Last night was parent conferences. Today I spent the day pooped and overall cranky. It started with a swim, and usually I take an end lane but today some big older lady was in it. I had to go to the middle and ended up next to some dude who obviously thought the olympic trials were going on. He was sprinting EVERYTHING, and his splashes were making my lane like a wave pool. It wasn't the best swim ever. At school, the kids didn't even stress me out, dumb things like spilling water or forgetting something I needed when I got to another room were annoying me today. I read Aron's post on the positive Wednesdays and thought that was a great idea! I have off tomorrow for a Jewish holiday, and all I want to do is sleep. But instead, I need to:

-Go food shopping
- Buy more long sleeve tops (now that it suddenly became cold, my purchases of last week aren't so helpful)
- Do a bunch of lesson planning
- Pick up my car from the shop
- Go visit Babies R Us so I'm not behind on getting whatever we need
- supposed to go visit a daycare place, but that
stressed me out last week, so I'll bag that hopefully
- whine whine whine

And of course, run!

I did some research into what I would need to do for the next 7 weeks and here is what it looks like:

I typed in maintenance (the bare-bones) and moderate (which had longer long runs) to smart coach - so basically my goal would be to finish the marathon.
I'm already running everything here, except I just need to make my long runs a little bit longer. It sounds way too easy. I think it is totally do-able, I just want to ask my doctor about it first! Also, now I'm almost 21 weeks, that will be 27 weeks, alot could change with my running by then right?? More pee stops? Slower? But I think I might just sign up anyway, and if I need to downgrade, I can do the 1/2 marathon instead. It's a loss of $25 bucks. I can deal with that. I've been letting the idea run through my head this week, and on the way to yoga today (Wednesday yoga is not as enjoyable - different teacher) there was a huge ad for the marathon on a bus. Coincidence? I think not! It's just that I can't find too much research on it.

Yesterday, I absolutely had to get up and run in the morning since I wasn't going to get home until 8:30 and wouldn't have time to run and shower in between school and parent conferences at night - but I was thinking more deeply as I lay with my cozy covers about changing workouts to the afternoon.

Afternoon runs:
Pros - sleep in, more energy, less warmup time needed.
Cons - sometimes things come up - so it's harder to fit in, you don't have that endorphin boost all day long!, more time to think about it - (do I really feel like running?)

What else can you add from your experience?


  1. I feel your swimming pain... This guy sounds way too full of himself; good swimmers don't waste energy on splashing and thrashing. Dumbass attention seaker!

    Training plan looks awesome, and doubly so given you are training for two! I guess this means the knee is 100%!

  2. It was so chilly out there this morning. J was all fascinated because he ran with gloves. Haha.

    I think once you talk to your doctor and get the ok, sign up. Just listen to your body, eat and drink a bit more while training and remember there is never any shame in having to drop down...even if you aren't pg.

  3. I don't know how you deal with those parents. Ugh. I give you so much credit for approaching that marathon pregnant!

  4. That marathon plan certainly looks doable given what you've been doing up to this point. At 27 weeks you shouldn't be uncomfortably huge or anything so there's every possibility you'll be fine! :)
    And as far as afternoon running goes, that's also totally doable but you have to get yourself into a routine of GOING no matter what, because once you get in the habit of skipping, it's easier to skip next time. Years ago I was a teacher and did most of my running after school. I found it to be a nice stress reliever. ;)

  5. I dont swim but would make me mad too. How rude. Your training plan looks awesome. Hopefully you can enjoy your day off tomorrow even though your busy! Have a good night!

  6. What a swimming retard. He was obviously trying to show off his steller skills and failed miserably.

    Enjoy your day off and hope you get to all your to-do list items.

  7. This morning as I was walking to my car before work I was thinking the same thing about running in the morning vs. after work/at night.

    As of right now I am enjoying the switch to afternoons. If you don't let your body get used to one time of day I think its nice to switch back and forth.

  8. It's looking like it's going to be around 80 and rainy here in NC so I welcome the weather where I can wear long sleeves.

    Hope you have a great day

  9. I have a hard time with the afternoon runs. It's easier for me mentally to just wake up and go (not too much thought in a AM run) where as in the afternoon it I've had hrs to give myself an excuse not to run LOL

  10. LMAO the olympic trials! I know what you mean and for some reason they feel like you are their biggest opponent.

    It sounds like you have a plan in place I hope everything works out for you.

    As far as the afternoon runs I am always scared I will scrap it but then I feel guilty so it gets done, morning or afternoon.

  11. i am an afternoon/evening runner. i just cant get myself out of bed!! one of these days i will start :) haha. i love burning off the work day with a run though.

    training plan looks great!! cant wait to hear what the dr says :) hopefully a go for it! and like you said you can always stop half way if baby is telling you to.

  12. I think your training plan looks great too. And your attitude about it is perfect. Hopefully you can get some rest today.

  13. I've never trained while pregnant so I don't have a penny of advice but... I'm just amazed your commitment and dedication. Good idea on checking with the doctor! Good thing you're a seasoned runner, though. I'm sure he'll give you the 2 thumbs up!

  14. I've actually been struggling with this lately, too. Generally, running in the morning has worked well for me. If I don't get it in then, I usually end up putting it off until the evening, when I head to the gym at 8:30 or 9, beating myself up for not taking advantage of the woods and trails that are a hop, skip, and jump from my front door.

    Lately, though, I've discovered that I'm also most productive with the whole dissertation thing first thing in the morning. I get more done on the days when I wake up and start writing right away than I do in two days of puttering around in the mornings.

    So, I'm trying to integrate more mid-day after afternoon runs. We'll see how it goes...

  15. what does your doc say about trying to tackle a full?

  16. Well, my one afternoon run so far was quite a bummer- partially because it was a little warm, but mostly because of the knee pain. But now that I've come to love my morning runs, I kind of miss them.

    I know what you mean about things coming up- it's definitely easier to do the run first thing so that you don't have to worry about conflicts, but it's also good to have the option of running longer if I feel like it and not worrying about time constraints in the morning.

    Good luck with the training plan!

  17. That's so true about afternoon runs. It's when my energy peaks, but I don't always get it in because of time!

  18. Sorry about freaking you out on my blog. The Short Story part was for you. ;) I promise that tomorrow's post will be better!