TiaRT: Stomach Super Power

My super power would be that my stomach is ready to roll when I'm ready to run. No upset stomach (and as an add on - no random cramps or stitches) - the weird stomach issues go away and make the run perfect! Soon, that picture above will be my husband and our kids. Haha.

More on food - I thought of a few ways to get in some veggie this winter. And I want to thank IVF for the protein tip - as a vegetarian, my protein always has to be watched and I have to be super aware of it! And I've been bad about it lately. So - some ideas as of late - Pumpkin Bread and Veggie Soups! I made tomato soup & pumpkin bread this week and tonight made broccoli soup. I found a recipe which I will have to post which works for almost any veggie to make soup. It's super easy and then you get your nutrients easily!

I also want to hear if Laurel survived the Philly craziness over the last few days and the upcoming parade as the Phillies are the world series champs! I used to be a big fan when I was about 13, 14, 15, and then sports took a back seat and I stopped caring much. But it is exciting to have the hometown team win the championship for sure. What is even better is that most of my students said they weren't coming to school tomorrow. It should be a great day! : )

On running today - I took Laurel's advice and followed the plan where you run for a certain amt of time and then walk a minute. So I did run 10 and walk 1. My problem that I keep having is the first 20 minutes are painful shin splints. I'm not running fast, and I don't know what is going wrong. I don't usually get them unless I'm sprinting. Thanks, J, for the strengthening exercise tips and beachrunner for the info a while ago on them. Still working on it!

At the gym, I ran into my neighbor who is 38 weeks pregnant and finally stopped running last Saturday. She - and Heather - are my pregnancy heroes, I hope that I get that far! My neighbor looks like she is carrying something in her hoodie pocket. She is sooo tiny.

Good luck to all the racers this weekend - ncrunner and NYC marathon runners!



It got cold here really quick!!! With the excitement of the Phillies and 2 new babies in bloggy land, lots of fun things going on! Congrats to Mama Ironman Michelle & Mama Ironman Chapelle!

So the week of running started off well, I ran Mon & Tues and have not had any pains or problems. IT has been nice! Monday I had a later day for an all day meeting so I was able to run around 7am, and it was a really good run, and today I knew that I had a meeting after school and would get home later and not feel like running, so I ran 4 in the earlier am. Both good runs. I keep feeling shin splints so I have to work on that, but otherwise I'm just happy to be running!

I haven't looked at that Philly marathon hopeful plan, and pretty much I plan to play it by ear. My long runs aren't really long enough to run that whole thing, but maybe I can walk to the finish! The last few days have been spent sending out fundraiser emails & looking for hotels for Boston. The hotels are already selling out - so... Boston hopefuls take note!! It has been fun though!

My latest thoughts are about food. I am bored of food. Sometimes I just don't know what to eat, and I'm concerned that I'm not eating enough. Once I get into a routine, I just start eating the same thing every day. Then I get tired of it and start a new routine. Right now, it is oatmeal, fruit leather, cranberries, lunch is random but usually a balance bar, peanut butter sandwich, or leftovers, I always have peanut butter and bread at some point during the day, and dinner is some veggies and some type of veggie burger or hotdog. I just feel really bored. I used to put all of my info into fitday when I was watching my weight, but now that I'm not, I'm probably not as in touch with missing nutrients and things like that. I'm taking vitamins everyday, but I wish it was easier to get good food in my system (like a chef or personalized nutrition dropping off food to eat). So - food - What are your thoughts?


Sore feet, the wall & hills.

First, in the past few days I realized my feet are just really sore and could use a massage like everyday. It probably relates to being on my feet so much, teaching and then running. I think it is mostly my arches.

The weekend proved better than the week. I was able to run 12 miles in 2 "sessions" yesterday, with little problems.

Today I did a "race" of 5 miles locally. The packet pick up was at a township building after you took a bus there, so I ended up wearing my shirt through the race. I didn't bring my ipod and it was nice to just take it all in and listen to the crowd, look around at the nice big houses on the Main Line, run slowly and just enjoy it. It was a challenging course with many steep hills. I walked a few times including through 2 water stops and really didn't push myself at all. It was pretty enjoyable just to be running along with people and not trying to race a clock or trying to beat anyone. I liked that! It is a change. A guy pushing a double stroller passed me around mile 3 :) Hah. But as I was running, I thought, WOW. I declined fast. In the past 2 weeks I hit a wall and I really slowed down my pace, if I can run at all! It is all fine and will be worth it in the end, but I felt like I was still able to maintain a pace that was only about a minute slower than my normal pace - for a while - but then BAM! Time to slow down. Maybe the random cramps that have slowed me down will go away but this is doubtful. I will just go with it and be happy to be running whenever I can.

I made my husband take a picture of me so that I could add a picture to my blog. Aren't blogs more fun with pictures? I'm a big dork. The leaves were really pretty driving home!!

Question for hill running: When you are running up a hill, do you run on the balls of your feet or run like you normally run? I read somewhere to lift up your knees and look to the top of the hill. I think that I run on the balls of my feet but don't sprint hills for sure - I did when I started out, and it takes too much energy away and is hard to recover. What are your hill strategies?

week 23 - Monday elliptical, yoga and lifting, Tuesday - run 8 miles, Wednesday - swim 1700, yoga, Thursday- elliptical, walking 3 miles, Friday - swim 2000, run 4 miles broken up, Saturday 12 miles split up, Sunday 5 mile race. Total - yoga 1:45, run/walk 32 miles, swim 3700 yards, cross train 45 min


That's all folks.

Yea, I'm over the radar now. Booooo. 23 weeks today. No more pretending I guess. I'm not as lucky as Clare, who is only now being noticed at 31 weeks. Seriously.

This week sucked. I don't know what it was, my lack of patience, too many things going on at once, or hormones, but I had too much going on, and too much work to bring home almost every night this week.

Monday was my dr appt and I had to leave yoga early : ( Tuesday I got in a good run, but afterwards I did feel like I overdid it. I paid for that later this week. Wednesday I went to crappy yoga class, and it was indeed crappy, but included some good moves.

The week ended on a real poopy note. Thursday morning I got up to run and my legs felt like were carrying 20 pound weights, and I had some pain that just made it uncomfortable. I planned to run later. I had my "bad" class the last period of the day on Thursday, and really needed to detox. I had an outside run planned with my hatphones winter hat (favorite thing in the world) near school. I started to run and within literally 2 minutes, I had cramping. I had to stop and walk. I was so upset. I totally needed this run. It sounds so stupid, but then I was stuck walking and thinking. It's really stressful to me deciding how much time to take off, and I started thinking about that. Then everytime I have a problem running, I think it is the end, and I won't be running again until March. It is not a good scene. And I have totally scary doubts that I will have problems running Boston 2 months after giving birth since I have no idea what I can expect.

So that was a bad day. This morning I got up & went swimming, and planned to try running after school. I got in 3 miles before I started to feel cramping. It's really frustrating for me. I know it is really stupid, and I'm stopping when I feel it, but it is really sad to me : (

In other news, I got my Boston fundraising page which is here and I'll post on the side link. I'm running for cancer research, which to me is a great cause. I'd love your support ! I promise I'll finish, I just might be walking a bit! But I hope not.

Have a great weekend!



I'm swamped this week! A few things to report though:

1) 2 people - 1) random man at gym that asked me if I tutored last year when he saw me grading papers on the elliptical and is total weirdo and 2) guy I met over the summer that works in my district and knows my cousin very well - asked me straight out or assumed that I was pregnant! What is that?? That's ballsy! I guess it is obvious!!

2) Went to the doctor and got the A-OK to run the marathon if I feel fine. I'll aim for the 1/2 and see how it goes and keep going if I feel good! My size is right on so far, baby is good, and I've gained 11 pounds which seems right on, no extra weight at this point. It is weird to be in the next decade of numbers on the scale that you normally try to major avoid. Had to leave yoga early - which sucked!! But have some good soreness (minimal) today.

I miss morning workouts and don't miss waking up! More cuddle time and sleep! And I feel like I get more done in the day - just not in as good of a mood I'd say!! It has been nice running after work when I have pent up energy from the day though!

There's a girl at the gym that I see there everyday. For years now. She has lost weight and looks awesome. I want to go up to her and tell her YOU LOOK FABULOUS! but I think she'll think I'm strange. She also has fantastic outfits since she comes right from work. Everytime I see her, I want to tell her she looks great, but yea, weird I guess, especially since most of the time I'm still running when I see her. Do you talk to people at your gym? I'm always in the zone and have my headphones on.

On to Friday....!


The honeymoon???

So, the 2nd trimester is supposed to be the honeymoon phase. Uh huh. I can't say I agree, and if it is only going to get worse, it should be interesting. Mainly, I am lucky that I can still do what I'm doing, but running has been difficult. And getting indigestion everyday at around 2pm is yucky!!! I switched to the afternoons and that worked for me this past week, but I miss the high that I have all day long when I run in the early am.

Yesterday we went crib shopping. Fun but tiring, I'm not a shopper and would rather be given a checklist and mark things off. And also at the same time, have a stork come and deliver us a surprise baby with our genes. No childbirth. No pregnancy. How great would that be? And so fair!

Today I wanted to do a long run. 12-16 miles. The schedule that I found for Philly said 16, but I wasn't that optimistic- I thought a 2 hour run would do. Usually I do long runs on Saturday morning, but I decided to run short on Saturday and run long Sunday since I ran Friday evening. I regretted Sat all day long that I hadn't done my long run - I just wasn't feeling happy and needed my fix. I ran late in the day on Sat. Sun, I tried to start around 9am and had the side stitch I've been getting, so I stopped after a mile. I held off and went to the gym with Bill around noon. I ran but it was not comfortable. I got in 4 miles. I was not in a good mood, as I wanted to run long! I waited until after the Giants game to attempt running again and still had the stitch going on, but ran 7 miles. So I got in a total of 12 miles but they were not fun or pretty. I felt better when it was all done, but not thrilled. Tomorrow I go to the doctor to ask about this weird pain/stitch going on in the same place where I feel the baby at night moving around, and my many other questions, including if I can fly to watch my sister run her first marathon right around 35-36 weeks in Florida!

week 21 summary
Monday - yoga- stretchy - no good
Tuesday - 7 miles (9:17 pace)
Wednesday - 8.15 miles (9:16 pace)
Thursday -elliptical, lift, bike
Friday - 8 miles combined around 9:20 pace
Saturday - 3 miles (10:00 pace) and some yoga
Sunday - 12 miles combined around 10 min mile pace

total 38.2 miles/ no swimming/1 yoga class


Boston here I come!!

I came home from dinner on Friday night to get this in my inbox:

Greetings from the DFMC office,

We are pleased to tell you that you have been accepted to the DFMC 2009 team! Your official acceptance e-mail with additional information will be arriving within the next few days. Congratulations!

This was the one charity that I signed up for originally since I had the most belief in their mission (cancer research). I ended up signing up last minute for one other one, but already found out that I hadn't been accepted. So I'm super excited (and now nervous that I'm going to have to get back in shape and be able to run 26 miles 2 months later!). I can do this though! I'm not going for a PR, just the experience and to finish! My due date Feb 20 - Boston Marathon - April 20th. Alright, I was hoping the baby would wait until March because I like March better, but now coming early would be fine too!

I just hit 5 months this week, here are some pics below comparing 20 weeks and 22 weeks(top one is more recent). I swear I look and feel more pregnant than in the pics here, but to someone who doesn't know me, I don't look pregnant. I also only take the pictures when I am not super bloated out. My dr appt is Monday where I ask about continuing long runs, and now continuing to partially train until the baby comes, yoga, and the Philly marathon! Should be fun!



So this week has been the transition to afternoon workouts. Monday was normal, that is usually my morning off and yoga at night. Sadly, on Tuesday, I wasn't feeling that great soreness. Too much balance crap. Tuesday I tried but ended up waiting and running at night and it worked out well. THe only problem was having gu at 6pm, I feel like it kept me up since it has a little caffeine in it. Wednesday I got up to go swimming, drove there and the pool was closed. Thanks for the notice!! It is totally unorganized. It is 10 minutes from work, so pretty much I had to change and be sans shower that day. I looked like crap!! So I ran that afternoon also, but the gu again was a problem, unless I'm just restless! I turned into a psycho witch at night when I was trying to fall asleep and was really mean to Bill! Bad me. They were two pretty decent runs. Some discomfort.

Today I planned to swim after school. I went and there was a big sign that the pool was closed today and yesterday ( wasn't there yesterday though). Again, thanks for the notice people. I was pissed!!! I went to the gym, lifted, did some of my own yoga moves, and elliptical. Tomorrow I have a workshop a little later than usual start time of school, so I'm going to see if I can get in a morning run!

Today's questions to think about are : Do you consider yourself athletic? When did you become athletic? What motivated you to start? How does being athletic define your life?

I love considering myself an athlete. My parents started me in swimming and sports leagues when I was really young and I enjoyed it and continued it through high school, college and after! I pride myself on being athletic - it's who I am !


2 questions

I got the proofs from the race on Sat, pretty funny. I can only save the thumbnails - how do you save the bigger ones, even when it says proof across the middle? I hope I beat the girl in pink on the right picture -she's in a bunch of my pics from the end of the race!

And the Garmin that many of you have, which one is it ? How big is this thing? I used to have one when I started running 4 years ago and it was huge. It never got a signal when I needed it to and many times I run in wooded areas - do you have problems if you run in shaded/tree full areas?
Many of you are so addicted, I 'm wondering if I should look into getting one. Nike + stinks. At the race on Sat, it was almost a full half mile behind, so I'd have passed the mile marker and 5 min later it would tell me I completed the mile that I had already passed.

The run went well tonight. A few negatives were that I end up having stomach issues when I run with food in my stomach that late in the day, it took me a while to warmup and I can still feel the shinsplints(maybe it is my shoes - which only have 150ish miles on them), and the endorphins don't get to help me through the day! I love the happy warm feeling that I get when I'm done running that usually starts at 6am and lasts for most of the day. Also, around 2pm I get indigestion everyday, so that was uncomfortable to run with.

Positives: more time to run and fit more miles in, more time to stretch, more energy and don't have to wake up so early and be half in the bag. Also I can go to the gym instead of my basement and run where other people are motivating. I got a sexy maternity support belt that I ordered in the mail today. HOTTT!! It helped though!

Last - I think I should be a GU postergirl. I love the stuff. I ate some while I was running and it somewhat helped with indigestion. Soon I might start baking with it. : )

No morning run

I got up this morning to run and apparently the baby was up too, and not willing to run. I got up late anyway, incase this happened, and my backup plan was for the afternoon. I could just feel movement and it made it feel like a stitch. I'm in SUCH a better mood when I run in the morning. I can totally tell. Last night, I signed up for the Philly marathon. I probably won't run it and I knew this as I clicked submit, but I wanted the option of it! I justified it by thinking that 2 tutoring sessions (usually what I do per week) will earn me more than the cost of the race. So that if I have to eat the race money, then really I'm making it back by tutoring every week. Justified - yes! I just didn't want it to sell out. My plan is mainly to do the 1/2 if I still can anyway (just stop half way) but that was sold out so I had to sign up for the full. We'll see what happens. I'm a lunatic.

Last night's yoga was more balancing then stretching and deep poses and my balance right now is horrendous, so it wasn't my favorite class so far. Showoff teacher was back doing a split (booo) - I couldn't even get close.

Other than that, I signed up for a 5 miler at the end of October, and there's a 10k early November. Those distances sound more do-able but I'm going to find out what my doctor says about long runs and continuing them and see how running goes in the next few weeks!

I feel like I need more pictures. I'm still upset I forgot my camera this weekend for the race :(

Happy Day!


week 20 stats

So this week was a bit of a wakeup call with some hard runs towards the end of the week and ligament or some kind of pain that I need to call about and make sure it is ok. I'm running slower and taking it easier as I start to expand! I feel like I grew overnight, really, over the last 2 nights and became huge.

Today I have shin splints (WHY?) and a sore bad knee. What causes the shin splints?
I woke up this morning and wanted to sign up for the Philly marathon. I realized last night that the half is sold out. Since I haven't had any great runs lately, I'm doubting myself, and at the same time trying to be rational, but on the other side is my I CAN DO IT attitude, with taking it easy and going slow. I really don't know! A part of me just wants to let it go!! And sign up for a spring one!
I haven't heard back from Boston charity #1 yet.

Week 20:Slowing it down
Monday: YOGA
Tuesday: Run 1 hour (6.54 miles/9:11)
Wednesday: swim 45 min (2700yards), run 1/2 mile (5 min), YOGA class
Thursday: run 1:08:30 (7 miles) - trouble started this day
Friday: Tried to run an easy 3, ended up unable to run, walked 15 minutes
Saturday: 1/2 marathon - Baltimore - 2:13:45 - had to walk miles 6.5- 8 off and on. Jog/walk the rest.
Sunday: Run/Walk easy 7 miles (1:17:24). Started off with pain right away, took a break, walked, went back to it and was able to run 5 painless miles, lift in between (20 min)

Total running for the week: 34.2 miles, swimming: 2700 yards, yoga - 2 classes, lifting 20 min

Song of the week:
Pink - SO WHAT!
('I'm still a rockstar' -got me through the race on Sat as I walked) :)

Can't wait to hear those race reports!


I still want to do the marathon!!



I was tagged by ARON so here are a bunch of random things and pics:

1) I was born on Christmas.My name is close to christmas in Italian and that is how I got my name (Natale- Natalie) Christmas birthday sounds fun and is something special but never enjoyed that one.

2) I've been a vegetarian since my freshmen year of high school - it was a girl in bio class and dissecting livers that inspired me to stop eating meat and fish. First I started with meat and fish a few months later.
2.5) I've been wanting a tuna hoagie with american cheese for a few months now : )

3) I teach high school math - this career really defines who I am and I love it.

4) I used to be a psychoPhillies fan and could name the whole lineup in '93 or '94. Now they are in the playoffs, and I'll watch but not a crazy.

5) One of the happiest time periods in my growing up memories is when I spent summers lifeguarding at my pool, and dragged around my little sister with me everywhere I went. I always loved summer, and I still think lifeguarding is THE LIFE.

6) I absolutely HATE driving. My first 3 years of the work world, my commute was about 6 minutes. Next year it was 9. Now it is 22 to get there and 35 to get home. I want to live in a place where I can walk everywhere.

7) I can be really anti social. When I am trying to get something done (especially at work), I'm not good at small talk. I'm very goal oriented and don't relax much, but sometimes this gets me into trouble.

I'm tagging:

Training to Tri
Mama Simmons

Takin' it easy

Whew, had a rough race this morning! I was nervous all week. Thursday when I tried to run, it was not a good time- I was having weird stomach pains/pressure. Kind of felt like a bad side stitch in the area of normal period cramps. So anyway, I split up my run that day into 3 parts to get in 7 miles. Friday I tried running and didn't make it past 2 minutes.

So I was completely nervous going into the race this morning (a 1/2). Miles 1-6 were fine, I felt good. Right after mile 6, I started getting these pains again and had to walk for a while, off and on. I ended up running again by mile 7-8 but with walking breaks and a port-a-potty stop. I just wanted to finish and wasn't pushing it - at all. It was neat (not to be a marathoner though) because the 1/2 course started at the marathon 1/2 way point. So we blended in with the marathoners by mile 3. It was cool seeing the mile markers for the marathon - totally tempting in my mind (jonesing to do a full here!). The uphills were feeling alot better than the downhills and flat running for my stomach! It was hilly, but I didn't mind it at all. Treadmill running at an incline and some outdoor hilly runs have helped too!

I think it is funny, I saw a friend of my husband's who was on the side cheering and I couldn't think of his name, so I just started pointing at him. Hahahaha. I remembered his name after I passed by him (running mental block) and just started laughing at myself.

This was a good race - the fans were awesome. People dressed up, people dancing on cars, gummi bears being handed out. Alot of these people made me laugh and smile.

I finished in 2:13:45 which to me, was just a fine feat to finish. Looking at that time is scary, but I'm not thinking about that.

Another thing that I decided while running was that it is not necessary for me to do a full marathon right now. Who knows what my body will do, and there's no way I can walk most of it. Walking is rough! And it would take forever. So although I'm dying to do it, I'm not going to. This lil runner is going to take a break and hopefully come back for a spring marathon.

I forgot my damn camera again for this race, and it was such a beautiful day. So crappy that I forgot. The photo people definitely got pictures of me, they were in my face right when I started walking - awesome. Can't wait to see them!



Last night was parent conferences. Today I spent the day pooped and overall cranky. It started with a swim, and usually I take an end lane but today some big older lady was in it. I had to go to the middle and ended up next to some dude who obviously thought the olympic trials were going on. He was sprinting EVERYTHING, and his splashes were making my lane like a wave pool. It wasn't the best swim ever. At school, the kids didn't even stress me out, dumb things like spilling water or forgetting something I needed when I got to another room were annoying me today. I read Aron's post on the positive Wednesdays and thought that was a great idea! I have off tomorrow for a Jewish holiday, and all I want to do is sleep. But instead, I need to:

-Go food shopping
- Buy more long sleeve tops (now that it suddenly became cold, my purchases of last week aren't so helpful)
- Do a bunch of lesson planning
- Pick up my car from the shop
- Go visit Babies R Us so I'm not behind on getting whatever we need
- supposed to go visit a daycare place, but that
stressed me out last week, so I'll bag that hopefully
- whine whine whine

And of course, run!

I did some research into what I would need to do for the next 7 weeks and here is what it looks like:

I typed in maintenance (the bare-bones) and moderate (which had longer long runs) to smart coach - so basically my goal would be to finish the marathon.
I'm already running everything here, except I just need to make my long runs a little bit longer. It sounds way too easy. I think it is totally do-able, I just want to ask my doctor about it first! Also, now I'm almost 21 weeks, that will be 27 weeks, alot could change with my running by then right?? More pee stops? Slower? But I think I might just sign up anyway, and if I need to downgrade, I can do the 1/2 marathon instead. It's a loss of $25 bucks. I can deal with that. I've been letting the idea run through my head this week, and on the way to yoga today (Wednesday yoga is not as enjoyable - different teacher) there was a huge ad for the marathon on a bus. Coincidence? I think not! It's just that I can't find too much research on it.

Yesterday, I absolutely had to get up and run in the morning since I wasn't going to get home until 8:30 and wouldn't have time to run and shower in between school and parent conferences at night - but I was thinking more deeply as I lay with my cozy covers about changing workouts to the afternoon.

Afternoon runs:
Pros - sleep in, more energy, less warmup time needed.
Cons - sometimes things come up - so it's harder to fit in, you don't have that endorphin boost all day long!, more time to think about it - (do I really feel like running?)

What else can you add from your experience?


week 19 recap

Well I'm late this time, not much to report this week. Thanks for your comments on the idea of the Philly marathon - I'm definitely considering it, with the idea that if I need to stop, I can do the 1/2 which follows the same course (and is kind of a bummer when you are running the full as you watch the 1/2ers finish!) I'm weighing any idea of harming the little one and if there is any possibility then I would not do it - versus my competitive desires and goals!

I just realized that when I hit 20 weeks, that meant 20 weeks was behind me. So really I'm on the 21st week. I'm a quick one!

I <3 the yoga class that I go to on Mondays. I feel so good on Tuesdays - soreness all over, knowing it hit all these muscles that only get worked once a week. It's great!

Last week's stats - which was really week 20, but we'll stay in order here:
Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: Run 10.23 miles (1:30) - I had off
Wednesday: 3.06 miles (28:00), + lifting, elliptical 15 minutes (had off)
Thursday: 6.43 miles (1 hr)
Friday: Swim 2700 yards - felt nice (46:00)
Saturday: outside 5.8 miles (1 hour), 3.33 (30 min) - treadmill
Sunday: 6.57 miles (1 hour)

Total: an hour of yoga, 30 min of lifting, 15 min elliptical, 45 of swimming (2700 yards),
Running 35.4 miles 5:28:00
Average pace: 9:16.

Here's my 20 week pic! When I went to weigh myself (standard Saturday tradition), I got the # and the scale ran out of batteries. It's a P-O-S scale and usually I have to do it 3 times and make sure it is accurate. It said I stayed the same weight but was probably wrong. Or maybe right since I got a little bit sick. The clothes are working out - bigger and I feel better about them. Until next week...


Saturday in the Park...

I WISH it was the 4th of July....

No- this weather is great. I love fall. I went for a run out the front door, up the hills that take you onto the main street and through the town. I went for a new loop but had to run on semi-busy streets for most of it. It was a nice change of scenery though. Usually I get really bored with running in my town becasue I am always doing the same route - not many options. It felt good until the last 10 minutes or so when I started having some kicks or lower ab stitches going on and I really couldn't run. I was pushing out a slow jog that became a walk. My nike + said 6 miles by the time I finished, but g-map pedometer logged 5.8. Boo hoo. Tomorrow I am supposed to run 12 with runner buddy Abby, but will have to see how I feel later as I'm coming down with a bad cough and chest congestion :( thanks to my husband!

This morning I was reading the new runners world and came across the story of the lady that ran a marathon 8 months pregnant (years ago) and received 2 medals. That's all I needed to hear people! I could do it! The Philly marathon is mid/end November, I could jog/walk it and just have a good old time! That is my keep me going thought for today. What do ya think?

I put some vanilla bean GU in my oatmeal this morning. I love the stuff!! I just got a box of the chocolate outrage too. Yummmmmy!

My new closet is below and Thursday's outfit at right. The top is from Macy's juniors and the bottoms are awful maternity pants.

The bright pink shirt to the far left is the only maternity one - a blouse that can house a small family.



Score!! It's national denim day or local maybe for breast cancer and I fit into my jeans! Yesssss! I knew I bought these low rise jeans for something! Whenever I have any pitfalls today, I'm just going to think, who cares? I fit into my jeans! :) Anti maternity! I wonder if there is anyone else out there that feels like she won a battle by not wearing maternity clothes each day and holding off as long as possible.

I swam this morning and had a full head of thoughts, so it went by quickly and it was good. Yesterday's run sucked my a-hole, I was thinking after it that maybe I should switch to non-morning runs. I just never warmed up and the whole thing was a drag. Plus it has been so nice out in the afternoon, I just don't like waiting - sometimes things come up!

Happy Friday! I will put some pics of my newly purchased wardrobe up over the weekend.


Busy Wednesday

This morning we had the 20 week ultrasound, at 19 weeks and 5 days, and saw the little person. This baby is super active. It didn't stop moving around the entire time. I'm surprised I don't feel more! It was neat - we aren't finding out the sex, but we saw all of the arms and legs and all that. Then I realized what a kick actually felt like and that I've been getting kicked for some time now. After that I went to the gym and the little guy/girl was moving around like a nut. I wonder if they can feel the ultrasound because it was really going nuts. It was pretty neat, I wish I had one of those screens to check out what the baby's doing all the time! The pictures didn't turn out too clear, but if I find a better way, I'll post one.

Went for shopping trip round 3. Started at Target and mostly bought non maternity clothes that will work for me now! And one pair of maternity black pants. Next went to Motherhood and tried on half the store, but left with 2 pairs of pants (brown and khaki), a skirt (pretend pencil skirt I guess) and a pink "blouse" that comes down way too long, but might be an emergency shirt. From there, went to Macy's for more shirts and found myself shopping in the juniors department for shirts - the styles work for maternity right now! I found 3 shirts there, then went to Old Navy and bought a cover up type thing: long sleeve cardigan and a blouse one size up that I can wear for a little. So, all in all, I have more options now. Would I say it was a success? Partially. I don't think I'll return to Motherhood though. I don't like their tops and that is what I need. I want to find some cuter things than their tops that come down to my mid thigh. The lady told me to use this pillow thing for trying on as a faux belly, I wasn't having it - I ignored it. Laurel was telling me about it yesterday so I had a heads up and didn't collapse when the lady showed me it. The lady attempted to bring me in some bra and tell me it was good for nursing as well. I haven't wrote anything about that but the whole nursing idea, even the word, makes me want to keel over and vomit. While I want to try to pump (maybe - but as each day goes past I get more and more disgusted by the whole thing), the rest of it I can't imagine and do not plan to even attempt. I am totally weird - but I almost threw the bra back in the lady's face.

After that I was talking to my union rep on the phone about time off from school, and she threw in something about going back to work and boob issues. I wanted to scream AHhhhh! I can't hear you! I can't hear you! 2 boob/bfing comments in one day is too much for me.

Last night, I sent out application #2 for Boston charities. I was just reading the Running for Two blog about a comment and story of a 10 week postpartum superwoman running Boston. I'll spare the details for the men, but if you read that blog, you'll know what I'm talking about. I am probably insane even thinking about running it, but we'll see what happens!

Back to work after this mini Jewish holiday 'weekend' vacation.