Chocolate Agave #9 Review & Giveaway

I read about Chocolate Agave #9 on another running blog and was interested in trying it. I contacted the company and scored some to try out.

About the Product:

Chocolate Agave #9 is a low glycemic energy gel made only with belgian dark cocoa and organic agave. That's right - 2 ingredients! It is a vegan, organic product. The low glycemic index has been shown to withhold an energy crash and cause no stomach distress as the body metabolizes the gel evenly. The gel weights in at 70 calories, 75 mg sodium and 15 g carbs.


Well, I used this not only for an energy gel, but for a snack and dessert! It is super dark and very rich! It worked best for me before swimming. I go very early, at 5am, and need something to hold me over and get me through the workout and this worked very well for me. It tastes like a treat - dark chocolate icing! I have used it for shorter runs both before and during, especially before I have eaten breakfast. I used it during 2 long runs as well and it kept me going. It has worked well for my stomach for all of these scenarios. Coming in at 70 calories, it is not a bad way to stave a chocolate craving!! Check it out here.

A trial size 3 pack costs $4.99, while you can purchase a 24 pack for $32.49.

GIVEAWAY: One box of Chocolate Agave #9: Ends November 13th

1 - let me know your long run fueling strategy (mandatory) - what do you use? when? every hour? when needed?

2- for extra entries, link back on your blog or tweet about this giveaway or do both

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  1. Oh, that sounds really tasty. I would love to win that. As for my strategy, I only take GU or honey. And I only take them for runs over 16-18 miles (although, I have done an 18 before and needed no fuel). I am not a big eater on my runs. For a marathon, I will eat 1-2 Gus.

  2. Sounds good!

    On long runs I try to take a gel (or equivalent in chews) every 45-60 minutes and drink a few sips of water every 15.

  3. I think I need to eat more because I always have to have some kind of nutrition during my runs.

    I have had stomach troubles before but on my last run I didn't. I used GU chomps (blueberry pom)..oh my god so GOOD!!! It was like eating candy. I didn't want to stop eating them they were that good.

    I would eat a couple every 15-20 mins and take a couple sips of water. Seemed to work. I did have to use a GU organic gel and that tasted great.

    I'll post you on my blog as well...

  4. You know, I never thought about using one of these products before an early morning workout. I never know what to do before a morning run...might have to try this.

    Right now I do clif shot bloks. One blok every 2.5 miles starting at mile 5!!

  5. The only thing that I have ever tried for fueling during long runs is Powerbar Gu. I like the banana/strawberry kind best. I tried to eat half a banana towards the end of the Chicago marathon last month, and found that I was too tired to chew! :)

  6. I have heard about these and want to try them because of my problems that I've experienced with Gus! Anyways, right now i'm fueling with peanut butter and jellies and I eat one about one every 6-8 miles pending what I'm running. :) Thanks for the informative review! :)

  7. Oh I want this one!

    On my long runs I take in fuel every 4 miles. I don't take in food unless I am running over 8 miles. I used to do GU or Hammer Gel each 4 miles, but my stomach always felt torn up. So now I use Cliff Z bars and Sport beans as well so that I am not only taking in GUs.

  8. I can't chew to save my life on the run. I've tried on a few occasions & just choke!

    I'm a GU/Powergel kinda girl, every 5 miles. I've heard of people using honey too, but haven't tried it.

    This sounds like a great alternative to GU/Powergel.

  9. i keep seeing these and want to try them!!

    i use gu and water on long runs. i sip water usually every mile and gu every 4-5 miles. during the summer i take salt caps around every hour.

  10. I'm not good about fueling on long runs. Maybe that's why I'm don't well on long runs! I usually just drink water and I eat some jellybeans. I know...

    I linked to your giveaway here: http://happyrunnergiveaways.blogspot.com/2009/11/some-giveaways-to-check-out.html

  11. Thanks for the review. Someday, maybe I will use these things but I am the odd-girl out because I don't use any of these kinds of products. I tried some once for a marathon but didn't feel any benefit. I will have to give these some more consideration.

  12. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to win!!!!Before my long run, I drink a samll cup of coffee and eat 1/2 cup of Kashi Go Lean Cereal. I always take a GU with me on long runs too. Have to work on the hydrating part, don't like to run carrying water!

  13. I used to use shot blox, but they upset my stomach during the marathon so im trying pb&j squares. they are super tasty and fun to have. 4 squares should carry me through the marathon. in the summer, i was taking salt capsules before i started and 1 hour in & any time after i felt necessary!

  14. These sound great!!!
    For longer stuff, I usuallly use the Hammer Gel - probably because I have gotten so much of it in my race bags and as prizes over the years!

  15. Yum! I can't wait to try these.

    I'm new to running, so I haven't developed a fueling strategy yet. The only (edible) thing that I've ever brought along on a run is water. Now that my runs are getting longer, I need to figure out a smart way to fuel.

  16. That sounds good! I haven't heard of these before but can't wait to try them.
    My favorite fuel is Accel Gels in Chocolate and Vanilla because they have protein in them and I am a huge fan of carbs, electrolytes, AND protein!

    I take a supplement every 5-6 miles.