Takin' it easy

Whew, had a rough race this morning! I was nervous all week. Thursday when I tried to run, it was not a good time- I was having weird stomach pains/pressure. Kind of felt like a bad side stitch in the area of normal period cramps. So anyway, I split up my run that day into 3 parts to get in 7 miles. Friday I tried running and didn't make it past 2 minutes.

So I was completely nervous going into the race this morning (a 1/2). Miles 1-6 were fine, I felt good. Right after mile 6, I started getting these pains again and had to walk for a while, off and on. I ended up running again by mile 7-8 but with walking breaks and a port-a-potty stop. I just wanted to finish and wasn't pushing it - at all. It was neat (not to be a marathoner though) because the 1/2 course started at the marathon 1/2 way point. So we blended in with the marathoners by mile 3. It was cool seeing the mile markers for the marathon - totally tempting in my mind (jonesing to do a full here!). The uphills were feeling alot better than the downhills and flat running for my stomach! It was hilly, but I didn't mind it at all. Treadmill running at an incline and some outdoor hilly runs have helped too!

I think it is funny, I saw a friend of my husband's who was on the side cheering and I couldn't think of his name, so I just started pointing at him. Hahahaha. I remembered his name after I passed by him (running mental block) and just started laughing at myself.

This was a good race - the fans were awesome. People dressed up, people dancing on cars, gummi bears being handed out. Alot of these people made me laugh and smile.

I finished in 2:13:45 which to me, was just a fine feat to finish. Looking at that time is scary, but I'm not thinking about that.

Another thing that I decided while running was that it is not necessary for me to do a full marathon right now. Who knows what my body will do, and there's no way I can walk most of it. Walking is rough! And it would take forever. So although I'm dying to do it, I'm not going to. This lil runner is going to take a break and hopefully come back for a spring marathon.

I forgot my damn camera again for this race, and it was such a beautiful day. So crappy that I forgot. The photo people definitely got pictures of me, they were in my face right when I started walking - awesome. Can't wait to see them!


  1. Great job on the race! Too bad about the camera. I sometimes forget mine too, so I started to always carry it around with me and I never needed it. Isn't that always the way :)

  2. Oooh, that race sounds like so much fun! Where was it?

    Glad to hear you made a decision about the marathon, either way. Spring will be here before you know it. Are you still planning on doing the half?

    That time is still pretty good for all the walking you did!

  3. For as much as you said you walked, id say thats a pretty fast half! Awesome job! So wait a minute, you take your camera with you when your running? Where do you put it? I'm a picture junkie and i would love to do that but it seems bulky and annoying? What are your tricks?

  4. WTG paisana, under the circumstances finishing the half with the time you did is such a fantastic accomplishment! Smart move on waiting until spring for the marathon. You will totally kill it in the spring.

    BTW, I am the WORST with remembering names. That should have been one of my six random things.

  5. that is a fantastic time. hello, you're running for 2 people, remember??? :-)

  6. awesome job!!! that is a GREAT time!

  7. Nice job getting through it! Any sort of stomach/side stitches are hard to get through.