The random knee problem (c'mon does anyone have pain BEHIND their knee?) has not departed yet. I am pisssed!! I gave it a day off on Friday and planned to run 7 on Saturday and couldn't make it to 40 minutes. Gah! I cross trained that day and today, but it is kind of killer and I can't deal with not running for long! I'm going to start swimming or at least go swimming tomorrow and see how that goes to switch it up at least for now and hope to run on Tuesday. After reading all of the marathon stories I have marathon emptyness in my heart :( I think I could run a flat course in the next month or month and a half. If you have any suggestions up to early October, let me know!

Friday I went on splurge day and bought a bunch of clothes for work and 4 pairs of shoes (yes, 4!). In addition to the 2 new pairs of sneakers that I decided to keep - the pink and silver pair totally didn't look like the picture, so I sent them back. I NEVER go splurging - especially not with shoes. It felt pretty good! On the right side there, I did buy a pair for my husband (so sweet, I know). The rest of the weekend I spent doing things around the house, and whining to myself that I couldn't run.

Have a good start to the week everyone!


  1. OHHH I love me some shoes there is no such thing as too many! Behing the knee I don't I know when in cycle class people get the pain around the outside but not behind. Good luck with the swimming I hope it will help the knee take a break.

  2. i am definitely a shoe girl :)

    good job giving the knee a break and switching up the workouts. hope it feels better soon!!!!

    too bad dec isn't 2 months away... i am going to do CIM next and its a fast course! (sends many to boston). i think portland and long beach are pretty flat and they are coming up... all over here on the west coast though :) dont know of any over in your area!

  3. Is you pain in the middle of your knee or on the sides? It may be due to tight hamstrings of calves or maybe you have tendinitis. If it is still bothering you I would get it checked out with a doctor.

    The shoes look great!!! You can never have enough.

  4. Ooohhh girl I know. It DOES SUCK! Hopefully if you just give yourself a little more rest it will be alright.

    Cute shoes!

  5. Dr. Beachrunner's prescription = more rest, less shoes. LOL. Just kidding, I know nothing about behind the knee pain and I am not a Dr.

  6. Ooops. I meant to add to my prior post that I hope you feel better soon.

  7. I love shoes! I wish I could spend a few hundred dollars on them but I guess I should pay the car payment. Damn responsibility.

    Hope you knee feels better and you can get back to running real soon. Enjoy some pool time until then.