Marathon Pace Band: Review/Giveaway

I contacted John at Marathon Pace Band to try out a pace band for Sunday's marathon. My goal is to get through the miles and ultimate goal to break 4 hours, so I had him do the splits for a 4 hour goal. After the fact, I thought a Boston time band would be a good idea especially for everyone who is trying to BQ! The band has all of the splits on one side and on the other side, you can put a motivational quote, such as the common "Boston or BUST!" It is easy to fold in half when halfway done or to stretch out. It will probably be great as an wrist warmer too! You can also get a pace/photo band. I love the idea of the photo band - I could put a picture of Bill and Nick on there and think about seeing them at the finish!

My quote was Keep on running. It's funny how there is a question mark - I think I was unsure when typing the email and wrote how about KEEP ON RUNNING? Oops. In any case, I am looking forward to wearing this on Sunday to see how close I can stay to my splits!

Another product offered by Marathon Pace Band is a personalized audio message that you can put on your ipod. Check out all of the cool products you can run with at the website.

Giveaway -

One lucky winner will win a paceband!


1) Mandatory entry: Visit the website and check out the products. Tell me product you would be most interested in, and what price would you be willing to pay for the marathon pace band?
Make sure you answer BOTH questions!

2) Link back.

Contest ends Friday, November 20th. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email - be sure to leave contact info!


  1. Very cool!!! I have one of the runner ID wrist bands and they have room on there for quotes too. It's always great to have one more thing left to keep you going when you feel like the tank is empty! :)

  2. That's a neat idea. I might get annoyed at having it on my wrist though. Also, doing the math in my head keeps me busy. : )

  3. very cool!! i have seen these before and would love a pace band like yours but i dont know if i would ever pay for one (although at this point it would have been worth paying for a 3:40 one since i have used it so many times haha). i usually just print out paper ones and laminate them with packing tape! good luck this weekend!!!

  4. i like the photo band as well. i often think of my kids to motivate me while running. or maybe a photo of someone crossing the finish line.

    how much would i pay for the pace band.....i probably would NOT pay more than 12 bucks....

  5. I love these pace bands!! I think I would go with a pace & photo band. I think I'd be willing to pay up to $20.

    Too funny with the question mark. You'll probably ask yourself at some point "Should I KEEP ON RUNNING?" hehe

  6. LOL! I'm cracking up at the question mark. I saw it and was like, why is she asking herself that? Is that for mile 20?? :)

    Good luck on Sunday! I'll be out there rooting for you!

  7. ohh the pace and quote band sounds great for training to BQ especially!! I think the question mark on yours is hilarious.

    honestly, I'd probably pay up to $15

  8. the question mark is HILARIOUS!

    i'm not sure if i would pay for one although it is a neat idea!! :)

    good luck this weekend!!!