new shoes Round 2

I spent the holiday up in Connecticut. We came back yesterday afternoon, and I was able to meet up with one of my best friends. Usually we meet up and go for a run, but I wasn't going to put her through that! We met up at Barnes & Noble and chatted. My 30th b'day is less than a month away so we were getting some ideas for that.

Today I went to return my Nike shoes, and was happy that they took them back even though I wore them outside. I bought a pair of Asics that seem to have extra support and that should help me get through the next 2.5 months with cushioning. It was a different employee and she didn't seem too thrilled that I was returning shoes that were already worn. She helped me to find a new pair and her take was that I supinate majorly - just from looking at my shoes. Sounds like there are better stores out there that watch you run and look at your shoes. If these shoes don't work out for me, I'll be looking for another running store next. I ran about 5 miles in them and they seemed good, but we'll see! My legs are pretty tired, and I think I have some sciatica going on down my right leg, so I can see this week being a bit of a slowdown. I'm semi looking forward to yoga tomorrow, but I should probably find a pre-natal class to start going to so that I don't overextend myself.

Summary of week 27: Running/ Walking/Jogging 34.6 miles (6:18:40),
2 days of lifting and 1 day of crosstraining on the elliptical.
November running : 155.5 miles (28:52:37)

Hope everyone's travels home were safe and that thanksgiving was good!


Giving thanks

Giving thanks:
5 things I'm super thankful for that I take for granted sometimes

1 - My husband- for being loving and cuddly, supportive & adventurous.
I think I'd be a partial hermit if not for Bill, but I get to do things like go to see the Celtics in the playoffs with 2 days notice and go visit fun places. He's really good at taking care of me when I'm sick and now being pregnant. He's also a great cook and should probably do it more :) and he comes to my races and is waiting at the finish line and he's always proud of me and gives me hugs. And when I have sore muscles, he is a really good massouse. So I'm really lucky and I'm thankful for having a great husband and best friend.

2 - My job- Teaching high school. It is very rewarding although can be annoying, but overall I'm so happy to be a teacher and really enjoy interacting with the kids and teaching them!

3- Family & friends - For being there when I need them and for family get-togethers and bonding time. I think it will be fun growing up and having kids and having family gatherings. My friends are mostly my psychologists so they are great.

4- Running - I would have put this right up there as 1B but I held back, but really that is where it goes. Running allows me to feel good about myself, to think about things when I need to work things out in my head, and to push myself (although not right now). I am so grateful that I have working legs and a body that allows me to run.

5- Those first four things are basically my life so here are some small things that I am appreciative for: memories of growing up, foot massages and pedicures (especially right now), running clothes, brisk fall days with blue skies and leaves blowing, snow days and snow storms and staying in and drinking hot chocolate or going sledding, my cozy bed when it is all made up and ready to get into, and Dove soap (it smells really good!) - I'm totally weird and I've always had this thing for smelling soap but right now I love the soap suds too.

I have a good life and I'm thankful for that.

Today I was able to run/jog/walk for an hour and a half. The first half hour lately has been really slow and today my legs were screaming, mainly my calves and shins. I had to go back to the Mizuno waveriders which have about 300 pregnant girl miles on them, and I think they are ready to retire. I am going to have to go back and see if the running store will take back the new Nikes, they seem to cause the problem with the bottom of my foot. Nikes have never worked for me, but these are wide, and seemed really cozy. Oh well. After that half hour of running, I can get into it and it goes nicely. Both yesterday and today I was able to run for some time under 10 minute miles after the really slow start. It felt really good. I got in 8.2 miles. Some days are good!

Today is 28 weeks. Some pics of my growing self and active baby :)


Running GAIT

First just wanted to say thanks for all of the support!!! It has been super helpful to hear the nice things that you have to say and your encouragement! Also, to have safe travels and a great thanksgiving!

How do you run? I would love to hear about your running gait. Do you think about your positioning when you are running? Do you know if you pronate, supinate, any of that good stuff?
What are some things that you focus on when you are running?

So far, I've just gone out there and ran. I don't really think about it. After seeing some pictures from the Philly Distance Run and my feet are all over the place, and checking out my sneakers, I realized my form was a bit off. I did get new sneakers last week, and the running store told me that I supinate (I think!) - the outsides of my
sneakers are worn, and I need a neutral shoe. I went with a pair of Nikes. I walked in these on Sunday and ran in them yesterday and Monday. Mid run yesterday I started to get pain on the bottom of my foot on the outside part. I ran through it but by the end I was trying to run on the balls of my feet. Then had to partially limp to my car and stuck it in a bucket of ice ( I was thinking of aron at this time with her ice buckets). It was feeling ok after 2 ice jobs but I wasn't wearing shoes. As soon as I put shoes on this morning to go to work (my middle aged sneakers) the pain was there. I was thinking maybe it is the Nikes and I'll try running later, but I'm not sure what is going on there! When I was running on the balls of my feet, my knees started to feel pressure, so that is probably not a good way to run. But how do you run? What do you think about if you are working on your form?

Have a happy thanksgiving everyone! Safe travels!


Walking sucks!

Great job to everyone who ran Philly yesterday - I really enjoyed the detailed race reports, and I don't know how you remember so many details! You must be taking out a pen and paper on the course. My race reports suck!!! Congrats to everyone on a great day!

I'm not going to lie, I spent most of the day disappointed yesterday after the race. I was SO hoping to be so sore that I couldn't move and be starving and eat mountains of food. It didn't go like that. Exhaustion definitely hit in midafternoon but everytime I looked at the clock I was thinking that I'd still be out there had I kept going. I had to keep telling myself that I made the right choice and feeling around for the little bugger's movements. I think the thing that disappointed me the most was that I had to walk. I've been running 30 to 40 mile weeks throughout and walking just really sucks. I was in great spirits the whole time and really just enjoying being out there, but once I got into the car with my parents who were great and took me there and came to cheer, I felt sad. I realized I never made it to Manuyunk - that's my favorite part of the course going up Kelly drive, and that I really didn't even get to be a runner. I was so mean to my parents and told them if they hadn't been there waiting for me, I probably would have kept going and finished. IT was a mean thing to say, and really I knew that I shouldn't have kept going, so it wasn't their fault, and it was probably meant to be that they were waiting for me.

Last night the baby was moving all around like a nut. I think he/she was telling me that he/she was ready to run and do the marathon and was mad at my body too. Yep, that was it. I really felt like my belly button was going to be pushed out last night by a finger or foot.

Waking up this morning and not being sore made me feel poopy all over again. I crave that soreness that you get after a marathon, when you can't walk downstairs without pain and it hurts to walk. The one and only pain that I have is below the back of my knee, the top of my right calf muscle. From walking.

I went to the gym after work with the intention of jogging maybe 1/2 hour, warming up for 10 minutes, lifting then doing 20 minutes. Once I started running I didn't feel like stopping since I never know when I'll be able to run and feel decent doing so! So I ended up running 6 miles without any huge issues. It took me 1:03 instead of an hour and a half. I think it was my body's way of saying Sorry for sucking yesterday. I guess it made me feel better in a way, but it also pissed me off that it didn't come to play yesterday.

Dear body, You suck. I only needed about 5 hours of your time and you couldn't get it together. Then you give me an hour of uninterrupted time the very next day. You better get it together, because I'm going to beat the S**T out of you if you even try something like this for Boston. I'm not going to be all cuddly and nice to you. I take care of you and this is what I get back?? Unacceptable.

Fetus Francesco/a
27 weeks 11.21.08


My BQ in the half

Race report:Philly marathon --- first 1/2
Well, the day started off fine. I got up before 6 and had some breakfast and was picked up at 6:15 to head to Philly. I stood in line for the port-a-pottys and then made my way to the start. I should have planned on a bit more time between eating & the start, and more free time before the start, but I didn't!

The start was in waves and I could hardly make it up to my corral. I made it there but we waited for about 1/2 hour to start. Standing in the corral, I felt good. I didn't feel pregnant and I thought it was going to be a good day. Finally, we were able to start! Me and my many layers were warm and ready! About 2 minutes into the race, so this is by Four Seasons and the fountain, I had a HORRIBLE side stitch. I had to stop and walk, it was debilitating.

This was the theme for the rest of the race. I don't think that I ran for more than 2 minutes at a time. I was in good spirits and having a good time out there, and there were alot of walkers. I took lots of pictures. My parents saw me around mile 5 and walked with me for about 10 minutes and I just kept on going. I was going to wait to decide how far I would go until the 1/2 way point.
I made a deal with myself that if I had these side stitc
hes (both sides of my stomach took turns and there was never a time that I was pain free) that I would not bother continuing to the second half. But if there was any chance that I could run, that I would trudge on. Also, around mile 8 I just thought maybe I could walk the whole thing and be fine.

Around mile 11 is when I decided that I would call it a day after 13.1 It was disappointing, but when I did the calculations, I'd be out there for over 6 hours, and my side stitches were relentless. It did not even feel good walking. Overall, I stayed in high spirits, but I am a bit disappointed that I couldn't run at all, and really, that I didn't finish 26.2. I definitely could have done it, but it just wasn't the same walking it. I wanted to give the baby a medal :( I feel like I listened to my body and that was what I was supposed to do - but I wish that I could have ignored my body and keep on trucking!! Surely I would have done that if a baby was not on board. But I probably wouldn't have these side cramps everywhere if I was running sans child.

On the live results, it says I finished 3:15:15 and it is confused because it thinks I finished the marathon, with a super pace of 7:26. BQ! BQ! B
Q! Nope, that's how long it took me to finish the half - so times that by 2 and it would have taken me 6:30 or longer to do the full. I'm kind of glad I didn't do it so that that time isn't on my record!! But deep down I'm a bit bummed. :(

I looked up Laurel and she did great! Congrats to
everyone else out there and I hope it was a great day!


Running in the Snow

This morning, I went to go swimming and the pool was locked. I wasn't too bummed, and I'm always prepared to go for a run since it is so inconsistent. I thought it would be good to run in this cold since it is going to be cold on Sunday too! It was snowing (flurrying) this morning so it was such a peaceful run - it was just pretty! I ran around Villanova's campus - this is a picture of the "oreo" known to students and some dude's "Awakening" (the actual name of the art). I didn't have my ipod or nike + to track how far I went so I just estimated but this was a nice run!

Last night's doctor appointment went fine! Everything was looking good and I am measuring around 28 weeks (but actually today is only 27). So I'm either large and in charge, the baby plans to come a week early ?? or he/she is just growing well. Any other mamas out there can help me out with that one! I hope it means that he/she is going to come early. My weight gain has been 15 pounds at 27 weeks which sounds like a lot still but I'm just going to continue doing what I'm doing with that. Does running help babies to come early?? I will run until the end!

Since everything was looking good, I am good for Sunday. I partially think my doctor has no idea about running, but knows that I am in shape and that I will listen to my body. I started saying, "so that marathon that I was planning on running is in 3 days, am I still ok for that? I want to make sure there is no way that I will do any harm to the baby." He started saying I was fine, and I made sure he knew it was going to mean being on my feet around 5 + hours and how many miles it was (because at one point, he said HOW FAR IS THAT?) But I feel fine about it. If I have to stop, I stop! If I'm not feeling it, I stop... etc.

I really don't feel like picking up my packet. It is a drag to go into the city twice in 3 days - they should really come up with a better way to give out the numbers. I like the races where you show up that morning and get your stuff.

It is going to be cold! Good luck to everyone running and dress in layers to stay warm! Have a great weekend!


less than 4 days

I'm not focusing on Sunday in any way, but it is in the back of my mind. I have a doc appt tomorrow which could affect my participation, but only if something is not right or not going well so hopefully everything is fine!

I'm totally unprepared!

Shoes: I need new shoes and I never ordered them and keep dragging my feet to go check out the running store. I'm not sure if my extra load here requires me to get more supportive sneakers. I think my alternative pair was causing problems with the shin splints! My main pair though is nearing 300 and my feet just hurt when I'm done running in them. I usually order online so too late for that, but maybe I'll hit the running store before the weekend.

Support: I don't want to make anyone come and watch me because my performance is up in the air. I may run 2 miles, I may make it through the whole thing. All depends on my body and what the baby's plans are! My cousin lives in Philly though and will be there so she'll come run / walk/ jog with me. It could take forever, or I could be done in 30 minutes. I have a feeling if all goes well at the doctor that I'll just finish out the half unless I'm having major issues. I'll just walk if I have to. They said if you finish a lesser distance not to take a medal, but I will somehow. I'll get 2 :)

Cold Weather: It is FREEZING here. Not knowing how much walking I will be doing, I am dressing in so many layers to make sure I'm superwarm - kind of like when you get dressed to go sledding and can hardly walk, but I'll make sure I"m comfy. I'll have my super duper Nike hatphones hat on!

Good luck to all of the bloggers running on Sunday especially Laurel who is making her debut in Philly after moving here from lots warmer temperatures. She'll be running with her husband which is really cute!!

This week so far, I had a really good swim this morning and was able to do some faster swimming, and I ran/jogged 5.5 yesterday in the am and then 2 in the evening. I'm switching back to morning workouts for now, because my motivation to workout in the afternoon with this cold weather and darkness is not so high!

Well, good luck to everyone!!


Can I run now?? (updated)

3 months and counting... thought I would spare you a real belly pic :)

Today I wanted to run 8 to 12 miles. So far I've tried running 3 times and had various side stitches each time. I got in 3 miles. I'm determined to get at least another 5, but I'm majorly frustrated. Had I gotten up before I ate breakfast I probably could have done it, but I feel like my stomach is playing games with me this week!!! It is disheartening and I wish I got out of bed when I woke up. I had a bowl farina for breakfast, and I guess I never had that and then went to run before. I hate farina right now!! Stick with what you know!

This week as a whole can be deemed a rest week. I had to cut alot of workouts short and didn't get in close to the mileage that I hoped. I guess with the marathon walk/jog coming up next weekend, I can say that I'm tapering, but with the horrible workouts this week, I am more doubtful everyday that I can even finish 1/2 next weekend. Nevertheless I will still line up at the start and see what my body wants to do that day.

3 months to go! I'm excited to meet the baby and then to be able to torture my body without having to worry about hurting the baby in anyway. So come out early little baby!!

What foods give you the stomach ebbie geebees??

Last week's stats (week 25)
Monday - yoga
Tuesday - 8 miles (around 10 minute pace)
Wednesday - swim 1700 yards
Thursday - 3.9 miles (11:20 pace)
Friday - morning 6.1 miles (10:10 pace)
Sat - 4 miles am (11:22 pace)
Sun - 3 miles (12:00 pace) then got through 5 more, the last 4.5 at 9:58 mm!! A little relief

30 miles and 1700 yards, 1 hr yoga


The downfall of LIL runner : (

It hasn't been a good week for lil enormous runner. This means, I haven't been able to run too much this week.

I took the morning off on Tuesday and was able to run 7.3 miles. I rounded it out to 8 later on after work for the day. I was exhausted that night. Wednesday is the day that I swim and I wasn't feeling great when I woke up, I was having stomach issues. I floated for 1/2 hour and went off to school, feeling horrible. I didn't feel well and was exhausted all day Wednesday, and came home and vegged out. Today I went running after work outside and my shins and calves were SCREAMING. It was not a comfortable run. And I feel enormous lately. I have never had shin splints while running before - this started around a month ago and hasn't gone away. I've read about it, but none of the reasons why they start seem to apply to me. I don't know what is going on. My shoes have around 250 miles on them. So I made it through 3 miles in 35 minutes and planned to come home and run for about 1/2 hour more, but the baby isn't having any of that. After 5 minutes (even less I think) I felt a pain lower in my stomach that made me stop and walk, and it didn't go away even from walking so I had to call it a day. I guess my body is telling me that I need some rest. I'll take it for a week but that's it!!! I've done only 12 miles this week total and usually I'm done 20. I don't even know if I'll make it to 20 for the week!! That's half of what I've done the last 2 weeks! :(


Moody Mary + week 24

I think I'm going to have to start getting up early to get my endorphins again. I am just way too moody to go through the day and try to inspire kids! I don't have enough patience and am too uptight. It is kind of sad that I need some workout energy to feel good! I might start doing morning workouts again, I just like sleeping in a bit! But I'll have to get back on that routine in the spring anyway, so we'll see! Maybe its just a case of the Mondays.. but everyday. :)

Pics of week 25

week 24 stats

Monday - yoga
Tuesday - 6.92 (1:15/10:51) and .2 miles (12:30 pace)
Wednesday - 4 miles (10:07/40:26), swim 2000 yds
Thursday - 3 (32:00/10:40) - am, 3 (30:05/10:02)-pm, 3 (30:26, 10:09)-pm
Friday - lift 30 min
Sat - 16 miles outside - rainy, 60s, with the sis (3:11:02/11:57)
Sun - recovery 4.15 (45:00/10:51)

Total 40.3 miles ran, 2000 yds swam, 1 lift session & yoga oncebetter close up pic:


My favorite run - 16 with my sis

This morning I did a long run with my sister. By far, this has been my favorite run yet (besides running a little bit with Bill in the Philly marathon last year but that is a "race" so this is my favorite training run) since I was able to run it with my sister! She is training for her first marathon - Disney - in January. She hates running but is running for Team in Training and raising money for leukemia. She works for TNT in DC so was inspired by people she works with.

As soon as we got out of the car once we got to Kelly Drive, it started raining, and kind of hard. Our cousin met us and ran the first loop with us. It was raining most of the time, but it didn't seem to bother us - we were just soaked. This was a really slow run for me - between 11 and 12 minute miles most of the time. It was fine though, and I had to stop and walk whenever I felt pressure. I made a new world record of not having to go to the bathroom! There were tons of people still out in the rain biking, running, & walking, and there was a regatta going on down on the river. It was a good run and time because I don't get to spend as much time with my sister as I did (3+ hours) running today. Also since I'm kind of too competitive, any other time I've ran with her, I've had to run again later at a faster pace to cover my miles for the day or just to go faster. So it was nice not worrying about the pace and just running!

We ran 16 miles, we did one loop of Kelly drive to 8 miles and turned around and ran back. It took over 3 hours (3:11). But it was great, the time passed by quickly and I really enjoyed it.
In the beginning I was thinking, Oh god, this is going to take FOREVER! But it ended up flying by and was really enjoyable! It also built some confidence that I can run Philly in 2 weeks at this slow pace and walk whenever I need to, and I think that I can finish. I didn't feel like I was putting any undue stress on my body and it just kind of felt like an easy pace and run.

I was going to bring my camera along and take pics, but no go in the rain.
Running in the rain - kind of fun :)
Running with my sis - priceless!


TiaRT- Transitions

Oh, transitions. My biggest transition right now is growing a little person. While it is the neatest thing, it is emotional and it is scary. Through it all, right now, I have running. Running has been interesting and sometimes difficult. I am not taking for granted that I can run, and hope to run until the end. This has been the biggest transition that I've dealt with that has affected my running. If I think about it, sometimes it is hard to think that it takes so much longer to do a distance that I could do much faster several months ago. I had a great spring of running, really lowering my times and PRing often. I hope that the next 3 months go well and my body allows me to run -I feel that it is one of the main consistent things in my life and that I really need it to be mentally stable! ENDORPHINS!

Thanks for your comments on the stupid overweight lady and her dumb thoughts : ) and for your support!

I've been biting off heads lately at school - mostly of students. It is the last week of the quarter and time to beg for grades (they think). My patience is so low - hormones are raging. I am excited for the weekend! I am going to attempt to do a long run outside. The idea of doing the Phila marathon hasn't been abandoned yet!

Good luck racers this weekend!


Mind your own F***ing business!

So today my day was going quite jolly and I ran into someone at work who I normally like in the copy room who started telling me all of the things that could go wrong with my running Boston. I was pissed off the rest of the day (I know - this was stupid of me). I sent out my fundraising emails to colleagues at work last week. I got a few replies back asking me if I was crazy or "really?" This lady has 4 kids, and is out of shape and in her 40s. Fine. If you don't have anything positive to say, please don't tell me about it.

Of course I am nervous, since I have never given birth before - to run a marathon 2 months later.
I don't know what condition my body will be in. I just know I can do it. I will walk, I will crawl, I will hopefully run the majority of it (at least jog it). When people start questioning me though, I start freaking out!

My family has not asked me how I will do this or if I will be able to do this. There is no IF here. I appreciate this support and belief. Maybe I am partially unrealistic but I am determined enough that I'll do everything in my power to cross the line. And so my thought for the day is, Mind your own damn business!!

On a positive note, I wonder if my child will come out wanting GU. Hmm.. what did you crave during your pregnancy? Um.. Vanilla Bean Gu?? This kid might be running(crawling?) Boston next to me!



So for election day the students had off and teachers go in for worthless BS. I didn't mind it since I got to sleep in a little bit and take my time getting there (voted first). I tried running this morning before work but made it only 2 minutes on the TM. I brought stuff with me to go running at lunch if I was feeling it. Usually we have 1/2 hour for lunch, today we had an hour and a half! So I went running over the lunch break! I am jealous of those of you who can do this on a daily basis - this was nice! Of course, I usually just think that a run midday or after school isn't going to work out (mainly due to stomach cramps) and I normally run indoors to take advantage of water and bathrooms. So, I wasn't as prepared as I should have been for an outdoor run. No water, no gu, no support band that I've been wearing most of the time... normally, if I wasn't pregnant, I wouldn't have these things or care, but I want to make sure I have fuel and hydration if I plan to run over an hour.

I started out, and about 10 minutes in, had a side stitch. I thought this was it, but since I had already done 10 min, I figured I could just push through it. It ended up fine. I walked when I needed to. My plan was to turn around at 30 minutes, but then I started thinking I could go a little further. It started raining after about 30, but light rain. It was refreshing and kind of nice. After about 40 minutes though, I was hungry. I was close to where I wanted to turn around (@ Villanova) so I just turned around knowing I'd pass a CVS and Running Store on the way back. First stop - CVS - water and a Whatchamacalit (I just saw this at the counter and it reminded me of when I was younger, and I thought if the running store wasn't there anymore, it would be something to eat). Water was good. I found the running store a few blocks further down and grabbed a Gu. The gu was my salvation. I savored every squeeze of the stuff. After this, I was in the zone until the end. I finished just short of 7 miles, but it felt like I had done double that. I carried the whatchama back and had some when I got back. That stuff is good!

I was happy to run outside. When I went to Villanova, I would do the opposite run. I would start at Villanova, run for 30 minutes to Ardmore and run back. This time I started at my school/work further out in Ardmore and almost made it to Nova. My time was ridiculously slow (7 miles/1:15ish), but I was pretty much just happy to be running outside and on the lunch hour!

Post run - some low back pain. Feels fine now, but maybe the extra weight is starting to bother my back. I always wish that I had a camera to take shots of the sites. I found a new brueger's bagels going up and saxby's coffee. I never made a bathroom stop!! This was pretty good!

While I was running, I thought about flexibility and stretching. In the NYtimes magazine was an article about stretching and how holding a stretch isn't necessarily good. That what you should do is warmup for 10 minutes then do some warmups similar to what you will be doing - so for running, butt kicks, high knees, and some other weird stretches that they gave demos of. Anyone see that? Since I normally don't stop after 10 minutes to stretch, and much of the time during the week, I don't even stretch after = BAD, BAD, BAD, I need to improve my stretching routine.

What's your stretching routine??? Which stretches are always a part of your routine?


Run Paula Run!

It was really neat watching Paula Radcliffe win the NYC marathon again. I was watching online and she is amazing! She's been my hero ever since her 7 month post-partum win in NYC. The race was inspiring! I love you Paula!!! If I liked your name, I would name our baby after you!

Yesterday I was able to do 12 miles in one shot. I started with 3 in the morning but had a side stitch so I went back to it later and was able to do 12 more. I had wanted to try to do 16 (to see how the marathon was looking in a few weeks), but I was happy with the 3 and 12. I did the 'LAUREL' plan aka Galloway method I think? and did walks of one minute every 10 minute. I think it really helped! I took breaks for water, bathroom stops, a milky way (in honor of D10) and to shove down some food in between, but mainly it was all in one shot and under 10 minute pace by a few seconds. It felt good, and I like how once I get into it, if I am feeling good, I feel like I can get into my stride and it feels comfortable. The second half if normally better than the first - hopefully that will translate into future races.Here's my setup in the basement where I've been doing most of my runs!

lots of gu

On Friday I was made the mistake of going on the gym at the scale and started freaking out about weight gain. By 24 weeks I've gained 13 pounds on one of those doctor office scales. I was figuring out that if I gain a pound a week with 16 pounds left, then I'd gain 30 pounds. But I hope that I won't gain a pound every week. And I want to look at it more healthfully and trust that my body is doing what it needs to do for the baby. But also I want to make sure I'm not just an eating machine and eating whatever I want (like the 3 chocolate munchkins that I had on Friday and bagel and cream cheese at a breakfast at school on Friday- things I'd never eat if I wasn't pregnant). I'm going to be more vigilant about that and make sure that my protein is high, but not go nuts about it.
24 weeks

I also read about mamas that eat a lot of peanut butter causes asthma in babies?? I eat peanut butter every day. I feel like I need to eat it more moderately now since every day might be excessive. That will be killer!!!

I am ready to meet the baby. 16 more weeks??? I'm already anxious.

Congrats to Paula Radcliffe - and all of the marathon and race runners this weekend!

this week's stats - the past week was 24 weeks? My pace is all over the place
Monday: Run 5 and 3.09 miles (9:32 and 9:43) and yoga
Tuesday: Run 4.11 miles (9:44)
Wednesday: Swim 2200 yards, 2 miles (10:00)
Thursday: Run 7.37 (10:11)
Friday: Run 0.92 (11:58), lift, elliptical (lifeguard no show)
Saturday: 3 miles (30:00), 12 miles (1:59:00)
Sunday 2.5 miles (10:32), bike and elliptical
Totals: 40 miles! (6:38:59), Swim 2200, yoga 1x, some elliptical and bike

* Compared to the last time I put in 40 miles in July, it took me 40 minutes longer. I like number comparisons. :)