No morning run

I got up this morning to run and apparently the baby was up too, and not willing to run. I got up late anyway, incase this happened, and my backup plan was for the afternoon. I could just feel movement and it made it feel like a stitch. I'm in SUCH a better mood when I run in the morning. I can totally tell. Last night, I signed up for the Philly marathon. I probably won't run it and I knew this as I clicked submit, but I wanted the option of it! I justified it by thinking that 2 tutoring sessions (usually what I do per week) will earn me more than the cost of the race. So that if I have to eat the race money, then really I'm making it back by tutoring every week. Justified - yes! I just didn't want it to sell out. My plan is mainly to do the 1/2 if I still can anyway (just stop half way) but that was sold out so I had to sign up for the full. We'll see what happens. I'm a lunatic.

Last night's yoga was more balancing then stretching and deep poses and my balance right now is horrendous, so it wasn't my favorite class so far. Showoff teacher was back doing a split (booo) - I couldn't even get close.

Other than that, I signed up for a 5 miler at the end of October, and there's a 10k early November. Those distances sound more do-able but I'm going to find out what my doctor says about long runs and continuing them and see how running goes in the next few weeks!

I feel like I need more pictures. I'm still upset I forgot my camera this weekend for the race :(

Happy Day!


  1. Sorry about your morning run! Just concentrate on running this afternoon and hopefully youll have a good day.

    Your a running machine! Look at you sign up for all these races! I'm not prego and the last race i ran was in may... apparently i'm a lazy racer! Good luck hun!

  2. I am interested to see what your doctor says about running the longer distances. I think it is definitely do-able just depends on how you feel!

  3. Enjoy your afternoon run (look at you all prepared and adaptable with a Plan B). And did I mention how I love your crazed uber-competitiveness. You rock N-slice.

  4. i love my afternoon runs :)

    so many races! you are awesome!

  5. Even if you don't, at least if you want to, you CAN!! It's great to have options... Even if it's losing $100+. But at least you're heart is willing. That is so awesome!

  6. Better to be safe than sorry about the race.

    I'm with Aron, I love running in the afternoons.

  7. Hope you were able to get your run in this afternoon. You have a busy race schedule. Sounds like a good plan with Philly.

  8. So did you get your afternoon run in? With tat marathon in the back of your mind, I would think you'd feel some motivation! :)