Goal acheived, 18 miler Friday

Yay!! I didn't run the last 2 days, in preparation for a long run today with Abby. It was my mini taper/rest my knee. She is training for an ironman in 3 weeks (Go Abby!) and had a 20 mile run slated. My goal was to run 2 hours and see how it went and maybe do more.

We ran near where she lives which is a nice path and we did out and backs of 2.5 miles, so 5 miles at a stretch, with our cars in the middle - water, gus, luna moons, and bathroom. It worked out well. I was planning on swimming this morning before the run, but the lifeguard didn't show up (probably a good thing in terms of my survival of the run), so I was at the path early and did 2.2 miles on my own. I did 2 out and backs (each 5) with Abby and we did one where I thought it was the end for me of out 1.5 and back. My knee started hurting around mile 11, and my lower back (new thing) around mile 14. I took some time and refueled, stretched, drank, while Abby went to finish, and decided I wasn't fully spent. I wanted to do 18 miles. I did one more out and back of 1.5. By this time, I was running slowly. I definitely slowed down Abby, and running slower sucked!!! But I was just happy to be getting the mileage in. My ipod (nike+ use only) died after 7.2 miles - my own fault.

The slow stats: 18.2 miles 2:55:27 9:39 average pace (blah)
Passed 1 dude, was passed by 3 people. Made me want a shirt with a blacklight running pedometer so people know they are passing you on your long run. What do you think?

pre-run - half a peanut butter sandwich and a piece of a luna tea cake
1 vanilla bean Gu, 1 pack of Pomegranate Luna Moons, 1.5 of sport beans (fruit punch and lemon lime), 4 bottles of water.

So for the week 31.7 miles so far, yay! Goal accomplished! I might run on Sunday in Pittsburgh, it is so great running in new places and being a discoverer. I love that.

Couldn't have done that long one alone though! Afterwards, I was really excited to try this protein bar that I picked up yesterday when I was getting my bike fixed in Cookies and Cream flavor. Yum. It was covered in chocolate and so good!! I had that and kept drinking water and driving home I had the other half of the pb sandwich. This worked well. Then it was ICE, ICE, BABY - for the knee. I also made an appt to go see my orthapaedic dude.

I decided for lunch that I wanted a powerbagel (Einstein) and cream cheese so I got that and I'm excited to have that on our way to Pittsburgh - for the weekend to see the Mets play and to see the stadium (my husband is a superfan). Yippee! There is some crazy place that has sandwiches with cole slaw and french fries in them. I want to get the cheese one (total cheese issues). Yummy!! Hmm... maybe I think about food a little too much.

Oh and I think the 2nd trimester starts tomorrow or maybe today, so this can be my celebratory run. I love long runs (especially when you're almost done them!)


  1. Awesome runs and a super week. Very impressive. Congrats on hitting the 2nd Trimester. 2nd trimesters rule.

    Good job icing the knee and chicking that dude on your run.

    P.S. I walked a few miles on the beach with my girls during the vacay, but there was no beach running for me this trip. :(

  2. OK, 18 miles and pregnant! You rock. Awesome job and what a great time too. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Dude, you totally stole my idea about the pedometer. Only I want a giant sign above my head that people can see in both directions. So when I am miserably shuffling they can look and see "wow! that chick is running 20 miles! sick!"

  4. wow awesome job!!! have a great weekend :)

  5. LOL at the ice ice baby. Now I am singing that one. That is so fantastic 18 miler done off the list! WHOHOO! 2nd trimester it is supposed to be the zen happy preggo phase so enjoy it! I loved the pic of all the nutrtion you had. Congrats on an awesome run!

  6. glad you're going so strong still!!

  7. Thanks for the advice on running shoes! I'll have to check that out next time.

    Are there any upcoming races your doing? I've ran two half marathons & my goal is a full hopefully in spring of 09.

  8. I just found your blog and wow. You ran that much while you're pregnant? I take it that morning sickness isn't a bother for you? I just started running a year ago so for now my goal is a 1/2 rather than full marathon. You are awesome!

  9. I AM SOOOOOO with you on the running pedometer. I hate those cocky b's that give you that smirky "Yeah, I'm passing you" look and I just want to say "YEAH WELL HOW MANY MILES HAVE YOU DONE? I'm on mile 13 already!" LMAO!

  10. Wow, congrats on the long run and entering the 2nd trimester. The only running I did when I was pregant was to the diary queen. Nice work!!!