The PURE bar - review

My original plan for this weekend's last long run was to run 12 miles - however, after last week's 19 miles (supposed to be 20) didn't go super well, I planned to do 16-18 this weekend. I felt like last weekend's long run was uneventful. It didn't feel like I ran 19 miles in the end and I felt like I really needed a good week this week!

None of my running buddies were around and I wasn't motivated to get up on Saturday to run with myself! I didn't have a plan for today either, and every place that I thought to run, I either didn't feel like driving there, or didn't feel safe. I really wanted to run on the roads and just leave my house and run, but didn't feel safe! Where do you do your long runs? Trails? neighborhoods? I'd have to hit main roads often if I ran around where I live. It was at a loss - so I hopped on the treadmill and set it to countdown from 18 miles. It was a great run actually. I did the first hour easy, then pumped it up for the next hour and a half and cooled down after that. Then I took Nick out for a mile in our little development (5 laps = one mile) so I ended up with 19 miles. My overall pace was just above 9 minute miles which I was happy with. Maybe I can PR in 2 weeks? I can't get excited though, because my treadmill runs always go so much better than running outside.

The only unfortunate part of this treadmill run was - how nice was it out today? It was gorgeous! And a perfect day to run outside. So that was bit of a bummer.

For fueling, I took a GU after an hour, some chomps during the second hour and a Chocolate Agave #9. I realized that some of the GU that I won in a giveaway was expired which was kind of gross, and that GU does the trick for me. I need to score some Chocolate Mint and more of the Gingerbread - so good!! :) What is your marathon fueling plan??

And a review : PURE BAR

I had seen the PURE bar on other blogs and contacted the company, and received some free samples of chocolate brownie and apple cinnamon bars.

PURE bar is made of raw organic foods only. The chocolate brownie, for example, contains:
Organic Dates, Organic Walnuts, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Almonds, Organic Cashews, Organic Brown Rice Protein, Organic Cocoa and that’s all! (unless you count the 14 essential vitamins and minerals, important antioxidants from cocoa, and healthy Omega 3 fats in every bite). Nothing cooked. Nothing processed. Completely PURE.

I was sent sample size bars so I used them as snacks and found them to be delicious and really liked the fact that the ingredients were all raw and organic. The actual bars contain 200 calories
and would probably make a good afternoon snack.

PURE bars came about for vegetarians. The founder- Veronica, has a 6 year old daughter who decided to become a vegetarian. They are raw and gluten free. The bars contain a full serving of fruit AND they taste good. I really liked the chocolate brownie as a dessert treat!

The company is all about being green.
If you buy 3 bars and send in the wrappers, the company will plant a tree.

Apple Cinnamon,
Cherry Cashew,
Chocolate Brownie,
Cranberry Orange,
Trail Mix,
Wild Blueberry

Where can you find Pure Bar? Whole Foods and Trader Joe's - 2 of my favorite stores - are now carrying PURE bars. Woo hoo! For the store locator for other stores, click here.

Veronica- the founder of PURE bar, has a blog.
You can also follow her on twitter! Check out the PURE BAR homepage for all of the social networking tools that you need to check out PURE bar.

And last, you can request a coupon by going to the website!


  1. thanks for the tip. i have been loving larabars the pure bars sound very much the same. i love when you can read the ingredients and there is only about 4 !!

  2. Thanks for the information and the links. All natural!! The closer to the ground the better!! Good review.

  3. Nice job on the run girl! I'm proud of you for getting it done!! Im using PB&J for my next marathon! so far its working great!!!

  4. I can't believe you did 18 miles on the treadmill! I would have died of boredom!

  5. Yay for a great run! I'm making my way to Trader Joe's tomorow so I'll have to pick up some bars..they sound so yummy!!!

    I still can't believe you did 18 on a treadmill. You're a beast on that thing. I can't stand to do more than well, 3-4. I get so bored :-)

  6. I tried PURE bars (well, the chocolate brownie one) a couple of weeks ago and they are really yummy.

    My long runs take me downtown and back out again (which isn't as far as it sounds), sometimes along the river. That's usually through 3 neighborhoods. Always do them on the weekends, especially during the winter to make the most of the daylight.

    Congrats on your long run - I'll email you this week. Phila may be out for me this year :(

  7. Glad the run went well!