2 day countdown

We're down to 2 days - wow wow wow!!

Now my issues happen to be:

What to wear!
I usually wear capris when it is chilly out. Seems like it is going to be perfect weather. If I wear shorts, I could do the compression socks - I wore them for the loop race last weekend but my legs were a big sweaty and warm. Not sure if I should do the socks or not. Capris always seem to work well - what do you think?

The wrong shoes
I always wait to the last minute and realize my shoes have too many miles on them. I'm on fail #2 due to being an idiot here. First I ordered a pair too small then I ordered a pair last week from Online Shoes - and I gotta say, I love running warehouse - 2 day shipping. These shoes from Online Shoes came today and apparently I ordered width 2A (narrow). My feet are wide so no way will these work for me. And unfortunately I can't get them back in time and get the right shoes. Looks like I'll be wearing my seasoned shoes!

Some impeccable timing
More on that later

Cheer zones
I always end up wanting to see my family much before I do - like mile 10? 8? Not 18! So I have to get a plan down for them for sure!! My sister is planning on running the last 6 miles with me.

I went to the expo today right at 12. Lucky for me, Bill drove me down so that I could run in and I did just go in and get my things! Love the shirts - and our bibs have our names on them! I'll post pics of that tomorrow!

Here's the art museum and some runners along the trail on the way home. What a great day!!

I love mail - here's some fun stuff I got today.
Above: supercute bag with tons of pockets that I'll be reviewing!

Clif Bloks and Roks - sweet! to try

And I ordered a box of the PB Chocolate bars. Nice!
Love the UPS/Fed Ex people!

Last - I need songs!! Send me some songs!!


  1. Start of Something - Scott Simons
    Make It Mine - Jason Mraz
    Ain't Nothin' Wrong With That - Robert Randolph
    Don't Give Hate A Chance - Jamiroquai
    Pocketful of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield
    Mercy - Duffy
    Move On Up - Curtis Mayfield
    My Friend - Groove Armada
    Do Something - Macy Gray
    When Did Your Heart Go Missing? - Rooney
    Amazing - Seal

    Did you put the Rocky theme song on there? I know they play it at the start (and maybe at the end?) - kitschy, but fun! I can email you the MP3 if you need it.

  2. Ok, I am well aware of Shot Blocks, but have never heard of Shot Rocks! What is the deal?

  3. I would hit up the capris! I love the mizuno's. Have lots of fun this weekend!

  4. Good luck! Sounds like great weather. I like to run in shorts unless it is ridiculously cold, so I don't know what to say about the capris. I also have never raced with music so I don't know if certain songs are better for racing than training. The comment about the Rocky song is really funny.

  5. What are those Shot Roks? Have not seen those here yet... interesting.

    I hear ya on the wardrobe decision. I have a heck of a time deciding.

    Good luck with your last minute decisions and prep. 2 more sleeps!

  6. Have a great race! Seasoned shoes sometimes are the best!

    Shot Roks?? Interested to hear about those.

  7. I think it's much safer to wear the old shoes than to wear a pair that haven't been broken in at all yet.

  8. hmm what kind of music do you like??

    i think it's good you aren't wearing brand new shoes on race day

  9. I must have just missed you at the expo - I got there at 12:15!

    I'm going with capris and well (well) worn shoes, too. New ones are coming in the mail in the next few days.

  10. Go with what you know - well worn shoes and the capri's! So excited for you - you are gonna rock it!!!

  11. So exciting! Have a total blast out there! Here are some song suggestions, but I'm not sure what genre you like:
    I Gotta Feeling & Boom Boom Pow -Black Eyed Peas
    Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard
    Are you Gonna Be My Girl - Jet
    Time Is Running Out & Knights of Cydonia - Muse
    Fences & That's What You Get - Paramore
    Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson (or Alien Ant Farm's version)

    Good luck! :)

  12. I too have never heard of Shot Roks. Review please!

  13. good luck! weather looks good for you!! go with capris!

  14. Oh, I remember that part of the trail well by the art museum. I ran that part many, many times last year.

    I'm a capris girl myself. I just love that they don't ride up.

    Good luck on Sunday. I should be somewhere right after the half breaks off to finish (mile 13/14ish).

    Do you know what colored shirt you're wearing?

  15. Good luck this weekend! Hope the race goes well!

  16. patiently waiting by eminem is a great 20 mile song-- it involves swearing and has a sweet beat

    love the new treats-- those roks look interesting- let me know what you think! i would love to know! chocolate peanut butter bars? um yummy! i wanna try all your tasty treats! :)

    sorry to hear about the shoes-- you will rock tomorrow and get new shoes later- dont worry!!! cant wait to hear how you do!!! GOOOOOD LUCK!!

  17. good luck tomorrow! i am running a few miles with a friend so it is exciting to do it just for fun! Weather looks awesome, I am also going capris. i'd go old shoes just to be on the safe side.

    i like the roks. the first couple (of each flavor) i did not like, but as i ate more the taste seemed to grow on me. yum!

  18. Good luck tomorrow! I hope you have a great time.