Knee & Inner self

Went to see the doctor today and the main cause of my issues is ... TIGHT HAMSTRINGS! I have never been flexible and I'm lazy about stretching - so - all my fault! I still think that old shoes triggered it. I can still run, but rest would be good. I learned that ice isn't as effective as heat at this point - since this injury is now 3 weeks and 1 day old. I'll be trying that, running this weekend at the beach, and then MAYBE take off some of next week? We'll see how it goes!

Have you ever been running and struggling a bit and start telling yourself positive thoughts? You could run and think negative thoughts, but you can also shun them out and only think positively. I was a bit tired especially the last mile of my run yesterday so I started thinking in my head, Great job! You're doing great! And it really helped me to get through it. Positive thoughts!


  1. I am CRAZY about stretching and still my hams are so freaking tight.

    What to do??!!!

    Keep thinking good thoughts. this will pass and you will be a stronger runner because of it.

  2. HELP! My nike+ wont activate my sensor and i dont know what to do! :(

  3. I deal with tight hammies too. I soak in a hot bathtub now just BEFORE I run. I do it to warm up my legs and get the blood flowing to the area. It seems to help me avoid the tightness.

    Being preggo you need to be careful about hot baths but the concept of warming up your legs/hamstrings before you run and then stretching your hammies gently when you finish running is real important.

    You are doing great. Keep up the positive thoughts!

  4. Glad to hear there isn't anything wrong with your knees. Tight hamstrings can cause so much trouble.

    Positive thoughts can rhelp get through runs and push on. Nice job.

  5. Nice work on getting an explanation on the knee issues, and it's good that it's something not serious and correctable. I am very flexible (too flexible?) and my knee issue is still a bit of a mystery. I will try the positive thoughts technique - "my left quad is strong! my left quad is strong!"

  6. freaking hamstrings... my right one is always so tight! thanks for the stretch tips :)

    yesss positive thoughts are great... or no thoughts at all :) but negative ones get you in trouble!

  7. I have way tight hamstrings too (which I think is contributing to my knee issues, but I still need new shoes!!).

    I am continually amazed by the power of positive thoughts. It's so cliche, but it works!!