Round 3

The goal of the next 2 days is to buy some clothes that I can wear to work and be comfy and not be told that I look pregnant (aka clothes too tight) by my lovely students. First try going to maternity land, I walked in to the store and wanted to cry. The second time I went to the mall, I couldn't bring myself to go near the store, so I went to banana republic and salivated instead. Today or tomorrow I hope to be successful.

Today started off with a nice run. What a great day to be able to start it off with a relaxing run after sleeping in and being empowered watching people at the gym! Last night I did yoga, and I knew during the class that my arms were going to feel it today - and tomorrow. Whoa I woke up and can already feel the soreness in my arms, and I know it will be worse tomorrow. I love muscle soreness, I just didn't feel like it was THAT intense. I think it was holding those side poses like side planks, whatever they are called in yoga.

So when I was running, I started thinking. The day before I run, I usually get an idea of how much or how long I plan to run the following day. Unless I'm just not feeling well or feeling it, I'll do the amount that I set out to. The only time that I just go out and run with no goal is if I am over my weekly mileage goal for the week and just going for an easy run of whatever feels good. I think having a weekly mileage goal keeps me on track every week. For now, it is around 35 miles give or take. I haven't done any speed work since June or July, but one day a week used to switch it up with speed work. Now it is mostly just go out and run a set time or mileage and run however fast I can that feels good.

Questions for you: Do you always go out with a goal time or mileage in mind? Do you work towards a weekly mileage each week or just get in runs when you can? Do you have a pace goal? Do you set aside one day a week for speed work or interval training? Fartleks? Overall, how would you define your weekly training?


case of the Mondays

I'm not motivated today. Between being here for 15 hours on Thursday, being in the car for 7 hours and working on math problems, and knowing I have off the next 2 days, I can't function today. Why not make it a 5 day weekend.

It is marathon season and I want in. I like reading all of your training plans and I want to be a part!
I wish I was running one. I sent in one application for charity for Boston in April, and haven't heard back yet. I have 3 others that I might send in for different charities. At least with a future goal in mind, it helps me to stay sane.

Today's happy thought is that I am wearing non-maternity clothes today. I changed my outfit 3 times, but went back to the original which is a pair of normal pants and a normal shirt. I guess they were a little big to start and I can still fit into them and be comfortable. No get dressed drama this morning.


week 18 recap

The stats for week 18. Waiting to hop in the car and go back home.
Playing around with the look of my blog. I like how Frayed Laces has hers set up with the pictures that are really cool - and then I saw another one that I liked but I can't remember where it was. I don't like how the writing part is so narrow but it seems limited. Also, I would like it better if I could put gadgets on both sides to round it out. I wanted to add the picture but it is HUGE! I'll play around with it more next time I am bored out of my mind : )

3.9 more miles and I could make it to 40. It's a thought. Hummpph.

Monday: yoga
Tuesday: run 6.5 miles (home: 1:02:00/9:33)
Wednesday: Swim: 1800-2000? yards - 38 min, run 2.33 miles (gym: 22:00/9:27), lift 15min
Thursday: 6.6 miles (home: 1:00:00/9:06)
Friday: Swim 45 min - 2400 yards
Saturday: 10.33 miles (home: 1:30:00/8:43), 3.32 miles (outside, CT: 33:00/9:57)
Sunday: 7 miles (tm/CT: 1:03:12/9:02).

I forgot to record the yardage for Wednesday's swim but it was the best swim yet with other people in my lane!

I don't know how my long runs are faster than shorter ones, I think I know I am going longer and will finish faster if I run faster?

Lifting is getting shafted. Too boring. I'll make more time for that soon maybe!

This week is an awesome week coming up. We have Tuesday AND Wednesday off for Jewish holidays. I am so pumped. Wednesday is our ultrasound too, which I'm excited for, to see our little runner in there!

Ooooh.. I have a good poll for you. Bill's family wants to travel to Italy this summer to celebrate their wedding anniversary. My thoughts - there is no way in hell I am traveling with a 3-4 month old child on a plane ride and to a foreign country and having any enjoyment whatsoever. My summer plan - pool and beach. What do you think?

Enjoy the week!


Rainy Saturday

It's a yucky day out there! I opted to run on the treadmill, it became a Saturday morning routine back in January, where I'd watch Seinfeld DVDs and do my long run. I can truck through it, get water and gels when I need them, and the bathroom is a few steps away : ) I know running outside is so much better - and easier mentally, but sometimes to get a run done, you do what you have to do! I suspect I'll be using the treadmill often over the next 6+ months. I only had time for an hour and a half since we were heading to CT to the in laws so I did 10.33 in 1:30. It wasn't bad except for the gizillion stops to go the bathroom. I ran it on a 2-3 incline most of the time, which was good. Need to make sure another baby isn't forming in my bum! And the incline helps with training for races. In my head I thought I could do another 3 when I got to CT at some point this afternoon, because my goal was at LEAST 13. I had wanted to do the 18 tomorrow but 13 is fine for my long run this weekend. It is nasty out - humid, misting, yuck - but I kind of like running in this kind of weather. Take out the humidity - I like the mist or light rain to run in. So I did about 3, there are lots of hills around where my in laws live, so it was slow! But I felt like I was moving.

Here is something that I think is funny. My inlaws have a little dog. It is small and really cute. Around the house they have baby gates up to keep it from going into the living room and upstairs. Is this normal? I have no patience as a normal person - but as a pregnant italian woman, you can imagine my patience level. I have negative patience. I usually want to kick these gates down - seriously, I don't feel like climbing over them! They are totally not in the way until I want to go into a different room or upstairs but for real, this can't be normal. Let the dog just roam around, otherwise just don't get one if it isn't allowed in 1/2 the house! Wish I had my camera for that one.

The last pic I took I am posting. I feel incredibly unattractive already. I can't imagine what is going to happen in the coming 21 weeks. I didn't have a good body image going in since my family has a history of being fat, and I've been overweight before. Prior to getting pregs, I knew I could control it by running and working out like a champ, and eating well, but now, I KNOW I'm not getting fat, but still. It is terribly hard for me to handle this! And this is nothing compared to what is going to happen! I foresee many tearful days ahead : (

19 weeks:


Back to school

This week at a glance:

Tuesday: One of my students tells me that I look pregnant for the first time. I want to jump ship. I guess I'm still in denial and do not want to look pregnant - but the other option is just looking fat. Either way...

Wednesday: Had a great swim - other people actually in my lane and did the workout with them. Best swim yet. Normally I'm in such a rush to get in and out since I have limited time, that I'm swimming alone. Had a clothes breakdown Wednesday night in the closet when I couldn't find anything sufficient to wear for back to school night. Mainly the problem is that my shirts/blouses are too tight and look stupid, so I had to go with this shirt that I have always thought was ugly and rarely wear.

Thursday: My running has been slow this week, my knees have been a bit sore and legs feel heavy. Yesterday was a long day with back to school night. I opted not to tell the parents I was pregnant, as I didn't want any questions about what my plan was for coming back ,who would be the sub, etc etc - things I do not know yet. It was a super longgggg day.

Friday: Today I'm in a jubilant mood, I think because the first class that I teach is my favorite AND they have a test. Hehe. I went swimming and stayed in for 45 minutes since I was here so late last night and do not have much planning to do this morning. It felt good - but my body is tired. I think on Wednesday I went faster with people in my lane and did some pulling and my arms are feeling it today! The jubilance will soon turn into exhaustion and delusion, especially after I teach my 2 least favorite classes in about 1/2 hour.

This weekend my original plan was to do the NYC 18 miler tuneup. I still want to do it, but logistically I don't think it will work out. My backup plan was a 1/2 marathon in CT that is tomorrow morning, but this was an hour and a half from Bill's parents house, and would mean leaving tonight for CT. So my plan is now up in the air. I may still try to find a way to do the 18 or just run on my own on the treadmill one of the mornings. It is so much easier running outside and doing a race when you are trying to maintain your mileage. I could probably also take an easy week after the distance run to recover. My next race is planned for 10/11 - Baltimore 1/2 marathon. After that, it is going to be play it by ear mode.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

I plan to bake at least one of these weekend days! It has been a while.


Docta Docta give me the news...

Doctor appointment today. I get so nervous everytime because I know that I am still keeping up my fitness to a close to normal level, just running slower. And since I can't feel anything yet, I get nervous that when I get there, they won't find a heartbeat! But everything was good. He said I can keep running and just be smart - don't be out of breath, etc. I'm ready to sign up for a marathon now! Haha. Now that wouldn't be worth it since my speed would be so much slower than normal, so why waste a marathon right? But I'll keep running races.

I've gained 8 pounds in 18+ weeks but I feel like I just became a fatty in the last 2 weeks. And I've become exhausted in the last 2 weeks. I think the kiddie is starting to grow and take some energy from me! This is the first time I've really felt super tired. I could also be getting a cold.

Any other pregnant bloggers where were you around 18-19 weeks in terms of weight gain? I had to ask the dr to make sure that I was not gaining extra weight and he said everything was on track. It is kind of hard when you realize you look like a puffball in all of your clothes and like you are trying to fit into things that are too small. I haven't found any fashionable maternity clothes - is there such a thing?

I will continue to run until it doesn't feel good - hopefully that will be around late Feb when the babe is ready to arrive! Otherwise I worry about my piece of mind - and for all of those around me!

Today - easy recovery run - sore knees. 6.5 miles/1:02:00/9:33 pace. I plan to swim twice tomorrow & Friday, do some more yoga and running, and I'm considering a race this weekend. I don't think the 18 miler but maybe another 1/2. Enjoy the cooler weather!


week 17 recap

A bit late with the exhilaration of the Sunday race : )
Today - bad knee is hurting and not happy, especially walking up the stairs to my 3rd floor classroom in a really old building! But I feel good and want to do another race this weekend. I was considering the 18 mile NYC tuneup in central park on Sunday, but I'm going to wait and see what my doctor thinks (appt tomorrow) and how my knee is feeling to see what I can do. Once I start racing again I get really addicted to the high that I feel!

I did yoga tonight and stretched out. It felt good and hopefully an easy run in the morning will help me to stretch out.

Week 17 recap
Monday: Run 30 minutes (3.15) + yoga
Tuesday: run 1 hr (7)
Wednesday: run 15 minutes (1.5) and swim 30 minutes(1700yd), yoga 30 minutes
Thursday: Run 1 hr (7)
Friday: 30 minutes swimming (1600yd)
Saturday: 55 minutes (5.5 miles)
Sunday: RACE! 13.1 (1:57:05)

Total: 37.3 miles running, 1.5 hours yoga and 3300 yds (1 hour) swimming.
Here's to being able to run in 20 more weeks!


Philly Distance Run

Yesterday I went for a run with my sister who is building up miles to train for her first marathon. She was running 8, and I just wanted to run easy for around an hour. It didn't feel good. Lots of pressure on my bladder, legs felt heavy, just not good! I was nervous for today.

Philly Distance Run!

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Around 58 degrees at the start and high 60s at the finish. PERFECT! It felt a bit warm after we started running, but still, what a beautiful day!
At home ate half a cereal bar (nutrigrain) and 1/2 a roll with PB. Headed downtown via a ride from my dad who decided I shouldn't drive into Philly alone. Now that I'm pregnant I get special treatment, hehe.

I was dropped off & followed my normal tradition of standing in the port-a-potty line pre-race.
After that, jogged a bit to get my muscles warm and waited in my corral. It was about 15 minutes to the start by the time I stood in the corral. I chatted with a another woman - it was her birthday and she was friendly and upbeat. I took in the surroundings and felt happy that I could be there!

The horn went off. We walked for a bit then jogged, walked, finally, crossed the start line. Game on! As soon as I started running, I felt the pressure of having to pee. I resisted it and tried talking to the baby as if he/she was causing all the pressure. MOVE UP!! MOVE UP!! PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME HAVE TO STOP! Eventually I was just able to ignore it and I kept running. Mile 1 was 9:00, and I was disappointed. I think it was just from the crowd and crazy start. Miles 2 and 3 I settled into an 8:30 pace and was trying to enjoy everything. For the most part, each time I got to a mile marker, I was hoping I was under 9 minute miles, and most of the race I was a minute below the 9 minute pace.

Miles 5-6 I was reflecting and asking myself if I was in SURVIVAL mode or ENJOYMENT mode. I was semi in survival mode and dealing with pee pressure and I wasn't tired, but I was kind of not having a wonderful time out there and watching the clock. So I attempted to change my perspective to make sure I was enjoying every minute that I was able to be out there running on a beautiful day with lots of people.

Mile 7 I got in a port-a-potty line and was going to use it when I decided time was ticking away and I could keep going and suck it up. Ran out of the line - I had GU and after that I got a real burst of energy and felt really good. I was still a minute under 9 minute pace. Around mile 9, my bad knee started to bother me. By mile 10, I was starting to psych myself out that I still had 3 miles to go and my knee was not feeling strong at all. Still, I was keeping positive and trying to keep up my pace. At no point did I feel like I was pushing myself past my limits or overexerting myself. It was a comfortable pace the entire time.

I had more gu around mile 10 and didn't feel that nice burst, but tried to pretend mentally that I did! I knew my time was pretty far off any fast 10 milers that I've had lately and was kind of bummed. Miles 11-12-13, I definitely slowed down, and was feeling the pain of my knee. I was debating stopping to stretch but decided I was so close to being done that I could make it. The last 2ish miles were slower and kind of painful, but still beautiful (weather) and fun. At that point I was thinking of the neato medals they give out and finishing. That kept me going. The medals are so cool and heavy. Last year's medal was the coolest so far I think.

Right around 12.5 miles, the Rocky theme came on for my ipod. Nice timing! Shortly after that I saw Bill and my mom and I was almost done. I saw the clock at the finish line nearing 2 hours and wanted to get under that for the clock time so I sprinted the last 50 yards. Whew - felt that afterwards! I don't know if I made it in clock time or not, but my chip time was 1:57:05.
My PR was last year 1:55:41 - but this was before I got fast. I think if I wasn't pregnant I would have had a really nice PR and been able to hold under 8 minute miles bc I did that for Broad Street (10 mile race) in May (7:55 pace). So it is fun - and sad - to think about that, but there's so many other years to do that!

I saw a sign around 4-5 miles that said something inspirational that I can't remember that made me smile. I was kind of not happy with myself for worrying about my splits - that wasn't my goal and led to some times where I was not enjoying the whole thing. But at the end, I felt so happy to have finished and finished under 2 hours. And get a pretty medal. A PPR.

My tradition post race is to get changed and wear my race tshirt around all day. I'm a big dork! Love those shirts and this one is a cozy medium : ) And a yummy bagel to refuel and celebrate.

I'm happy! 3 hours after finishing - knees and legs are feeling it! And I'm exhausted!



Everyone is doing something from Runner's Lounge, which I've visited once when I used to have time, where you post all the top blogs you read. I think that is so cool, so I'm going to do it too!

The first blog that I found was P.O.M. which totally cracked me up and entertained me. I felt like I was reading a good book. She is now an advanced runner and gearing up for her marathon next weekend. Somewhere after that Marcy - runner, 2 kids, super blogger - when I go to her site, there's probably 50 comments by the time I get there. Jeesh!

I really enjoy all of you out in blogger world now and find it to be a great support system!

After the first ones, I don't know which ones I found, but here are my top 5 running blogs:

*aron* Aron is somewhat new to running, but just finished her first marathon in August.
She writes about her tales in running and training for the CIM marathon and hopeful BQ in December. She is an awesome commenter :)

D10: I aspire to be D10 one day, as she manages running super fast, is a working mom and wife.
Another great commenter! I don't know how she finds the time!

Laurel: Laurel just moved from Miami to my area- Philly, so it is fun to read about the places she runs since I know where they are! She is going to try to run the Philly marathon in November.

Frayed Laces: Frayed Laces just totally cracks me up. Her comments and posts are hilarious. Cheer her on as she goes for a BQ in December.

Beach runner: A newbie runner, it is nice to read running through his eyes and see what it is like to start out - we all did one day!

and since I'm pregnant, here are my favorite pregnant running blogs:

Muscles & RA : Originally from the Philly area, and a teacher too - Clare is due in December with #1 and you can't even tell! She's running, spinning and keeping super active!

IVF: High mileage super runner girl, expecting her first baby and super tiny!! Still running like a champ!

Debs: Just recently announced her pregnancy and is getting through the first trimester and running a race with 3 other pregnant mamas to be soon.

Ad Astra, Per Aspera: Heather just had her first and is blogging through it. She's inspiring and it is super helpful to read.

Miscellaneous blogs
Sports! My husband the new blogger - I'm trying to get him to continue the trend!

Transplanted Fan : Sports Picks from the super sports fan!

Thanks everyone for sharing your blogs!


Is is time to go to sleep yet?

My day started off in the 4's and on the treadmill for a run. I try to get on by 5am for an hour and watch an hour of the news, but listen to my IPOD. Today, I was semi tired when I woke up, but pretty much, I wake up every morning at the same time w/o the alarm and I'm ready to go. Sometimes I question what gets me out of bed, but what I think of when I'm considering not getting up, is running when I get home - I have no energy by that point to do an hour workout, so I always get up or otherwise take the day off. The run was kind of crappy this morning, I just felt like my legs were heavy, I did a yoga video yesterday and my legs were sore, and I might have been semi- still asleep. I pushed through it and finished, took 3 pee breaks, which I think sometimes the pressure feeling could be in my head - but maybe not.

Got to work, and I have to trek up 3 long flights everyday so by the time I'm at the top I'm having a partial heart attack. Fast forward 5 minutes and there was an announcement about car lights being on and it sounded like my car. RAN out since I was already running later than usual, cross the street, through the parking lot - my lights are off. Back up the 3 flights, now just totally spent. 2 periods later teaching a class and a kid is really testing me. I've explained something 3 times and he still doesn't understand why his answer is wrong. I want to say, ok, kid, it is time now to shut the **** up. You aren't god's gift to the world, and your parents need to punish you more. After this ordeal, my blood is boiling for the next period. I think my emotions are heightened at this time. My next 2 classes were a bit chaotic and I couldn't believe by the 2nd to last period of the day that it wasn't the last class.
Made it through - and really, I love everyday, but this one was tough to love.

Clothes - getting too tight. No more trying to fit into button/zipper pants. Gotta do the bands, and elastic pants. Shirts - need to go on shopping spree and get some mediums for now.

This week, I have been exhausted when I get home. It hits me around 5 or 6pm and I'm beat!
I don't know if it is pregnancy or what, but I am getting the same amount of sleep as normal and sleeping well. I feel like its that week of your cycle (sorry to the male readers) where you are super hungry and major tired. I hope it passes.

This weekend - PHILLY DISTANCE RUN! I'm so pumped. I hope my energy is high and the forecast does already look spectacular! My goals - to enjoy the course, not have to use port-a-potties, not have my stomach hanging out, and get my pretty medal! I'd be thrilled to beat my time from last year since I've become faster over the last year, but I don't know what to expect and there's no pressure there. I don't plan on pushing it.

I'll be back this weekend with week 17 stats & race stories! Have a great weekend everyone!
Tomorrow is week 18!


The anti pregger strikes again

I spend frustrating time in the morning trying to find clothes I can wear. My pants still fit me, but are becoming uncomfortable. My shirts are hard to button across my chest because my once flat chest now looks like I had an operation. I am not used to this. So I spend time in the morning and get frustrated. My yoga outfits look like I ate too much and let myself go. I decided to go look for some clothes after work today. This did not go over well. I took one look at motherhood maternity and wanted to scream and/or cry. I had ordered a skirt online that was nasty when it came and returned it. I don't think I'll go back - ever! I went to TJMAXX to look for workout clothes and came out with one longer yoga top and then a nike running skirt, non maternity related. I'm not good at this!!! My mom told me to go get medium shirts instead so I have more room, so I'll avoid the maternity gear ALAP! (as long as possible!) I don't want to look like an oversized whale though, so must be aware!

Week 16 pic at left, that was a week and a half ago. I feel like since then it has grown ALOT!

In other blogger news, my husband created his own sports blog at http://thetransplantedfan.blogspot.com/ so all of you sports fans out there, check it out for some good sports knowledge.

Philly distance run T -5 days. Very excited since my running has started to be back to its usual pace after the knee issues. Good luck to all of the other Philly distance runners!


week 16 recap

On to week 17 which hit on Friday, and 4 month mark which hits tomorrow. Still running strong, and getting some speed back after losing it from knee issues! Last week I beat my record for # of times going to the bathroom during a run. Boo. It hits mostly during the first 30 minutes and then I'm ok. Any other fellow prego runners, is this how it is for you? I felt good and normal most of this week - Yay! Next weekend is the Philly Distance run - I'm a little nervous about the bathroom situation, but most of the time when I'm doing a race, I forget about discomforts. Hopefully there will be lots of port-a-potties or places to squat! As soon as I got to that 5k on Tuesday I had to pee, but I forgot about it when I started running. Maybe alot of it is mental!

This weekend, we went to Shea to see the Mets play, and stayed with my brother. Didn't sleep the best ever and wish tomorrow was Sunday again :( !

The stats from last week:

Monday: Run 30 minutes (3.25 miles/9:14 pace), yoga class (enjoyed very much!)
Tuesday: run 1:01:04 (7 miles/8:44), 5k race (26:43/8:38 pace)
Wednesday: Swim 1/2 hour & yoga class (not as enjoyable/different instructor)
Thursday: Run 1:00:17 (7 miles/8:37)
Friday: Swim 1/2 hour
Saturday: Run 1:23:56 (10 miles/8:24)
Sunday: Run 45:00 (5.16 miles/8:44)

Totals: Run: 35.5 miles, 5:07:00
Swim 1 hour, 2 hours of yoga
Knees feeling better, still hurt after running for a bit, keep stretching + Yogaing!


Raise your hand if...

If you were given the choice to keep your life the way it is now or to add drastic change to it, what would you do? Most people I think, would keep it the way that it is. Maybe those seeking adventure or deeper happiness would opt for change. So, having a baby - kind of a similar situation, except you don't know what is going to happen, but maybe you know you've always wanted a family, so you have to go along with drastic changes that will come. I think it is ok that I feel scared about what is to come and although I sometimes feel bad about my feelings, I think they are normal.

I think that having another member of the family will add a neat thing to our lives, new perspectives and I think it is so neat that it will have a part of both of us and part of our personalities and looks and all that. I think things that are #1 now will maybe be less of a priority and everything will fall into place.

Now I just have to read this floating in the clouds email whenever I am stressing.

Thanks for your comments on my stressing out post and have a great weekend!

nervous nelly

I’d say once a week, I start to worry and cause a ginormous headache that lasts all day. That day was yesterday. I start walking around school and thinking, I wish I wasn’t pregnant (horrible, awful thought- even though I want the little guy/girl), how can I live like I do now with a baby at home(go to the gym when I want, go run errands when I want, get my work done, etc etc), how is my life going to change, am I going to become a horrible teacher, how will I have time to bring work home, how will I stay home for 6-8 weeks and not want to tear out my hair, how will I then make sure I am around enough for my child, when I am also working (and I want to work because my job is a huge part of who I am) and on.. and on.. and on. I usually feel bad thinking these things, and most days I am thinking more positively about all of the fun things that are to come, but in the back of my head are all of these worries.

Other selfish worries are thinking about when I can't run for a while. It is really my life line and what I look forward to and what makes me feel good. Not being able to run at all, or not at a sufficient (to me) speed or for a long time is going to be very difficult. I know I should take it one day at a time, and I am sooo thankful that I can run still right now, I'm probably going to be struck down soon for being a complainer/worrier. Stop thinking about what is to come and start enjoying that I can run each day and it feels good. But I'm scared. Seeing pictures of huge ass pregnant ladies that look like all they can do is sit on a couch scares the S*** out of me!

Yesterday I had an awesome tm run. I felt like I wasn’t pregnant - this is the feeling that I prefer and I kind of pretend to myself that I am not pregnant bc I don't have any signs/symptoms except a bigger gut right now. I had to stop to go to the bathroom 3 times, and each time it was like no pee – but the pressure was making me stop to “go.” Weird feeling. This weekend my goal is to run 8, and I’m looking forward to next weekend’s distance run (race) in Philly!

Don't get me wrong - I am really psyched to have my own child, and that I am lucky enough to be pregnant and not have troubles. Also besides being a worry wart, this pregnancy is so easy. I would have to add that I was probably supposed to be a man - I would rather have someone else deliver me a child and I can enjoy the little person and not have my life flipped upside down. I have a hard time with being pregnant - but I want the end result. I just think it is unfair. I know it is beautiful and natural - but I think that is BS. I've always thought this and knew what I would be like when I was pregnant.. and I am like I thought, unfortunately.

Last I think that once I feel the little person moving I will feel better? I'm still in this in between stage where I just feel like I let myself go.




Ran my first race tonight, a local 5k corporate challenge. I was iffy going into it, not sure if I should do it, if I would push too hard, if I would be disappointed by my slower time, etc. I decided I had no goals, and that I was just going to run a nice 3 miles with other people instead of on the treadmill.

When I got there, I felt elated. I haven't ran a race since May, before I was pregnant and I had an awesome spring of all PRs. I felt so normal being there amongst other runners, and in the back of my head thinking that I wouldn't have this experience again, next year I'll have a child! (lots of these thoughts lately - 'will my life be over?' thoughts - among good ones!)
Also I was thinking that I would NEVER want to be a fan watcher. I am very glad my husband isn't a runner for that reason. I wouldn't be able to happily go watch him race when I couldn't. After lots of thoughts and some nervous feelings, the race kicked off. I liked looking around.

The first mile, I didn't feel like I was pushing it too hard, just taking it at a moderate pace and listening to people around me. It was HUMID!!! My first mile was 8:13. After that, it started to be hilly, miles 2 to the finish were up and down pretty steep hills! Those miles I was just in thoughtful mode, thinking about how fast or slow I might be running, how I felt, how nice it was to run with other people, and how nice it was to just be a runner. I missed the 2 mile mark so I don't know what my split was for that, and I ended in 26:43. I was happy with it, for my first Pregnancy PR, but also when you think in the back of your head, whoa, that's over 3 minutes slower than my real PR, it can be hard to swallow. I'm still feeling good about it right now, I was thinking I should get a shirt that says on the back, "Hey you! A pregnant chic just passed you. " Haha. But that would be mean. The best thing was at the end, I was walking back to my car, and this trainer idiot at my gym was just finishing and panting. I worked with him for a free trial and realized I knew more than him so I didn't continue working with him. But oh man, seriously?

Overall a nicely organized run and it felt good! I will sleep well tonight!

Yesterday- I went to yoga with the instructor who I last time called a show off, but she was injured, and not doing much this time. It was a REALLY good class. I just liked all of the poses we did and it felt really good to stretch.

My final thought for today is - do you alternate your shoes? I bought 2 pairs and I get into the habit of wearing one of the pairs much more favorably than the other. How often do you alternate if you do?


week 15 recap

Yesterday I really wanted to get a long run out of the way. With the weather being so humid, rainy, and windy, I planned on running on the treadmill. I was totally not into it from the get-go. I didn't want to get up early, so I slept in, ate breakfast, then ran. It was hard and I never really got into it, just trucked through it.

Did 10.22 miles/1:30:00/8:48 pace. Knees are feeling better, but need TLC. I can run faster on the treadmill than outside so it helps my pace for training for the 1/2 in 2 weeks!

This week was nuts in terms of the first week of school and working at home 24/7 when I was home and being tired! And it was only a 4 day week! I wish we always had Monday off!

I applied to run Boston with Dana Farber last week, and I figure that is the only place I will apply. If I get in, it is meant to be. If not, it is not. I'm going with that outlook on Boston for now, not knowing what my body will be like 2 months postpartum.

I watched the movie "waitress" last night and found my match - Felicity :) or whatever her name is - the anti mother. Haha. Have a great week everyone!

The stats
Monday: 30 minutes of yoga/recovery day!
Tuesday: run 8.3 miles (5.3 (50:00) in am, 3 (26:30) in pm)
Wednesday: swim 40 minutes (new place), yoga
Thursday: run 8 miles (6.78am(1:00:00)/1.22(11:00) pm)
Friday: swim 30 minutes, elliptical 15 minutes, lift 30 minutes
Saturday: run 10.22 (1:30:00)
Sunday: run 5.75 (50:15)

Total: Running 32.3 miles/ 4:47:45
swimming 70 minutes (??yards)
crosstrain 15 minutes
yoga 1.5 hours, lift 30 minutes.


Holy cannolis!

I've been cursing all week. The first week of school is overwhelming! Most especially on Tuesday, words that were coming out of my mouth were horrendous!! I get into the habit of it and then I really have to work on stopping it! Anyway, running this week has been good, I feel NORMAL!

School has been insane, I can't wait until it is October, when I know my kids and everything is routine. Routine for me during the school year in terms of running is getting up before 5 and running from 5-6. For my knees, I am doing yoga at least once a week and aiming for twice when I can! I have been stretching more and trying to nurture the knees. They have been better but need the TLC.

I'm backed up on reading blogs but I'll catch up on the rainy Saturday!
Have a good weekend everyone!


First day & a great run!

I had a great run tonight! I got up early to run and did, but didn't get up early enough to be ready and looking nice for the first day so I had to cut my run short and was determined to run when I got home. I did and it was great!! I am thoroughly exhausted from this day but it went well, everything was smooth - it was just long! It is a horrible thing to say, but when I feel like I am not pregnant and run like a normal person I feel so much better! I need to think of ways to bond with this baby so that I don't have feelings that I don't want to be a pregnant lady!

Have a good week everyone!


week 14 recap

Labor Day weekend! This means school and having no life goes back into full effect starting tomorrow. While I'm excited for the new school year, I could also use another day of rest from a lonnnng weekend. We had a wedding that we were both in, which turned out to be really fun. It will probably be the only time we get to be partners in someone else's wedding and it was really fun! But boy, I am beat! Really exhausted. Proof - the gym was open until 2 today and I could not even fathom getting up to go. I go when I'm tired all the time, but today is another kind of tired!

On Sat, I had a "shitfit" while running, I got really frustrated that my original bad knee was hurting moreso than the right knee, that I couldn't run as fast, had to go to the bathroom 3 times within 20 minutes of starting off my run, and more fun bodily issues that come along with pregnancy. Not a fun day. I ended doing a mile at a pace that I liked with blaring music on my treadmill. Sometimes the transition of running slow crap miles gets to me, other days I am just happy to still be running! This was one of the days where it got to me - BIG TIME.

On Sun, I was determined to get up to do the nike 10k - anyone else out there do it? I struggled, my original bad knee (left) on the inside was the problem. It became a walking/jogging (not sure if I can even call it running) event, but I became a part of history. Hehe. Pretty cool idea. Hope everyone had a good long weekend!

Week 14 recap: 4 days off from running
Monday: yoga, elliptical 40 minutes
Tuesday: Kickboxing 25 min, walk 15 min
Wednesday: swim 1 hr, yoga, elliptical 20 min
Thursday: lift 30 min, kickbox 30 min, elliptical 15 minutes
Friday: LONG RUN! 15 miles 2:30
Sat: 8 miles running broken up
Sun: Nike 10k from West Orange, NJ.

Totals: Running 29.2 miles, swimming 3000 meters (1 hr)
cross training (2 hrs 25 min), lift (30), yoga 2 classes

Thoughts: This week I feel like I gained considerable weight and started to have a belly. : (

Goals: yoga at least 1 time a week, preferably twice, stretching 2x a day!