Opinions/Experience Wanted

When I went to Nick's 9 month appointment on Friday, I asked about vitamins for Nick. Had I not asked, it would not have come up, but the pediatrician recommended tri-vi-sol or poly-vi-sol.
Does anyone have experience using either and is your baby on vitamins?

TAPER 2 weeks
I swim 2 times a week on average early in the morning. By the end of the day I am TIRED from that. I never seem to get to bed early enough to get 7-8 hours of sleep on these days, more like 6 when I have to get up so early. In the taper, should I bring this down to 1 time a week? It is good for my muscles and recovery... What do you do with the lower mileage - actually rest or cross train/yoga, etc?

I'm not happy w/ my body right now. I stopped keeping track, and also stopped eating grains in the morning everyday. I cut back on the almond butter but probably still eat the same amount of nuts - maybe too many nuts? How many grains do you eat a day? I just read something in runners world saying we only need 3 ounces which is equal to 1/2 cup of rice. Which to me is one serving a day. I think on average I have kashi cereal (1 serving) as a snack, maybe a piece of bread (another serving?) and a grain at least once a day (dinner or breakfast sometimes). Maybe my carb levels are way too high? What is your diet like? I tracked calories today to see how I was doing and was around 1800. I think that is on target, I can't imagine losing weight and eating more. I keep going back and forth with this!!

And an update : Nick in the costume won $1000 - it came in the form of an American Express gift card. We got it today. I ended up ordering stockings from Pottery Barn for Bill and I and PBK for Nick (and 3 more ones for possible future children (or pets?) so that they'll match!) If you are in the market for stockings, PB may be on the last days of free shipping and monogramming on them!


  1. I gave my son poly-vi-sol for a bit but then his teeth started to acquire gray lines across them. I stopped the vitamins and the lines went away.

    I didn't start giving him vitamins again until September (when he was about 25 months). Now I give him vitamins c and d.

  2. Haven't heard of those..but we started Ethan on vitamins when I weaned him. I get his through our business: http://www.quixtar.com/products/product.aspx?itemno=104276&ctg=622

    They are all organic & have a money back guarantee(even if you use the whole bottle and don't like them!). We crush one up daily and put it in applesauce. We also give him the DHA gummies: http://www.quixtar.com/products/product.aspx?itemno=104282

    My mother in law is our ped and she approves of these. If you are interested just let me know.

  3. I give Jackson the chewy multi and the DHA gummies. I think I'm going to ask the doc about the vit D. Seems it is the one thing that a lot of research shows we don't get enough of. THe liquid ones(poly-tri-vi-sol) TASTE LIKE CRAP. But the chewy ones taste so good he always asks for vitamins. :-) I honestly wasn't too worried about them because we eat a pretty well-balanced diet, but now that he's a toddler and gets picky sometimes I feel like I should use something to make sure we're covered!

  4. We don't do vitamins for Adam...but then again I've never asked. Just recently I was shopping at Costco with a friend, and she buys the gummi vitamins with calcium for her boy. I think I'll ask next time we go in. He's got a pretty good variety of foods in his diet, so I guess I've just never considered it :)
    And you don't want to know what my diet is like...I need a major overhaul!

  5. I am sure you are eating the right type and enough grains. How about the intensity of your workouts? Do you do the same thing every week? Any variety? I know that it takes a long time to transform a body and there are some parts that just hold the weight.

  6. 1) We gave Elena tri-visol when she was a newborn, but then stopped after I decided that we would continue to supplement my nursing with formula. Just recently (she is 21 months) I bought the gummi vitamins at Costco and starting giving her one every other day.

    2)I would err on the side of being very well rested for your marathon, so if you want to skip swimming then it might help you get more sleep. Maybe you could swim on your own, rather than do Masters?

    3) Maybe you need to eat more? 1800 is probably not enough if you are marathon training and nursing (I can't recall if you are nursing or not). I would consider consulting with a nutritionist. I read a triathlon blog of a nutritionist in Pittsburgh and she would be a great person to look at your diet. Her husband is alo running the Philly marathon so I think she is going to watch. http://www.bethshutt.com/ My philosophy with food is to eat what I want when I am hungry and stop when I am full. Through years of experience, I learned that this is the best for my body (and I did gain 60 lbs with pregnancy and once really screwed up my eating in college).

  7. How awesome that you (well, Nick) won that competition - a great time to win $1000! Congrats!

  8. our ped mentioned tri-vi-sol early on when i was nursing but also said she never gave it to her own kids.

    lifting weights (more than just jillian!) is the only surefire way to really change your body. consider it after the marathon!

  9. are you sure you read that runners world right, I read every article and have never ever heard them eschew such a low carb lifestyle. They always say you need plenty of grains, which is way more than 1 30z serving per day.

    I would cut the swimming the week before your race just so everything can be well rested andr eady to go.

  10. I ordered stockings from pottery barn yesterday!!

    I think the runners world advice is way off. That's not enough for someone active. That's not even in alignment with the food pyramid. Speaking of which, have you ever checked out that site? There is a ton of info you might find useful. We absolutely need grains!!

    I would take it easy during the taper. The point is to let you body rest. If you do cross train, it should be very light activity.

  11. We gave both boys tri-vi-sol while on bm. Once they were getting formula and a balanced diet, no more supplements and we were told at 3 yr apt. to start supplementing again with a daily vitamin.

    consequently, both boys now take a flinstones daily vitamin for younger kids. Brayden wasn't having it that Ryan got "candy" and he didn't.

  12. so excited that he won!!! i bet that free $1000 was fun to spend!!! i wanna see the stockings! take pics for me!

  13. Congrats on the gift card, that's a big win!!

  14. Regarding the vitamin - my dr told me we should have brooke on it until she was on whole milk. Then after age 1 (when on whole milk) she needed a vitamin if she wasnt consuming a whole lot of dairy, or vegetables. Though I had the vitamin, I didnt give it to her very often ...

  15. I took off all last week, so I couldn't imagine not doing anything this week as well. I've cut back on the duration of my crosstraining, but tried to maintain some intensity.

    My pediatrician was pretty firm about prescribing multivit chewables for my two. I'm not diligent about giving it to them everyday, unfortunately.