pancake sunday

Inspired by HEAB, today was pancake Sunday, It was delicious!!! I made up my own batter and I didn't totally measure so here's an idea:

makes 5 pancakes

1/2 cup pumpkin
3/4 cup ground oatmeal
1/4 to 1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup yogurt
2 tbsp ground flax with 1/2 cup water (let sit for 5 minutes)
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 scoop chia seeds
2 scoops protein powder

After the flax was sitting and more gelatin like, I added it to the oats, pumpkin, baking powder, and yogurt. Then I dumped in milk until it was the right consistency and added in chia seeds.

I used a teaspoon of coconut oil in the pan.

For the topping:
1 tbsp agave nectar with some cocoa and 1/2 tbsp almond butter.
You could definitely use some chocolate mint gu to go with the season. I'll try that next and report back.

Totally DELICIOUS!!! Nutrition facts w/o coconut oil and w/o topping:

I ran a hilly route yesterday while still in CT and ran on the treadmill this morning. 3 miles seemed like 300. I'm looking forward to adding in some lifting and more cross training into the routine here and seeing what happens! In the end, I ran less than 9 miles this week! The last time I ran so little - I do not even remember. I was hitting 30 miles a week almost every week. Time for a break!

We put up our tree and Christmas decor is out - so exciting! Christmastime is officially here!

This picture makes me laugh!

Nick started crawling yesterday so that was fun and thrilling!

Oh yes - and SHOT ROKS! I forgot to write about them.
Shot ROKS are little protein balls great for post long run or post race for recovery. Each little ball (they kind of look like poo??) has 27 calories. A serving (10 balls) has 20g of protein and 270 calories. Inside these guys are whey protein, cane juice, chocolate chips, almond butter,cocoa and a bunch of other things. They don't really taste like anything I've had before. They remind me of caramel candies, but I didn't really like the taste. They have peanut butter and chocolate.


First run

I felt like running yesterday so I did. I think that is going to be how it is until I get back on track and get some heart back into it! I drove up to the local high school near Bill's parents house and parked there and ran around neighborhoods, ending on the track and sprinted the last half lap. It felt really good. When I got home and mapped it, I realized how slow it was, but for a recovery run, it was fine. One of my hamstrings was a little tight but that was about it. I hope everyone had a really nice thanksgiving!

It was supposed to be kind of flat - hah. Can you see the top where I had to run to get back to where I started here?

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Thanksgiving GU giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for reading!

So far - I've tried all of the Roctanes here and the Gu Chomps in Blueberry Pom, Strawberry and Orange. The Blueberry pom chomps ARE super good, just like I've heard! They are GUs version of Clif's Blocks. Which do you like better?

: 3 GU drink mixes, 5 GUs, and a bag of Blueberry POM chomps

What is your favorite thanksgiving tradition - whether food, a turkey trot, a family thing... leave a comment letting me know!

Giveaway ends December 2nd. Winner selected at random & has 48 hours to respond to email (leave your email!)

ALSO - take note:
Amazing Grass is having a big sale on all products, 30% off (except our combo’s and sample packs) this Friday only, 11/27. Use the promo code ‘greenfriday’ at checkout.


GO LITE Travelite Tote REVIEW

GoLite is totally dedicated to going green.
When you are done with their product, send it back to them, they will recycle it and give you a discount for another product. The owners are athletes. They promote community service and are all about ZERO waste. This sounds like a fantastic company.

The bag is made from 100% recycled materials. The material is called Tier 1 - and their spring 2010 line is all made of this. I like pockets for everything to get everything organized in its own compartment. This bag is awesome for that - it has a big outside pocket on one side and two smaller ones on the other side. The inside is FULL of compartments. I have a container of cheerios for Nick in there, my wallet, coupons, a snack bar, and a water bottle and my phone on the outside. Everything that I need fits in there great and it definitely doubles as a diaper bag. There are little metalized strips to keep a few of the pockets closed up and the rest have zippers. I LOVE this bag. It comes in green, red and black and goes for $70 - totally reasonable considering that it is awesome and you can send it back and get a discount on another product when it has passed its lifespan!

I LOVE it. For my organizational needs and all the things that I am usually carrying - it is the best bag I've ever used hands down! I love that it is earth friendly. It makes a great christmas present!


I know - it's the same tale back and forth. I'm not happy with where I am - running wise, physically - they go together and I keep going in circles. Thank you to all the mamas who gave me some advice on the nursing. It is totally frustrating. I want to continue but feel like I am drying up. I'm going to try to be a super pumper.

We'll start with running - swimming, too. I feel starting in June I just started making up excuses for myself not to train hard. Right after Nick was born, I had the fire to get my speed back, train for Boston and my mindset was great. Boston was fantastic, then I did a 10 miler just 2 weeks later and wasn't too far off my PR. I did a pseudo race on the treadmill in May and after that it just all went downhill. I didn't know if I wanted to start training so I kept putting it off. Finally I started training but half-assed. I had a few good long runs but when it came time for marathon day, I was 'out to enjoy the day.' I guess I can attribute it to being burnt out, but I'm tired of making excuses for myself and frustrated with myself. In swimming, I volunteer to go last in the lane so that I don't have to push it. What gives?

Physically - I just go back and forth from being entirely frustrated. Am I eating too much? Too little? I have a nice pouch in my stomach that I can't escape - all this through marathon training and nursing? How do I not have a six pack? I don't eat whatever I want. All of this time, I have tried to just listen to my hunger signals and I eat when I'm hungry. And I eat healthy most of the time. I didn't want to restrict calories because I wasn't sure if it would affect my milk supply. Now that my milk supply seems to be dwindling, I can't help but wonder if I am eating enough. But I cannot imagine eating more and losing weight. When I went to a nutritionist about a year and a half ago, she told me I should be eating 2700 calories. I was eating around 1800. Now I'm around 2000. I am really trying to count and see how much I am eating to figure it out - but I can't seem to cut it any less than 1800 without being starving, and this isn't getting me anywhere. If I try eating more, I feel like I'm going to gain MORE weight! What to do!

I continue to feel very frustrated with myself and it is seeping into my everyday life - which is even more frustrating and disappointing. As I sit here and have been pumping for 30 minutes and have hardly 2 ounces.

X-Agave Review

I was super excited to get the Xagave nectar and cookbook in the mail last week! Xagave is a complete sugar substitute that can be used in cooking and baking. It has inulin in it, which is a pre-biotic fiber. Xagave is said to have the best taste, best cooking and baking properties out there and best health profile. Agave nectar is a low glycemic index food, includes calcium and saves tons of calories over sugar.

Included with the package was a sugar exchange table, complete for beverages, cooking, baking and canning. Also included were spotlighted recipes such as Whole Wheat Carrot Pineapple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (yum!) and BBQ sauce!


The owner is a husband and father and part-time chef, and has struggled with his weight. In his family history there is diabetes, so he definitely is aware of his health. A few years ago, he saw agave nectar and researched it, going to Mexico and learning about it. He ultimately made a blend of different agave plants and brings you Xagave.

I used Xagave in my oatmeal (when I wasn't using GU), in my tea, and I tried a pumpkin bread recipe from the cookbook before the marathon. It was great in all 3 ways. I had been using Trader Joe's agave nectar and had run out of it just before this arrived. I believe it had a similar taste - I could not really tell the difference since I do not use a whole lot of it. The pumpkin bread was really, really tasty. The agave is sweeter than sugar so less of it is needed, ending up in a huge calorie savings.

25 oz sells on the site for $8.99. This sounds comparable to what I've seen different brands selling for in the store, but I can't remember the size of the ones I had been purchasing. I know at Trader Joe's, a container of it is around $2.99 but I do not know how many ounces it contains.

Check it out! A great and healthy alternative to sugar.


Boobs and Moving On

Ok, now that the disappointment stage is kind of passing on, I can move on. I was seriously PISSED about the lack of soreness that I had today, which I attributed to my slow as sh** pace!
I am over retiring but I do need a break. I can't imagine going back to being normal... but I'm definitely going to do it for a little while. When should I run again? Maybe do a turkey trot on Thursday when I'm up in CT? There's a local 5 mile race the first weekend of December that might be fun. We'll wait on a marathon till next fall, if another one is in my future! I decided the next marathon that I will do will not be in Philly. I know it all too well and I need something new to inspire me. I do want to get into the tri-scene also. There are some local ones that Rebecca told me about so that would be cool.

Another thing I need to get off my chest (literally?) is the nursing. I'm trying real hard to make it to the year or at least mid -Jan so I can used frozen stored milk, but it is getting harder every day. I feel like I have barely anything left (besides for the morning which seems great), and Nick is not interested in having to work for it. I have made it this far (almost 10 months), and I don't want to give up, but I do want to give up. Any inspiration out there from moms?


1 day later

I slept so well last night. I woke up and started feeling disappointed with my crappy time. Don't you hate that - even though it is just a number. I hate that feeling. 10 minutes faster and I would have been a little bit happier with it. Why did I just meltdown in the second half? I'm frustrated.

On the other hand, I feel lucky to be capable to train for and finish a marathon, so I'm trying to take it in stride. Thoughts for the future - 1 day later? Next time I'm ready to tackle a marathon (if there is a next time, right?), maybe I'll look into the coach thing. It seems like it might be a way to bounce things off of someone and get more direction. Right now, I feel like I want a personal trainer and nutritionist to get everything back on track. I feel pretty down in the dumps with the marathon being over and having nothing on the horizon right now, even though it is probably what I need. I've been thinking lately about not being able to drop weight, and how if I was working and standing up all day, everything would probably be back to normal. There are trade offs for everything, but when I get down, I definitely miss that part of my life.

The day and week after the marathon - what do you do? Yesterday was a big protein day - tried to get as much as possible (including some shot roks which I will tell you about!) Do you take the whole week off from running? I am going to try. Do you cross train? Today I did yoga. I plan to lower my food intake and cross train and try not to run. Would love to hear what you typically do!

More pics from my mom's camera:

I'm Brett Favre'ing it

The short:
I finished! But around mile 8, I really wanted to quit. My legs felt heavy, and I could not believe how slow I was going, so I started questioning why I was there! I was seriously trying to enjoy the day and I did - it was BEAUTIFUL weather. But all I could think was that I needed someone to run with. It felt very lonely out there today. After running Boston, Philly seemed like crap - tons of dead zones of fans and maybe since I live so close and have done so many runs down by the river, it isn't charming anymore? It lost it's appeal to me today, even though I did feel lucky to be out there running and reminded myself that running marathons isn't supposed to be easy.
4:39:36 I went almost 20 minutes slower than I did 10 weeks after having Nick ! ugh!!!

Congratulations to Denise and Billie - great BQ times out there! And Abby for doing a marathon in good time on a short notice after having just run Steamtown last month!

The long:
It was a GORGEOUS morning. I left the house around 5:40 and parked near the art museum. I took this picture as I walked to the start. Billie and I tried to meet up but failed which was a bummer. I got to see Abby before the start! My mind was all over the place and I couldn't decide if I wanted to wear the crazy socks or not and was just making sure all my gear was in check. In the end I went with some crazy polka dot socks and I'm glad I wore them! Had alot of runners comment on them that they inspired them - so that was fun.

My goal was kind of to enjoy the day with a sub goal of beating 4:21. My best marathon time is 4:14 in my first one in 2004. One day I'll beat it. Maybe when I am 50!
I took off in the 3rd wave and thought I was going at a pretty good clip - to find that I was running slower than 9 minute miles, from the start! I felt like my effort level was comfortable and I didn't want to rev it up and fade later (which I did anyway). So I kept running around 9:30 pace. I started to get down and wonder why my training just sucked and remember when I was training awesome and PRing at every race (spring before I got pregnant with Nick). I kept having to refocus my thinking and get motivated - it was easy with the weather being so nice and pretty views. Around mile 5, this huge group started passing me. I was thinking, Holy crap, did I just majorly slow down?? It was the 3:50 pace group. They were like a pack of wolves. The road didn't seem big enough for them and runners w/o a pace group. I ran with the pace group for about 2-3 miles and then they blew past me. By mile 8, I was just not feeling it. I was thinking, I'm retiring from this. I'll just be a normal person who doesn't do marathons and just stays in shape and lifts and doesn't run all the time. I felt good about this. I had a GU at mile 7, and I got some motivation back a little after my downer moment when I wanted to stop running. My motivation just kept coming and going. I wanted a partner.

Once I hit 13 miles and saw the sign FINISH --- this way or mile 14-- this way : I was thinking, I should be doing the half. Why I am doing this today?? But I kept remembering - this isn't easy. You're doing great, just suck it up and finish the race. My half time came in at 2:05. Decent, but no way I was keeping it up and I knew it! Right after that, I saw a guy I work with who lives in the city and came out to see me. He made my day and made me smile for the next few miles. I had a GU again after I was running for 2.5 hours and in between the last GU I had a CLIF BLOCK - I really like these and might switch to them for the long runs.

My colleague - so awesome he came out to cheer!

I didn't see my family until mile 18. They were right by Falls Bridge and I couldn't see the damn bridge for a long, long time. I was getting very anxious to get to the bridge. Once I hit the bridge, my sister ran with me for the rest of the race. I would have probably been even slower if she didn't. Manayunk was fun and I even took a mini cup of beer and had a few sips on the way out! REFRESHING. I was going ridiculously slow and continued to put myself down for moving so slowly. I went in and out of being annoyed with the slow time and not caring and just wanting to finish. I felt pretty good except for the slow legs and slowness - mentally, I was doing fine and not losing it (I did in Boston). We started playing a game where we got a point if we saw anyone we knew - didn't see too many, we ended in a tie, but ran into 2 girls we grew up with in the summers which was fun. Saw them at mile 20 and somehow they beat me by 20 minutes. Pretty sad!! I felt hydrated and wasn't starving (I dropped my last one @ Boston and was taking anything from fans - so hungry). So I was enjoying the time running with my sister, she entertained me and just jogged/walked to the finish. I don't even know why I went so goddamn slow, but honestly, I felt like I did not have it in me to go faster.

The finish - we rounded the corner around the art museum and 2 years ago that was where the finish was. Instead, there's a huge sign all the way at the end that said " FINISH LINE" and an arrow. I was ok, until we rounded the bend and I still didn't see it. Where the **** is the finish??
Finally made it there and saw that I needed to get under 4:40 (ugh, so lame, this time is actually embarrassing for me) so I pushed to make it and did.

The finish line was a total disappointment. Where were the bananas? Every race needs bananas. I could not even find the treat bags at the end. I took off with a pretzel and waters.

The finish - my sister and I.

post finish - the fam
Long day for Nick!

So.. how does a 2:05 first half translate into a 2:34 second half. That's pathetic! And I know I didn't train hard enough to run this one fast, but everytime I run a marathon, I just die at the end. Maybe I just don't have the confidence that I won't die - or maybe I just need to really train for it. I think training real hard once I get my speed back will get me there.

And... for now, I am retiring for a bit. I'll pull a Brett Favre and be back, because I know I can get back to my fast times and run a fast marathon. Until I am motivated to get back into it and feel good about it, I am going to start lifting, and get toned and change things up a little. We'll see! I already signed up for next year's 1/2 marathon in Philly. Probably a mistake but it is a tradition.


It's on!

Still can't decide on the outfit! ahh! Game time decision. I'm starting to get super nervous! I tried to eat as many carbs as I could today but kind of felt sick about it! The plan is gingerbread gus at mile 7, 14 and 20ish? I'm carrying some shot blocks too and I think I'm wearing my fuel belt. Can't decide about my fun socks and shorts or the capris. Fun socks are fun, but maybe not for a marathon? Hmmm...

Update tomorrow! :)


Winner - PaceBand


Run to the Finish - Amanda... Congrats!

Had to sort through to see who actually did the mandatory entry.. only 5 of you. Not a big interest item!

2 day countdown

We're down to 2 days - wow wow wow!!

Now my issues happen to be:

What to wear!
I usually wear capris when it is chilly out. Seems like it is going to be perfect weather. If I wear shorts, I could do the compression socks - I wore them for the loop race last weekend but my legs were a big sweaty and warm. Not sure if I should do the socks or not. Capris always seem to work well - what do you think?

The wrong shoes
I always wait to the last minute and realize my shoes have too many miles on them. I'm on fail #2 due to being an idiot here. First I ordered a pair too small then I ordered a pair last week from Online Shoes - and I gotta say, I love running warehouse - 2 day shipping. These shoes from Online Shoes came today and apparently I ordered width 2A (narrow). My feet are wide so no way will these work for me. And unfortunately I can't get them back in time and get the right shoes. Looks like I'll be wearing my seasoned shoes!

Some impeccable timing
More on that later

Cheer zones
I always end up wanting to see my family much before I do - like mile 10? 8? Not 18! So I have to get a plan down for them for sure!! My sister is planning on running the last 6 miles with me.

I went to the expo today right at 12. Lucky for me, Bill drove me down so that I could run in and I did just go in and get my things! Love the shirts - and our bibs have our names on them! I'll post pics of that tomorrow!

Here's the art museum and some runners along the trail on the way home. What a great day!!

I love mail - here's some fun stuff I got today.
Above: supercute bag with tons of pockets that I'll be reviewing!

Clif Bloks and Roks - sweet! to try

And I ordered a box of the PB Chocolate bars. Nice!
Love the UPS/Fed Ex people!

Last - I need songs!! Send me some songs!!


Gu Oatmeal, Winners, Ipod list

So the Vanilla Gingerbread GU is so delicious. I just want to eat it all the time. I put some in my oatmeal this morning and it was very very yummy! This was a real small bowl pre-run of Nick's pureed oats and I added in almond butter to it. I ended up doing a mile warm up, 4 miles at marathon goal pace and 1 mile cooldown. It went very well! And some more GU fueled me for that. Addiction? Here's what I'm thinking for pre-race: toast with almond butter and GU on top??

I keep meaning to fix my playlist for Sunday. It's the same one since Boston! I need some new songs for sure! The weather is looking good - not as brutal as last year (I think it was: "feels like 20 or negative 5") It was goddamn freezing!!

And the winners of the Clif Quench - please send me your info at tosha25italia@ yahoo - you have till Saturday:




Cheese, 4 days to go

Thanks for your help on the christmas pictures!! finally ordered my cards.

On Monday I meant to go swimming but Nick was up from 11:30 to 12:30, so I turned off the alarm in the middle of the night and woke up too late to go! Tuesday I did Kate's workout of 1 mile warmup, 1 800 with 400 jog, and 4 400s with 200 jog then 1 mile easy. I liked it! Today I went swimming and tomorrow I plan to do 3-6 miles at MP. Friday I'll either take off or do a couple of miles and Saturday I'll do 2. I'm looking forward to Sunday but not planning on setting any records! I am going to enjoy the day and get back into the enjoyment of the sport!

Cheese - I usually cut out fat on the week before a big race. On Monday I joined Costco and bought this HUGE block of cheese for entertaining and everyday I've had a slice. D10 - you made me remember no cheese. BAD CHEESE!! My goal is tomorrow through Sunday - no cheese! Drink more water and lots of carbs starting tomorrow. I am enjoying this taper. I also ordered a case of Chocolate Mint GU and Vanilla Gingerbread. I can't wait to down them on Sunday. Woooo - tis the season!! With this taper week in action, I am really thinking about decorating for Christmas!

I'm hoping to meet Billie on Sunday and find Abby who got a spot in the race! Only a few days to go! Looking forward to those medals and fun shirts.

don't forget the clif quench giveaway


Last hard workout before marathon

I remember I used to do a speed workout the Monday before running a marathon - but I can't remember what it was. What is your last hard workout before marathon weekend? Which day did you do it and what do you do?

I'm also interested in eating for optimal performance. What do you eat while in training mode to be as fit as possible? I'm frustrated on this front because I'm still carrying extra weight around and I feel like I am a very good eater.

Marathon Pace Band: Review/Giveaway

I contacted John at Marathon Pace Band to try out a pace band for Sunday's marathon. My goal is to get through the miles and ultimate goal to break 4 hours, so I had him do the splits for a 4 hour goal. After the fact, I thought a Boston time band would be a good idea especially for everyone who is trying to BQ! The band has all of the splits on one side and on the other side, you can put a motivational quote, such as the common "Boston or BUST!" It is easy to fold in half when halfway done or to stretch out. It will probably be great as an wrist warmer too! You can also get a pace/photo band. I love the idea of the photo band - I could put a picture of Bill and Nick on there and think about seeing them at the finish!

My quote was Keep on running. It's funny how there is a question mark - I think I was unsure when typing the email and wrote how about KEEP ON RUNNING? Oops. In any case, I am looking forward to wearing this on Sunday to see how close I can stay to my splits!

Another product offered by Marathon Pace Band is a personalized audio message that you can put on your ipod. Check out all of the cool products you can run with at the website.

Giveaway -

One lucky winner will win a paceband!


1) Mandatory entry: Visit the website and check out the products. Tell me product you would be most interested in, and what price would you be willing to pay for the marathon pace band?
Make sure you answer BOTH questions!

2) Link back.

Contest ends Friday, November 20th. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email - be sure to leave contact info!


Is that how it is?

The last few races and long runs that I've done, I've been cursing in my head while I've been running wondering why I am running, and planning out my next phase - triathlons. I'm telling myself - I'll just become a triathlete and stop doing marathons and not focus so much on running. This will be my 5th marathon - 5 is a good number to stop?? Or maybe I just need some time off to replan and take a break from straight up running. When I'm done the race or long run, I feel GREAT for the rest of the day. And I can't wait to do it again. But while I'm running - totally not the case. Does that happen to you?? Is that how it is? We're pushing and working hard and the finish feels great but not so much the run itself?

Today I did an 8.4 mile "race" down on Kelly Drive with my sister. It was a beautiful day with great views! I ran the first 3 miles with my sister and then got competitive with myself and knew I could go faster. But - I was out there for an easy 8 mile "long" run - the last one before the marathon. Around mile 5, I was cursing and wondering why I left my sister behind and pissed that I wasn't running and enjoying it with her. Instead I was trying to pick up my pace and pass people. So annoying! I ended up just under 9 minute mile pace, and the last 3 miles did not feel easy. I wanted to stop and walk! I wanted to turn around and run with my sister. Why can't I just do a race for fun and not try to beat people? Agh. It was a great day out there though. Kristen finished 4 minutes after me. What is 4 minutes in the long run? I need to get some perspective, especially because this was not a race to race.

In the end I felt good for having done the run and it made me somewhat excited (and nervous) for next weekend. 1 week to go!


Vote on these 2

Number 1: New pic

Number 2: Cropped from old #6

So.. thanks for voting and I have a new picture. The favorite, #2 from the last selection - I couldn't make it look nice with a shoddy background.

Out of these 2, which one would you pick?
Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

chocolate #9 winner & PB

I haven't had many entrants on this one, and besides one yesterday, none since Monday, so I'm picking this one early so I can head to the post office and get them out before Sunday!

So the winner was #6, Danica! Danica please send me an email at tosha25italia @ yahoo!

I had an unpleasant experience with Pottery Barn today. I ordered a toy bin though the internet. When it came, I did not like it. I brought it back to the store (PBK actually) and went through a whole paper/pencil/telephone process of the return. Since I used a gift card for part of the order (also ordered stockings), I was told I'd be receiving a merchandise credit in the mail in the next week! I wanted to make an exchange for another item and not be charged shipping AGAIN, but this was not an option; they only exchange for even items! So basically I'd have to start a new order and pay the shipping again. They don't carry the natural color in the store. Wouldn't you think that was the most popular color of the choices? I thought that was really poor. It's the big one in the back left corner there with the car hanging out.

Has anyone seen anything similar elsewhere? It is to hold toys. I am not happy with Pottery Barn right now and hope to find something somewhere else with better policies!

Swimming - My sister helped me with my stroke over the weekend and the last 2 practices it felt really good! It helps me to get up and want to improve my stroke. If I go first in a lane, I work so much harder than if I am not leading off. I think because the pressure decreases the less people that are behind you in the lane. What do you think?

Have a great weekend to all :)


CLIF QUENCH review & giveaway

Thanks for your help so far on the christmas pictures! I have some background issues with the 2 favorites. I have a backup ... or I might just do another photo shoot. I have a reindeer outfit too, that I forgot about, and I know they have cute Santa ones. It's a work in progress ! I appreciate your feedback!


I had the opportunity to try Clif Quench, a new sports drink that came out this year. Clif Quench is a sports drink in a recycled bottle that is 88% organic and has just the right balance of carbs and electrolytes. It contains no high fructose corn syrup, nor artificial colors or flavors. I used Clif Quench immediately following my recent long runs of 18 and 20 miles (big ones!) and it was a great thirst quencher. I needed something more than water to rehydrate and this really worked well. It tastes like the gatorade that you get on the race course - watered down so that it isn't too sweet. I found it to be just right in terms of sweetness. It comes in 4 flavors: fruit punch, lime-ade, orange, and strawberry citrus. The lime-aide and fruit punch flavors were my favorite.

Nutritionally - here is how Clif Quench stacks up. It is similar to gatorade, with more sodium, less sugar and carbs.

On Amazon, a 12-pack costs around $22-28 - with lime-aide being the cheapest.

If you are looking for a new hydration option, check out Clif Quench!

GIVEAWAY - 4 winners!
4 lucky winners will receive a 4 pack of Clif Quench.

How to enter:

1) Leave a comment about your drink of choice (pre/post or during running that is). Have you had a beer along the course for any runs?

2) Link back for another entry and leave a comment for that too!

This giveaway will end on November 18th. Winners will have 48 hours to respond to email - so be sure to leave contact info!


Christmas Pic & WINNER!


Help me pick a christmas picture using the poll! I'm not 100% on any of them but so far had 3 photoshoots with the little guy (as in me dressing him and taking his picture)!
#s are under the pictures!







Congrats! Shoot me an email - tosha25italia @ yahoo
If you want to try them and didn't win - click the link at right and buy some, use the code healthy123 for 10% off!

Don't forget to enter the Chocolate #9 giveaway ending on Friday!