Yay! I relapsed back to my running addiction! I have to say I was quite nervous to run today thinking, will I make it? will I still be able to run? and some doubts. It was only 4 days off, but it felt like 4 years. The number in my head was 15 miles. I also wanted to catch up with my sister so I was trying to plan my run around that too, without having to get up too early. I started out doing 3 out and back and hadn't been as far as I went on one side of the trail, where it became a little sketchy and stopped being marked off (miles) so I was glad to turn around. I am not sure if I did more or less than 3, but nike + seemed to think that I did more. I watered and gel-ed it up and went out thinking I would go for 2 out and back, but ended up doing 3 more out and back in the other direction. There were more people this way and I felt good. By the time I was done that, I had to stop to go meet my sister for breakfast. My plan was to go to the gym and do 3 at some point later on.

12 miles/ @2:00:00/10:00
Nike + (12.62 miles - wish I could go with this one - pace 9:34)

Stretched a little, got breakfast, and went to the gym to do 3. By this point, I have to say, my left IT band was feeling tight and in the last 2 miles, left knee started to bother me a bit. My right knee felt rested this whole time - a little bit of pain, but less than previous weeks. After each mile of the three, I stretched out and big stretch when I was done. It felt good to have finished my original goal, but eery to have my other knee starting up!

1: 9:50 2: 9:40 3: 9:18

I feel that the rest helped, but really I would need to take a week or 2 weeks and lay off my lower body. So.. in several months when running isn't possible (hopefully never actually) my body can get some rest. Or at least in those 2-4 weeks after giving birth. There's the rest, 6 months away - sorry knees!

I want one of the personal stretcher/trainers like baseball players have.

Total long run: 15 miles 2:28:48

Have a good weekend everyone! Run on!


Day 3: I feel like an addict

These days have been tough. I'm not going to lie, I feel like a drug/alcohol addict dependent on running for my high. I talk to people about running, I look at my 0.0 miles running log, and I watch people running on treadmills and it is REALLY TOUGH! Each day I feel like I overcame something huge by not running. It is HARD and I am jealous of people running and my schedule in previous weeks. But I'm over the hump.

Today I swam and did yoga, yesterday I just did the kickboxing. Friday since I don't have to go in to work, I still want to go for a long run. Sunday is the nike+ challenge and I really want to get up and do that!! That's 4 days off - even though I feel like my knee has not improved at all. I'm just going to continue running on it unfortunately, since I have a race coming up in about 3 weeks and I don't want to skip too much time of training. And seriously, I NEED to run!!

Post Break Goal:
Stretch twice a day!

Is being addicted bad? Would it pass if I continued to NOT RUN (which I won't) for a longer period?? Are you addicted?


To run or not to run!

GAh! It's so easy to go for a run! All you need are sneakers and a decent pair of shorts and t-shirt.
I was so excited/anxious for our first teacher day today and having nightmares about daycare, that I hardly slept. I had set the alarm for 5am to go on the treadmill, but after reading Beachrunner's comment before bed, I was thinking I could do it - the non-running this week, or at least most of it. I woke up at 4am and contemplated what to do, turned off the alarm and figured I could walk on the treadmill but get up at 5:30. I ended up tossing and turning in bed and getting up at 5:40 and doing kickboxing for 1/2 hour (a video). Tonight, we are going to the Phillies game and I have some extra time after school, and it is so easy to just go for a run!!! I heard our school got some new cardio equipment and I could attempt that if I can find it and find out if it is usable. I'm trying here! But I already have a long run slated in my mind and schedule for Friday, since it is the last day that I have a full day to myself. I was hoping to not run until then.

Last, a problem is that I walked on the treadmill for about a minute and even that irritates my knee. I feel like everything that I am doing is going to irritate it (even yoga was hard) - so why not just run through it??


week 13 stats

I went to a yoga class today in hopes that it will start to stretch out my hamstrings. It was painful, and I haven't been there since June and I really sucked. I even lost my balance on some pose we were doing leaning on our elbows and fell over. And made a big noise. Embarrassing for the feeling fat lady. I was getting frustrated by the end that I started thinking the instructor (who I have always thought was awesome and inspiring) was a showoff for being able to do crazy poses. Hah.

I am trying not to run this week, but I don't think that I will do it. Back to school (for teachers) is tomorrow and workouts now move to 5am and go back to an hour a day, and I usually go on my treadmill at home. I can go to the gym but it is so convenient to hit the basement instead early in the am to save some time. I'm not trying hard enough not to run. I'm going to think about it more later.

Week 13 stats:
Monday: swim - 3000 meters (1 hour)- elliptical 30min, lift 30 min
Tuesday: elliptical + bike 30 min, Run 7.28 miles, 1:05, (8:56) - treadmill
Wednesday: swim 3000 meters (1 hour), run 2.7 miles (25:30), lift 30 min - treadmill
Thurs: Long run - 13 miles, 2:07:45 (9:50) -outside- Valley Forge
Fri: elliptical 30, lift 30, bike 10
Sat: Run 7.2 miles 1:10 (9:44)
Sun: 5.52 miles 54:00

Totals: Swim 6000 meters, 2 hours
Cross training 1 hour 30 min
Lift 1 hour 30 min
Run 35.7 miles, 5:42:17


Why do you run?

As I was laying in bed this morning, at the beach, and checking the clock, I started thinking, hmm.. I am at the beach. I LOVE running at the beach, but do I really feel like getting out of bed? It's the weekend, and I can stay in bed and cuddle! I layed there thinking about the nutritionist that I saw earlier this summer. She asked me if I worked out because I felt I had to, or if I truly enjoyed it. I fell in and out of sleep thinking about this, and knew that I would go running but felt somewhat guilty leaving the bed. What usually gets me out of bed is thinking about how I will feel later in the day if I don't run or exercise. It gets hot later on in the day, and usually after sitting out in the sun I am pooped and don't feel like running. But I started thinking, do I make myself run? Would I be happier laying in bed? Do I feel like I have to? Why do I run?

I do feel like I have to exercise. Being fit and in shape makes me feel good about myself. It contributes to my confidence. If I don't workout, I don't feel like I am contributing to a healthy body. Working out also makes me feel like I have the right to eat things like pizza, chocolate and ice cream occasionally and not feel bad about it. Am I enjoying every minute of a workout? Swimming with others- yes. Easily. Usually elliptical machines are a drag. Lifting can become boring. Treadmill running, I'm not singing while I'm doing it. I need distractions. But running outside, with other people around, is truly enjoyable. Getting out there - sometimes hard - but is totally worth it once I am out running. Sometimes I dread getting up early in the morning to workout (which will start next week - back to school) but I feel so good the rest of the day, that it drives me out of bed. And knowing that I can RUN to the grocery store or RUN to go pick something up (at least I can do this at the shore right out of the door) makes me feel good!

Why do you run(or exercise)?
Do you feel guilty leaving your spouse or significant other to get up early and feed your body?
Do you love every minute of your workout ?
Do you feel that you have to run/exercise?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Knee & Inner self

Went to see the doctor today and the main cause of my issues is ... TIGHT HAMSTRINGS! I have never been flexible and I'm lazy about stretching - so - all my fault! I still think that old shoes triggered it. I can still run, but rest would be good. I learned that ice isn't as effective as heat at this point - since this injury is now 3 weeks and 1 day old. I'll be trying that, running this weekend at the beach, and then MAYBE take off some of next week? We'll see how it goes!

Have you ever been running and struggling a bit and start telling yourself positive thoughts? You could run and think negative thoughts, but you can also shun them out and only think positively. I was a bit tired especially the last mile of my run yesterday so I started thinking in my head, Great job! You're doing great! And it really helped me to get through it. Positive thoughts!


Beautiful Weather & Thanks!

First of all, thank you all for your supportive comments on my last dramatic and selfish post. It was really helpful for me to read what you had to say. Moving on, I know that I have to change my perception, priorities and goals and this will come in time.

I don't know about where you live, but the weather here in PA has been amazing the last 2 days. Great sleeping weather - windows open! And great running weather in the mornings - around 60-65 with a little breeze - and blue skies. Wonderful!

I was able to go for a longer run this morning on the path at Valley Forge. It felt pretty good most of the time, and I got in 13 miles. For a little stint, my left knee wanted some of the action, so had a little pain there - but I'm hitting the doctor tomorrow to see what is going on. I'm willing (so good of me, right?) to take off next week to rest the 2 of them. I think that is pretty much what they need but I haven't been willing to do it.

LONG RUNS. Do you do point to point runs or out and backs? I think point to point runs sound nicer, where you can say, I ran from Valley Forge to Philly, instead of point to point - I ran from VF to Conshohocken and back, or went out and back 17 times. What do you prefer?


Loss of identity

Run On
***warning: Negative & whiney post ***

I'm struggling a bit with the whole thought of ballooning up in size and not being able to run as much as I would like, or do other things like I do now. It hasn't come to this point yet, but I'm anxious and scared of what will happen. I am always that person worried about something coming up, that isn't even worth worrying about at the time. Why I do this to myself I don't know!! I'm also wondering why just one person in the relationship has to be the one to give up her body, stay home from work for x amount of time, and be the main caregiver. I think it would be fair if we could take turns and next kid, my husband could carry. I'm kind of resentful.

In the first trimester, my speed (and motivation) declined. Some days I had to drag myself to the gym. I was so lucky not to be sick, but I couldn't wait to leave the gym or be done with my workout most days. That is better now and I enjoy working out everyday, but now I have this stupid knee problem which isn't allowing me to run fast. Looking at my mileage and time is starting to get me down. Thinking back to my spring running, which is when I really started to run fast (for me), and my times now, it is kind of hard to swallow. And it is only going to get harder.

Below at 13 weeks (8/15/08), totally sucking it in. I haven't really gained weight yet, but I started out being 5 pounds over my normal weight and feeling bulky for my small frame (5"4). I think those 5 pounds made their debut as back fat, which is gross and adds to my waist size. So far, I just feel like I'm over my normal weight and bloated.

Today I trucked through a 7.28 mile run in 1:05. In the spring, I would have done that in less than an hour. I should be resting my knee, but fighting the slow down already, I am forcing myself to run on. I have a great deal of nervousness as to the next 6 months and beyond! My goal has been to do the Boston Marathon next year with a charity. It is 2 months after my due date and probably not even close to a legitimate goal, but I feel like I need to keep my identity somehow and have something planned out to look forward to to make sure that I'm still in there. I was thinking of applying and seeing if I get in and taking it as meant to be or not. I am not looking for a PR.

I was elated after finishing a long run last week, even though looking at the time, it took FOREVER in relation to past runs! Still, I felt empowered that I could still run long.

I'm trying to find balance and realize the end result will be so worth it, but instead I am scared s***less and being totally selfish. I need to realize that it isn't forever, it IS a sacrifice, and my world will be rocked and have more meaning with the addition of a child. Maybe running won't be so important in my life, and running marathons won't be my main goals? I feel like I am the anti pregnant girl and that everyone else who is pregnant is just super excited and happy.


week 12 stats

Weekend of August 15-17: Pittsburgh

Was in Pittsburgh over the weekend to see the baseball stadium and NY Mets. Stadium was pretty with the view of the city in the background. The Mets won both nights we were in town, a bonus, and we could see the stadium from our room Friday night since we didn't go to the game - fireworks and all, which was pretty cool.

The city was alright, I was not impressed. They had a nice river path though, with lots of people biking, walking and running. Yesterday I didn't run, and sitting in the car for the trips there and back - was not helpful on my knee. We did a lot of walking and checking out the city and suburbs, and found the old stadium wall near PITT. Bill is like a tour guide, knowing where to go and finding neat things. I felt like I was on an adventure.

This morning I had to get out there and run. Even though I should have taken a rest day, I love exploring on the run when I am somewhere else. I went out for an easy run, and slow it was. I am going to see my doctor on Friday to find out what is going on with my ailing knee, I am not happy to be running so slow, but I am happy to truck through the running (which is bad and impatient of me).

I missed the marathon, since we were at the game. My hero Paula Radcliffe didn't medal (or come close). I have to go see the highlights and read up on what happened to her!

Week 12 stats:
Monday 5.26 miles (50 min), bike 40 min - Ocean City
Tuesday - easy 3.2 miles, (
32 min) - outside by gym, 5 miles tempo (44 min) - treadmill, elliptical 30 min, abs class
Wednesday - Swim 1 hour, lift 30 minutes
Thursday - elliptical 50 min,
bike 10 min, abs class
Friday - 18.2 miles (2:55) - Valley Green
Sat - elliptical 30, bike 15, lift 30 min.
Sun - run 4.1 miles -(45 minutes) - pain
ful - Pittsburgh

Weekly totals:
Swim 1 hour, 3000 meters
Run 5:47:23, 35.8 miles
Bike 40 min
Lift 1 hour
Abs 1 hour
Craving: American cheese, chocolate

Question for this week: How do you recover from a long run or relatively hard run?


Goal acheived, 18 miler Friday

Yay!! I didn't run the last 2 days, in preparation for a long run today with Abby. It was my mini taper/rest my knee. She is training for an ironman in 3 weeks (Go Abby!) and had a 20 mile run slated. My goal was to run 2 hours and see how it went and maybe do more.

We ran near where she lives which is a nice path and we did out and backs of 2.5 miles, so 5 miles at a stretch, with our cars in the middle - water, gus, luna moons, and bathroom. It worked out well. I was planning on swimming this morning before the run, but the lifeguard didn't show up (probably a good thing in terms of my survival of the run), so I was at the path early and did 2.2 miles on my own. I did 2 out and backs (each 5) with Abby and we did one where I thought it was the end for me of out 1.5 and back. My knee started hurting around mile 11, and my lower back (new thing) around mile 14. I took some time and refueled, stretched, drank, while Abby went to finish, and decided I wasn't fully spent. I wanted to do 18 miles. I did one more out and back of 1.5. By this time, I was running slowly. I definitely slowed down Abby, and running slower sucked!!! But I was just happy to be getting the mileage in. My ipod (nike+ use only) died after 7.2 miles - my own fault.

The slow stats: 18.2 miles 2:55:27 9:39 average pace (blah)
Passed 1 dude, was passed by 3 people. Made me want a shirt with a blacklight running pedometer so people know they are passing you on your long run. What do you think?

pre-run - half a peanut butter sandwich and a piece of a luna tea cake
1 vanilla bean Gu, 1 pack of Pomegranate Luna Moons, 1.5 of sport beans (fruit punch and lemon lime), 4 bottles of water.

So for the week 31.7 miles so far, yay! Goal accomplished! I might run on Sunday in Pittsburgh, it is so great running in new places and being a discoverer. I love that.

Couldn't have done that long one alone though! Afterwards, I was really excited to try this protein bar that I picked up yesterday when I was getting my bike fixed in Cookies and Cream flavor. Yum. It was covered in chocolate and so good!! I had that and kept drinking water and driving home I had the other half of the pb sandwich. This worked well. Then it was ICE, ICE, BABY - for the knee. I also made an appt to go see my orthapaedic dude.

I decided for lunch that I wanted a powerbagel (Einstein) and cream cheese so I got that and I'm excited to have that on our way to Pittsburgh - for the weekend to see the Mets play and to see the stadium (my husband is a superfan). Yippee! There is some crazy place that has sandwiches with cole slaw and french fries in them. I want to get the cheese one (total cheese issues). Yummy!! Hmm... maybe I think about food a little too much.

Oh and I think the 2nd trimester starts tomorrow or maybe today, so this can be my celebratory run. I love long runs (especially when you're almost done them!)


Goal for week- 30 miles

Obviously I am not really good at resting injuries, I just push my body to its limits, maybe even further. I thought it was so nice out yesterday so I decided the elliptical machine looked boring and went for an outside run near my gym - it was super sluggish. I went out thinking maybe I'd try for 40 minutes, but a good turn around place was about 30, and I wasn't enjoying it so much, so I ran back to the gym, did an abs class and spent the other 30 minutes doing the elliptical in the end. That wasn't bad. But then, B came home and wanted to go to the gym - and before we went we had some back and forth crap going on (mostly due to my crappy unenthusiastic complainer attitude about being pregnant - more on that later) so by the time we went to the gym, I was completed revved up and definitely getting on the treadmill. I had the best run in the past few weeks. I can't control myself on the treadmill to not see the speed that I want, so I did a slow warmup and then ran off my worries for the time at happy speeds. I decided then that I would not run today or tomorrow (promising myself!) in preparation for a longer run on Friday. Today I swam. It was so nice. After watching the olympians I am so motivated to swim. I was wondering what it would feel like when I have a fat belly weighing me down and how long I could possibly swim. But, that is the plan for the rest of the week, cross train tomorrow and long run Friday, easy run or runs over the weekend. My goal for the week is to hit 30 again - it was a given for me in the past 8 months but with the knee, the last 2 weeks have been around 20-25 and haven't made it. The weather is great around here - enjoy it!


running at the beach!

Yea! Had a nice run this morning down the streets and back the boardwalk - I LOVE the beach!! I could run for hours on end here, when the weather is nice and cool - and it was this morning!
I love seeing all the runners and walkers on the boards in the a.m. - love it! I wish I had my camera with me but I seem to have lost the battery (gah!)

I ran for 51 minutes, just happened to be the time when I got to the end of the block I wanted to get to, and it was 5.26 miles. I was happy to do 5, so that was great. Walking back - a bit painful - but walking is worse than running. I can run fine, just the rest of the day walking kind of hurts. Came back and went for a bike ride down to the boardwalk with the B, he made me some breakfast - this guy would be a great short order cook, he makes me the best egg white omelet! We went to the beach, and tomorrow a.m. we head home (BOOOO!) I haven't been able to run back to back days yet, I guess I could, but I want to rest my lovely knee instead (can you hear me knee, I love you and it would be so great if you could work properly!) Attempting a long run with my friend Abby later this week, hopefully it will hold up!


Mo Weeks 1-12

Good thing the mofo quilt is done for now, and I like it. It grew on me even though it isn't perfect.

First some news - I'm 12 wks pregnant, I think now is when you start telling people, so this is #1, and should be an adventure. We found out on Father's Day, which was pretty cool. Frank the fetus is chilling out, hasn't changed much yet, except my speed and motivation about 2 months ago. We don't know if it will be a boy or girl and will probably let it be a surprise. Things that have been different the first few weeks:

I guess it is already around 5 weeks when you find out. I was waiting to get nausea a few weeks later but never had it! So lucky! I had major aversions to food around 7 weeks - sauteed/cooked mushrooms - a staple for dinner - was a big one. I'm better with them now. Running - I feel winded easily and can't run as fast for the past 2 months. Around 3pm everyday, I become lifeless and don't want to move but usually can't nap. Cooked vegetables started to be inedible to me - which I normally eat all the time since I'm a vegetarian. They taste and look disgusting to me. I want cheese and chocolate 24/7. Cheese I normally would have a slice every day on a veggie dog, but now I could probably eat a pound of it. I try to have a slice a day still. If I see something that looks good, I want it asap. Clothes - haven't had to wear anything tight, most things still fit. I have maybe gained 1-2 lbs, but I was 5 lbs above my weight when it started - my lower abs are kind of swollen out and when I tried on some work pants, they were tight. I think I'm more injury prone, with loosening ligaments and such - something like that. I have to pee more, and the boobs look like they were pumped up, and they are sore. I have been moody here and there, but other than that, I'm still me.

At the shore for the weekend, and I love running at the shore. 10 blocks is a little more than a mile, and it is very flat, so it is great knowing how much you are running. I went for a run yesterday midafternoon and it was just all around BAD. 1 minute in and I had horrible side stitches and had to walk. It was HOT considering I haven't run outside since Maine which was usually cooler. My knee was feeling ok, but not so good towards the end. I ended up running a little over 4 miles, bought some water along the way and walked a few blocks. I felt like I was really struggling. I was planning on getting up today and doing a longer run down the boardwalk but just laying in bed I could tell it wasn't happening (I could feel my knee!) I went for a walk - it was peaceful, but walking is nothing compared to running! And when it is a day you aren't running, everyone else is running! I am going to try again before we leave!


the mofo quilt

Have you heard about the bank robber runner in PA? Maybe he is in training. Pretty crazy!

I am in the final stage of my mofo quilt. I named it that today, or the F quilt after I wanted to yell at it and the sewing machine several times. I really SUCK at sewing and going in straight lines.
I only have a little bit more to do and it is done. At the end, you go over all the lines so that it gets sewed together with the middle layer and back - you should see the lack of straight lines people. It is kind of frustrating to sew it! But, whew, can't wait for that to be done. Too bad I ruined so many shirts to make railroad tracks that go in criss crosses and off the tracks. I wish I was more of a perfectionist when creating things like my mom is. I just half ass it and get it done. When it is all done I'll post some pictures.

I ran 7 miles today with the bum knee hanging out with me. With about 7 minutes to go, it started telling me to stop, but I trudged along, determined to do 7. When I was finishing 6 miles, I thought maybe I could go on to 10, but later the knee opted out. Also I had an abs class starting right when I planned to finish 7, so it was a no- go. I may try to run 3 later though, my mileage is so low this week due to the dumb injury! And it was low last week too after keeping up 30+ weeks for sooo long. Oh well, take it easy with that, better to rest than to be doing no running for a bunch of weeks. Thanks to all the doctors and researchers who have taught me new terms for knees. A couple of the things that I read and agreed with were 1) running on old shoes (IDIOT move, didn't realize they were 425+ miles on them). 2) Tight hamstrings (also, just stupid, I have been slacking off on stretching). and 3) this one I made up, there was one day last week that I just started running at my normal pace instead of my slower pace over the last month or month and a half, and I was pushing it maybe too fast, especially with the old shoes. A few days later, or maybe even the next day was when the weird problem arrived. Thanks again for your help and support!!

Unrelated note: I met my dad for lunch at this vegetarian place that has a buffett that is like an asian/chinese theme for the food - everything is vegan I think. I asked him to go there with me before and told him it was all veggie stuff and he was totally uninterested. I suggested going to this "cafe by me" today, not reminding him what it was, he's a huge carnivore but I've been trying to get him to eat better. At the buffett, it just says "double cooked chicken" or "general tso's chicken," there was some kind of meat looking item, and my dad didn't even realize he wasn't eating meat. They have alot of veggies and tofu too, which I focused on. I didn't tell him at the end that it was all veggie stuff - I thought he might make himself puke. Was that mean?
Maybe I'll tell him at some point, I don't know - what do you think?




Went swimming today, it felt good. So glad to have started up with that again. It started pouring towards the end and was so refreshing & fun!! Right at the end it thundered, in perfect time, I was trying to make every minute count as the sky got darker!

I'm going to try running again tomorrow, but here's the latest update on the knee - I'm feeling it more on the inner part instead of behind my knee (although that is still there). I felt like I was strengthening when I was kicking only at the end of the swim. I also read somewhere that left ankle instability could lead to right knee problems. Weird right? So I'm trying to figure out what is going on - it will be a week tomorrow! I'm not a doctor person, and really trying to do my partial RICE treatment to make it better. Reading all the marathon stories really is inspiring. I want it!!

Nothing exciting to report today! Stay tuned for excitement later this week!


Swimming and running tales

I went to the gym today with no intention of running, but once I arrived, I took one look at the elliptical and really just didn't want to do it. So I grabbed a magazine and told myself I'd walk and read the magazine. Walking fast was painful, so I slowly jogged. It wasn't killer, but I probably shouldn't have done it. I kept at it for an hour, thank you knee, for that allowance!!

I swam yesterday and whoa, I am sore today. A little background on the swimming - at the high school I teach at, there is a masters program that swims in the mornings before school. There is no coach, everyone takes turns with a dry erase board where a 3000 yard workout is made up and by speed, we get into lanes and swim. For the summer, it is moved outside to a local meter pool, and it works the same. All fall, winter and spring, I started swimming with the fast people, but couldn't fully keep up and started to get unmotivated. So I took off June and July (and also, I didn't want to get up so early when I could be sleeping in!) and went back yesterday. There was no in between lane between the slooowww swimmers and my fast partner so I ended up swimming with her and having to BUST my ass to get by. It felt really good to swim, but I have to say, my knee even hurt here, when pushing off the walls. Oh well! I plan to keep going, hopefully until school starts! They are in the process of demolishing our high school pool for construction and rebuilding, so it is up in the air now for swimming this fall, so I should swim while I can!

All in all, I'm so glad I could run, even though it was a quite slower pace than usual and I probably could have rested it for more time. I'm going to keep icing and take it easy until it starts to feel better!



The random knee problem (c'mon does anyone have pain BEHIND their knee?) has not departed yet. I am pisssed!! I gave it a day off on Friday and planned to run 7 on Saturday and couldn't make it to 40 minutes. Gah! I cross trained that day and today, but it is kind of killer and I can't deal with not running for long! I'm going to start swimming or at least go swimming tomorrow and see how that goes to switch it up at least for now and hope to run on Tuesday. After reading all of the marathon stories I have marathon emptyness in my heart :( I think I could run a flat course in the next month or month and a half. If you have any suggestions up to early October, let me know!

Friday I went on splurge day and bought a bunch of clothes for work and 4 pairs of shoes (yes, 4!). In addition to the 2 new pairs of sneakers that I decided to keep - the pink and silver pair totally didn't look like the picture, so I sent them back. I NEVER go splurging - especially not with shoes. It felt pretty good! On the right side there, I did buy a pair for my husband (so sweet, I know). The rest of the weekend I spent doing things around the house, and whining to myself that I couldn't run.

Have a good start to the week everyone!


Odds and Ends

A few things from the past:

The quilt - it sucks. You can see in the picture that nothing lines up. It is in its final stage where it has to be quilted, but I have no idea how to do that. I want to get it done by the end of the summer, but some help will have to be brought in for that!

The nutritionist:
I think she was a liar. Or calculated something wrong. Well, I haven't been following the whole thing where you circle what food group you are eating at all, but I've tried to be more aware of what I am eating and making sure I'm getting the recommended servings (70% of the time, I guess). One big change I've made is eating more cereal in the morning. It does keep me full longer. But I feel like I'm gaining weight and I feel puffy, so I don't know.

Change the way you think about things:

I've been better about that, at least trying to. I think the week in Maine was just HARD overall!

For headphones, I did get the Nike Vapor ones. For me, they are ok for now. They stay in my ear. I'm just not a BUD person though.

Yesterday's knee issue is still here today. I didn't even try to run today, instead I did the elliptical, some lifting and a pilates class (which I think helped). Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow and it will be fine. Also, my new shoes are expected to arrive today, so this should help. I think the random knee issue is my body's way of saying "You were even thinking about doing a marathon right now? We'll show you!! " Because I was definitely pondering it all week long. Good luck marathoners this weekend!! I'm envious of you!