Score!! It's national denim day or local maybe for breast cancer and I fit into my jeans! Yesssss! I knew I bought these low rise jeans for something! Whenever I have any pitfalls today, I'm just going to think, who cares? I fit into my jeans! :) Anti maternity! I wonder if there is anyone else out there that feels like she won a battle by not wearing maternity clothes each day and holding off as long as possible.

I swam this morning and had a full head of thoughts, so it went by quickly and it was good. Yesterday's run sucked my a-hole, I was thinking after it that maybe I should switch to non-morning runs. I just never warmed up and the whole thing was a drag. Plus it has been so nice out in the afternoon, I just don't like waiting - sometimes things come up!

Happy Friday! I will put some pics of my newly purchased wardrobe up over the weekend.


  1. You can make it the whole way through without buying mat clothes ;-) You'll just have to buy regular clothes in bigger sizes.

  2. Yay for jeans fitting!

    I was thinking of switching my runs to the afternoons as well cause it is like 40 degrees here in the morning and that is super chilly while at around 4pm its about 60ish maybe.

  3. I've never worn maternity clothes, and that makes ME feel great!

    Of course, I'm never going to be pregnant either, but that's neither here nor there...

    Congrats on the jeans!

  4. What a way to start off Friday!

    I can't wait to see the new clothes. Nice job on the swim. have a great weekend.

  5. *laughing*
    we women ARE crazy huh?
    but no.

    youre not alone :)


  6. lol you continue to make me crack up :) yay for the jeans!!

    that is the one thing i really dont like about morning running, i feel like it takes me so much longer to warm up. but its always SO nice when its done!

  7. I chose running in the afternoon over morning any day. Of course, I am still not working now, so this is possible. Haha.

    Yay on fitting in your jeans!

  8. weirdly enough my low rise pants fit (or don't fit) worse than the regulars...i mean, none of them button, but with the regulars i can still wear them with a bella band (do you have one yet?? i totally recommend it especially as maternity clothes repellant!_.

    i would never run before school. that's just crazy.

  9. I used to extend the life with a good ole rubber band. That should just go to show you how awesome you are and in great shape. I know what yu mean by things always coming up in the afternoon. That's why I switched to the mornings even though I am NOT a morning person.

  10. Woohoo! Another day with "normal" clothes! My sister is pregnant and she wore her baby-doll top and I totally thought it was her maternity clothes! The lines are a bit blurry these days, anyway. Seriously, there are days when I look prego. And I'm not! :-/

  11. Btw, I'm shooting for about 4:30 finish for the Nike Marathon! I hope...

  12. Super cute stuff! Yaa on the jeans. I will not even tell you the elastobandtents I wore.