Gu Oatmeal, Winners, Ipod list

So the Vanilla Gingerbread GU is so delicious. I just want to eat it all the time. I put some in my oatmeal this morning and it was very very yummy! This was a real small bowl pre-run of Nick's pureed oats and I added in almond butter to it. I ended up doing a mile warm up, 4 miles at marathon goal pace and 1 mile cooldown. It went very well! And some more GU fueled me for that. Addiction? Here's what I'm thinking for pre-race: toast with almond butter and GU on top??

I keep meaning to fix my playlist for Sunday. It's the same one since Boston! I need some new songs for sure! The weather is looking good - not as brutal as last year (I think it was: "feels like 20 or negative 5") It was goddamn freezing!!

And the winners of the Clif Quench - please send me your info at tosha25italia@ yahoo - you have till Saturday:




  1. Gu in oatmeal - now there is a new concept! I must try that flavor!

    Congrats to the winners!

  2. Wow...you crack me up! I forgot how much you love the winter flavor gu's! Gu on top of your toast will probably be a good combo!
    Either that or you're gonna gave to go to a meeting for gu-anonymous! :)

  3. WOW, it IS cold there! We have some really great weather in Chicago and usually have the "feels like" negative temps right now. I feel your pain, but happily dont actually feel it right now ;)

  4. i need to update my playlist too! its been the same one for WAY too long!!!

  5. It was 25/-5 last year . . and yuck!! The water froze around the water stations, so you had to be really careful. My hands eventually got warm in my running gloves, but I couldn't feel the top half of one finger for about 20 minutes and that scared me! I thought I was going to have to stop at an aid station or something. And that was just the 8K - can't even imagine the marathon. Here's hoping you get some brilliant weather on Sunday!! :)

  6. Is that me "Jess"? There are a few of us out there (I'm the most awesome), and I don't want to start congratulating myself if I'm not the winner.

  7. I've never had that flavor of Gu, I'll have to try it if its good enough to eat with oatmeal!

  8. High Five and good luck this weekend.

    I have had the same playlist since June...so funny because I have the song order memorized...as in I know what is next.

    Have a great race!!

  9. I avoid gu at all costs and only use it when racing and you are putting it in your oatmeal? Too funny.

    Good luck this weekend.