I'm not sure if I should try that before they say to. I do have a treadmill in my basement which is the only way I am running. Risking germs, I don't want to take the little guy to the gym like I was thinking of - didn't think of the germ aspect.

Abs - when do they go back together? They feel weird. Should I be doing ab work?

I got a better start on food today and had pb on an english muffin pre-run. I've ran for 1/2 hour today and I'm taking a break - it doesn't feel that spectacular right now. I was kind of hoping Nick would wake up so I could stop. Haha. I'll try again later.

I'm hoping to have some oatmeal, some soup (thanks for the recommendations) and get in some pasta/veggies later. I kind of miss broccoli and I'm staying away from beans too which were kind of a staple with pasta! I don't want to give lil Nick gas! I need to make sure I'm eating enough. It would be great to have a chef that made us healthy meals.

I'm still ecstatic about the BOB arrival next Thursday. I can't wait to be able to get outside.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



I have been living off of powerbars as of late. I want something that I can just grab and eat when I'm hungry. I really have to get back on board with eating. Everything that I wanted when I was pregnant I still want to eat - I was hoping these weird habits would go away.

Looking back - the first couple of months cooked vegetables made me want to gag. I eat vegetables all the time so that was hard. Soon after I really got into cheese, and butter on english muffins. I still crave that now. I ate at least 2 pieces of chocolate everyday starting around month 3. I allowed myself to have some dunkin donuts chocolate munchkins when we had breakfasts at school and even stopped to get some at least once on the weekends. I also indulged in bagels and cream cheese on our friday breakfasts at school. It felt good to just eat whatever I wanted. I drank TONS of milk all throughout the pregnancy and I'm still into it now. In the last month, I craved Great Harvest white bread. It is a bread store in Wayne that has loaves of bread that are amazing. I worked there for about 2 months in college and would bring bread and granola home - it was right before I lost 25 pounds for crew and probably my last straw!

Getting back on track - I think oatmeal is good for breakfasts for now, lunch I'm still iffy about so I'll take any advice (veggie burgers are usually easy but kind of boring and probably give the little guy gas). Dinner has been whatever people have made us - lasagna, pasta - nothing that is super healthy. Time to get back on track!

Last I checked on the scale I was 136, so 5 lbs up from pre-preg weight. I'm still not focusing on it yet, I feel pretty good and I am pretty sure the weight is going to come off once I am in super training mode. I ran 5.5 miles yesterday all split up between fussing, napping and eating sessions for Nick. It was kind of tiring for the first time in a while.



Today I did some yoga and elliptical. Tomorrow I hope to run again, but I don't want to overdo it. I went out the door shortly after Bill got home. I was trying to workout at home using videos today but never did finish one - either the baby woke up or phone rang - I was getting cranky.
Is it not right to bring Nick in his carseat to the gym while he sleeps? I know they don't watch kids until 6 wks old. He mostly sleeps so -- is that wrong ?

I'm trying to figure out what the best plan is to get into marathon training mode. Less than 2 months to go and I'm not rushing it but I would like to have a plan in place. What are your thoughts?

My first race will probably be the ocean drive 10 miler on March 29th. Then at least one 5k on April 11. Then Boston on the 20th, then Broad Street May 3. I always try to get a low number for broad street - it used to depend on when you signed up so I would keep checking back to see when registration was ready. I signed up yesterday. Broad Street was my very first race in 2004!
My goal for Boston is to finish, so I just want to get in the mileage and not get injured. Then maybe I'll go for a fall marathon for a speedier time.

I can't wait till my baby jogger comes in next week. I'm not sure though if it will be too cold to take the little guy out in it. Does anyone have that wind/sun protector? Would that be enough with some blankets and a hat for the little guy?


fitting it all in

Bill studying for the CFA round 2

What I noticed over the past few days is that all of the pieces have to fit together and working out has to be a priority if you plan to fit it in when you have a child. Besides working it around feeding and lil Nick sleeping, then you have to worry about visitors (AHHH!) Bill is trying to study for round 2 of the CFA exam, and I don't even think I made a post congratulating him on passing Round 1 of this insane 35% passing rate exam! WAY TO GO BEEZ! He found out Jan 28! So we have to kind of tag team and take turns doing things but that means hardly doing anything together which is sad :(

Bill got to study today though and I got to run. I wasn't going to run today but then I realized we couldn't go to the gym together and I didn't want to leave incase the little guy got cranky because I wanted to make sure he could get some studying in today! It is hard getting anything done and the day just flies by! So I hit up the treadmill and got in 4 miles -45 minutes. It feels much better than pregnant running and I am still just taking it easy. I don't have any achilles issues so far and its basically comfortable - maybe some hollow kind of feeling lower down? It will be great to get faster - soon enough - and see how that feels! This is a great article on exercise postpartum from DC running mama: http://www.exerciseismedicine.org/pdfs/c76postpartum.pdf. It made me feel better about getting back into working out!

I went on the wii fit today and it told me I lost 14.6 pounds. Then told me it was concerned that I did it too quickly. Haha. I was looking forward to that. Back in the normal range - not overweight on the wii fit.

10 days postpartum - a bit flabby but not bad

37 weeks - last pic that I took

The next few days will be interesting as I try to find balance and figure out a schedule so that I can make it to the gym, get things done, and spend time with my sweetheart husband too! Teaching is such a big part of my life, it will be an adjustment that I hope will be easy as the days/weeks pass and I'm not working.


3 miles down w/ little guy

What a nice day outside!! A little cold but nice! I managed to run 2.2 miles on the treadmill at an easy pace and went outside to do the 0.8 to make 3 miles! I wanted to see what my natural pace might be without using the treadmill to gauge it. I ran at about 10:40-11 min mile pace both inside and outside. I doubled bra-ed it - these mamas are huge! We put little Nick in his bouncer to see if he'd fall asleep/stay asleep with the treadmill noise and he did! I could run forever if I can look over and see him laying there the whole time!
I feel GREAT. I just looked at myself and realized I look exhausted but I don't feel exhausted.
I am wondering what I need to be careful of (besides injury) by starting to run. Obviously I'm taking it easy, but I'm not exactly sure what damage I could do by running too quickly. My body feels fine and I'm just listening to it like my doctor (I may profess my love to him soon) said.

I've been eating pretty much whatever I can grab so far. I'm about 5 pounds from my starting weight so in 9 days I dropped give or take 16 pounds. Have yet to take a picture of my jelly like tummy, I plan to get it back in shape - crunches and ab work - I think that I can start doing that!

I've been blogging more on my baby blog because the little peanut has taken over as my new passion. Soon I'll balance everything out but for now he is much more exciting and fun than running! Little runner legs:
If anyone is blog talented, I can't figure out why I have tons more options when I post (fonts, pictures come up as pictures not code, etc) on this blog but not on my baby blog. Help me out if ya know!

And I just have to add bc I can't vent too much on my other blog that I am so tired of people visiting. I just want time to spend with our new family before I have a breakdown when Bill goes back to work for good on Tuesday!


1 mile!

I ran a mile today, wahoo!! Felt kind of weird? mostly not to have a belly. Could feel a little pressure in my lower ab/side but that's about it! More running to come in the days ahead, but taking it slowly and easy.

I apologize for my lack of comments. I'll get there soon enough!!


winner! & pregnancy recap

I was just looking at the guesses and the winner was Teacherwoman, who had a guess of Feb 7, boy, 6 lb, 9 oz. Whoa!!! She was right on! The rest of the guesses ranged from the 11th to March 1, so no one was really even that close! Send me your address teacherwoman so I can send you some naturally nutty! tosha25italia@yahoo.

I wanted to do a sort of pregnancy recap looking over the last 9ish months. I can't believe the end result. I think I would do it again and again and again, but then there would be way too many of them. I feel so lucky to have had such a great pregnancy and that it was so easy and I was able to run all the way up to the end, which is amazing to me!!

I went into pregnancy kind of scared and resentful that I had to do it. I just wanted the end result and didn't want to give up my body or running and was terrified of childbirth and bodily changes.

Starting weight 133 on the doctor scale (131 at home) - usually I'm around 128 so I was up 3-5
Ending weight 154 on the doctor scale (154 at home)
So I gained between 21 to 23 pounds which is great.
My weight now at home is 139. I'm not focusing on it and don't care just yet. I want to get back to about 125 when I start training. I still have that line down my stomach - when does it go away Mama Simmons?

Month 1 - May 15- June 15 The first month was went you wait the 2 weeks and test. I had had a miscarriage in March, so it was hard and scary to wait. What was really cool is that we found out on Father's Day that a little peanut was on his way! I started off about 5 pounds from my normal weight and was trying to eat well.

around 150 miles this month, 30-35 a week

Month 2- June 15- July 15
I felt good. I think I was getting winded when I was running already but no morning sickness. I was tired in the afternoons but I was off for the summer so I could sleep! I was still showing my belly and drinking virgin daquiris down the beach with my siblings to stay incognito! I went to a nutritionist to make sure I was eating enough and the right stuff. I was still in a mode where I was watching what I was eating and wanted those 5 lbs to go away.

around 150-160 miles this month, 35-40 a week

Month 3- July 15- August 15
Endured in-law/ parent vacation with lots of running but little patience, kept running but less mileage due to some knee issues. My boobs had a growth spurt! I was having some identity issues and worried about what was to come with my body and life. I also wanted to run a marathon really badly before I got too large and slow.

Month 4- August 15- September 15
This is when we started telling people. I was weird about telling people and not a shout it from the rooftop type gal. It was awkward for me. Going back to school

Race: 5k: Run for your life: 26:
Monthly mileage about 135. August had some knee issues.

Month 5- September 15 - October 15
Rebelling against maternity clothes and refusal to buy them.

Races:Philly distance run 1:58, Baltimore 1/2 2:13
Mileage: about 145-150

Month 6- October 15- November 15
Finally settling into maternity clothes and giving in, but still wearing baggy clothes and nothing form fitting near my belly. Still running along.

Mileage: about 145-150

Month 7- November 15 - December 15
Slower running along, getting bigger, worried about weight gain, a bad dr appointment

Mileage: about 135
Races: Philly 1/2: 3+ hours

Month 8- December 15 - January 15
Turn 30, get anxious, running is ok!
run 8 miles with my sis to finish the disney marathon with her (her first!)

Mileage: about 135-140

Month 9- January 15 - Feb 6!
Realize it is coming soon, taking time! Eating lots of food! Still trotting along, started doing long runs again in preparation for Boston. They take up the whole day!

mileage from Runners World Log:
February, 2009:15.6 Mi 2:59:17
January:141.4 Mi 27:32:05
December, 2008:124.2 Mi 22:50:55
November:155.5 Mi 28:52:37
October:152.1 Mi 25:04:40
September:151.4 Mi 22:32:02

I will add more pics later when I figure out how iPhoto is organized! Pics are all over the place! and I'll add more details - but for now here's a brief look!

I've been writing baby things on my baby blog which you can follow if interested.
Running - not yet- so not much to report! New moms and moms - how long till you started jogging/running again? when did you start exercising but not as high impact as running?


Nicholas Joseph-race report (condensed)

Here is the short version of my most favorite race ever and the best prize. More to come later when I compile the details!

5pm Running Wednesday evening - back pain started.
2 am Lower abd. pains into the night that continued throughout Thursday at school...
5:30pm Pizza on the way home from work on Thursday that was INHALED
6pm Went home and continued to eat more food!
7pm Graded papers but pains became worse and worse! Graded in between contractions. Otherwise was crawling on floor.
8-11pm Contractions became more close together
11:30 pm plug broke (blood)
Hospital time!!
Midnight arrival at hospital - 3 cm dilated
Doula arrival at 3 am along with EPIDURAL - 5 cm dilated
Sleep/rest from 3:30-4am
4am - contractions return, curses, moaning, screaming and shaking
around 6am - pushing
6:38 am It's a boy!!!!

We are in love!! This is the best "medal" anyone could ever get after finishing a "race"!


Labor + Delivery

So - here's my story of bringing our first child into the world! I did it!!

Wednesday evening I ran a little over 5 miles on the treadmill. Running now seems foreign right? I was having back pain midway through the run, but just kept on running. I showered and still had pain in my back, got Bill to massage it a bit, ate scoops of almost every flavor that I had of Naturally Nutty out of the jar, and went to bed. I was up at 2am with cramps and felt like I was constipated. I tried to go to the bathroom, I can't remember if I was able to or not, and went back to bed. I was up 20 minutes later with the same cramps, followed the same routine, went back to bed and it was unrelenting. Finally at 4 a.m, thinking the Naturally Nutty was tainted and did me in and that I needed some fiber, I went downstairs and made oatmeal and tea. I ate that and went back to bed, and I think I may have slept until it was time to wake up at 6.

Bill and I carpooled to work and I still just wasn't feeling well. I had the first two periods of the day as prep periods, so I was trying to time to see if there was any pattern to the pain. It was somewhat erratic and by the time I had to teach, I wasn't able to time it anymore. While teaching, I was still getting pains and my demeanor would change or I would sit down if I was in the middle of teaching. Like I wrote when I was questioning if they were contractions I wanted to shout out curses when I was getting pains. By the afternoon, I was sitting down for most of my classes and they were working. I told my second to last period class that I really was not feeling well and this might be it. My last class had a test.

I called the doctor's office and they told me to stay off my feet and come in Friday a.m. Since I carpooled with Bill, I was already staying at school later than usual, and realized that this might be it, and made sure my final stuff was together for my sub and gave my department chair a tour of where everything was. I left school around 5:15 and picked up Bill. I had changed into sweats and my phone was dead so I had to go into his office to get him. I looked homeless!

On the way home, I decided I was STARVING. I made Bill stop and get me pizza. Normally I would say I want pizza and decide otherwise, but I really needed pizza. I am not usually a huge eater and a slice usually is good enough and I save one for the next day,but Bill got me 2 slices, and one was consumed within 2 minutes of him passing it to me in the car! I started eating the other one and finished it when I got home. Then I continued to eat more food because I was still hungry!

I called the doula to see if she had any advice and she said to call the doctor if the pains get more rhythmic and to try to sit in different positions, walk around ,etc. I sat down on the couch with some papers to grade but the pains were getting stronger. The class that had a test was just finishing a unit and I wanted to get in the grades before I never looked at the stack again! I found a website that times contractions and still they were not rhymic, but I realized that they were pretty close together, 4-8 minutes apart. The only thing I was getting up for was to eat or crawl on the floor. At one point I was grading papers on my stairs between contractions and curling up into a ball and/or wincing on the floor. Bill was trying to help me but there was nothing he could do. Finally around 10pm, we decided to go to bed, but I knew I wasn't sleeping. I think Bill was convinced the pains might go away. I got in bed and it was horrible pain - like an innertube around my front and back. My back hurting was probably the worst. I called the doctor and she said to go in if the contractions were 3 min apart, if I had any blood or my water broke. So I continued to deal with the pain and we tried to track the contractions but they were all over the place: 4, 5, 3, 7, 10, Finally went to the bathroom and had blood, and this is when (I was on all fours on the bathroom floor) I said, "Bill, I think we need to go."

My bag was packed, but Bill hadn't packed so he was putting things together and we headed to the hospital (a 1 minute drive away). We had to go through the ER entrance since it was around midnight by this time and I think it was probably about 5 degrees outside. We were walked up to Labor and Delivery, checked in and brought to our room. At this point I was 3 cm dilated ( I was pretty disappointed because with the pain I was having I felt like I was 25 cm dilated!) We called the doula(who then informed us she was with another client and would send her backup), they hooked the baby up to the monitor and I mostly just sat there in bed. I curled into a ball whenever I was having bad ones and they started getting progressively worse. I was horrible at dealing with the pain and just squeezed Bill's hand and moaned. My body was shaking - that part was really weird. There were alot of times that I was saying "I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!" or "I need the drugs! " I also told Bill when he was leaning in to kiss or massage me that he needed to brush his teeth. Hehe. Also used a few choice words in there. Finally like 3am I decided I wanted drugs. I was 5 cm dilated and that wasn't enough progression for me.
As they are giving me the epi, the stupid backup doula shows up. I was kinda pissed off but couldn't even care enough. Got the epi, and at 3:30 had 30 minutes of this great peace, no contractions. I thought I was going to sleep until 8am, they dimmed the lights, Bill got into his bed chair and I was thinking, what was I waiting for? We sent the doula out to the waiting room

4:00 am - Contractions again?? They were back to how they were an hour before, around my back and lower abdomen. The nurse told me to push a button if I wanted more of the drugs to go through so I was pushing it a little bit at first and then I was basically holding my hand on it and pumping the button. The contractions got progressively worse. I was shouting, moaning, and breathing like an idiot. The whole relaxing breaths or trying to relax your breathing - it did not help me AT all. I was trying to visualize heartbreak hill, but all I was really doing was focusing on the pain.

The anesthegeolist got called back because they said I shouldn't have been in that much pain. I could move my legs and felt like I could have gone for a walk or anything. They upped my dosage several times and still I was writhing. I was freaking out because I couldn't get up or crawl or turn onto one side or anything with the epi. I had jumped from 5 to 8cm really quickly. I feel like then it was already time to push - the time flew by. The doula came back and tried to help with the breathing and brought cool washcloths and filled up my ice chips. Bill held my hand and kept cheering me on. I feel like I was totally exhausted and my eyes were half open and I was half awake.

Pushing didn't seem that bad, it was all in my face I felt like. I couldn't feel any progression, so the epidural definitely did something? I felt like it was alot of pushing but getting no where. I think I'd say it was like 5 sessions of contractions with 3 pushes in each. It didn't seem like that long and wasn't horrible. Definitely couldn't picture though, how anyone not in shape could go through that though without tiring out! When I felt the urge to push at the end and it was time, the doctor wasn't ready!!! I was flipping out and cursing. They set up quickly and it was time for one final push. I was completely kind of out of it and feel like I didn't know what was going on around me. Bill was checking out the baby coming out and cut the cord! I felt a sense of relief and confusion I think! They put the baby on my chest and it was surreal. Then they warmed him up and stitched me up - they said I did great and had minor tears on the inside so that was great!

They let me get up at 8:00 but I was asking to get up at 7:15 to shower and move around.
I felt great after! And so excited.

Overall, I think the epidural kind of gets a bad rap. I was picturing not having any feelings in my legs and the baby ripping through and not knowing when to push. I thought it would slow down the labor - definitely didn't. I'd totally get it again, just earlier!

And now - we're just in a state of total love. Last night was our first night home. I couldn't bear to keep him in his basinet, I had to know he was breathing so he was sleeping next to me in the bed. Despite my initial feelings about nursing, I am trying it and it seems to be going well! He did great! He slept for 3-4 hours at a stretch. Is it surreal and when I look at him sometimes I just get all emotional and want to cry with happiness!


It's a boy!


Nicholas Joseph
FEBRUARY 6, 2009
6:38 A.M.
6 lb 12 oz
20 inches long


38 wks and contractions??

I woke up at 2am this morning with major cramp like feeling which was totally strong. Tried to go to the bathroom but no dice. Then it kept happening about every 20 minutes. I thought it was tied to the too many scoops of Naturally Nutty that I ate last night after 9pm (I again had to sample each one). But it is now 3pm and it has not subsided - but also hasn't gotten any faster. I am having about 1 minute of a major cramp that doesn't go away no matter what I do and majorly hurts, goes away and comes back 15-20 minutes later. All day I felt like I was constipated(sorry TMI) but drank loads of water and ate fiberous (new word) foods. Is this contractions? I called the doctor and I'm going to go in tomorrow morning to get checked out if it continues but I have nothing else going on. I don't think I'll be hopping on the treadmill today! :(

I ran last night and it was a really good run, except by the end my lower back/top of my butt had started hurting and lasted into the night.

It was interesting trying to teach classes when one of these cramps came along and I wanted to yell out "MOTHER #$@#*(!!!!"




This is what happens when the February calendar picture is chocolate, and you know your days of "eating for 2" are coming to a close. Haha! I have some free calendar with recipes on it from Betty Crocker or one of those places and February's picture is "easy brownie torte." It calls for a box of brownie mix and icing mix, but I don't usually do mixes so I made my own brownie torte. Bad bad bad. It is fitting though, that our baby is going to be born in February, a month that can be known for valentine's chocolates. I am a chocolate addict! And the baby has been getting at least a piece of chocolate everyday for sure, so this poor child will probably be an addict too! (Oh yes, and this includes my over consumption of mint chocolate gu!)

Doctor's appointment today - 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated. I hope that means nothing, because I am not ready! I need to bake and eat more things and have at least one more weekend! And I really want to make it through the next week of school at least!! I just finished a unit in one class and finish one in another class on Thursday and my last class I start another one on Monday. The doctor said probably on the other side of Valentines - so the 15th counts as the other side and probably that the baby wouldn't be late. But really can they REALLY tell? Isn't the bambino in charge here?

Running - yesterday before yoga I did 1.65 miles and today did 5.5. Yesterday was slow and steady and today felt great! Both were on the treadmill. I'm still running - that is what I am thankful for today. I need to start doing that again following AB's lead. She is so inspiring.

Today's thanks:
  • I can still run!
  • I'm not a mom, yet! (don't take that the wrong way, I'm just not ready, YET!)
  • Today was my last teacher observation and I'll finally be tenured after this year (even though it is year 7!)


Beautiful Day

It is gorgeous out! For running it is perfect! We went out to do our now weekly loop up the street and it was so much more comfortable than last week (freezing!) Each loop is 1/2 mile and today we did 3 miles. Yesterday I trucked through 12 treadmill miles, much of which was walking.
This week with the snow day I made it to 34.6 miles. For Jan: 141.4 miles.

My 12 jars of naturally nutty came Friday night. We had been out to dinner and when we came back, I tried a scoop of every flavor (I ordered 5 different flavors: vanilla almond, vanilla peanut, chocolate and regular butter toffee and cinnamon). Delicious!! Today I made peanut butter bars with peanut butter icing (the chocolate butter toffee flavor which tastes like icing). I also made some tomato/butternut squash soup to even that out and last night some green beans & potatoes. Hopefully I'll be better with the veggies this week!

This past week(week 36)'s workouts:
Monday: yoga 1 hour + 3 miles TM
Tuesday: 2.75 outside at lunch (conference) and 4.4 TM
Wednesday: 5.02 miles TM
Thursday: 4.4 miles
Friday: Swim 2600 yards
Saturday: 12 miles TM
Sunday: 3 miles outside -loop in town

I did alot of running this week and little cross training. I need to do some more arms and more stretching too! And take some days in between off to rest my legs.

Here is the latest guess list:
Once I get my act together AFTER the baby comes, I plan to send someone some Naturally Nutty as a prize (I think 12 jars is plenty for me but I can spare some!) It'll be based on date first then sex and weight.

Happy Feb!