chocolate #9 winner & PB

I haven't had many entrants on this one, and besides one yesterday, none since Monday, so I'm picking this one early so I can head to the post office and get them out before Sunday!

So the winner was #6, Danica! Danica please send me an email at tosha25italia @ yahoo!

I had an unpleasant experience with Pottery Barn today. I ordered a toy bin though the internet. When it came, I did not like it. I brought it back to the store (PBK actually) and went through a whole paper/pencil/telephone process of the return. Since I used a gift card for part of the order (also ordered stockings), I was told I'd be receiving a merchandise credit in the mail in the next week! I wanted to make an exchange for another item and not be charged shipping AGAIN, but this was not an option; they only exchange for even items! So basically I'd have to start a new order and pay the shipping again. They don't carry the natural color in the store. Wouldn't you think that was the most popular color of the choices? I thought that was really poor. It's the big one in the back left corner there with the car hanging out.

Has anyone seen anything similar elsewhere? It is to hold toys. I am not happy with Pottery Barn right now and hope to find something somewhere else with better policies!

Swimming - My sister helped me with my stroke over the weekend and the last 2 practices it felt really good! It helps me to get up and want to improve my stroke. If I go first in a lane, I work so much harder than if I am not leading off. I think because the pressure decreases the less people that are behind you in the lane. What do you think?

Have a great weekend to all :)


  1. Great job on the swimming! Stick with the fast lane, you deserve to be there.
    Good to know about the crapy PB return policy. Do they allow for you to have the item shipped to the store near you so that you don't have to pay for shipping? See if that is an option - I always use that with REI.
    And sorry, haven't seen anything like it...Target maybe?

  2. nice job on the swimming!!! :)

  3. Did you get your stockings? Our came on Friday and they are so cute! I love them. Thankfully I got free shipping...I hate ordering things on line and paying shipping when you might have to return them.

  4. First or last, doesn't matter. When it comes to circle swimming, I feel the pressure to swim faster. It's why I HATE circle swimming!