week 18 recap

The stats for week 18. Waiting to hop in the car and go back home.
Playing around with the look of my blog. I like how Frayed Laces has hers set up with the pictures that are really cool - and then I saw another one that I liked but I can't remember where it was. I don't like how the writing part is so narrow but it seems limited. Also, I would like it better if I could put gadgets on both sides to round it out. I wanted to add the picture but it is HUGE! I'll play around with it more next time I am bored out of my mind : )

3.9 more miles and I could make it to 40. It's a thought. Hummpph.

Monday: yoga
Tuesday: run 6.5 miles (home: 1:02:00/9:33)
Wednesday: Swim: 1800-2000? yards - 38 min, run 2.33 miles (gym: 22:00/9:27), lift 15min
Thursday: 6.6 miles (home: 1:00:00/9:06)
Friday: Swim 45 min - 2400 yards
Saturday: 10.33 miles (home: 1:30:00/8:43), 3.32 miles (outside, CT: 33:00/9:57)
Sunday: 7 miles (tm/CT: 1:03:12/9:02).

I forgot to record the yardage for Wednesday's swim but it was the best swim yet with other people in my lane!

I don't know how my long runs are faster than shorter ones, I think I know I am going longer and will finish faster if I run faster?

Lifting is getting shafted. Too boring. I'll make more time for that soon maybe!

This week is an awesome week coming up. We have Tuesday AND Wednesday off for Jewish holidays. I am so pumped. Wednesday is our ultrasound too, which I'm excited for, to see our little runner in there!

Ooooh.. I have a good poll for you. Bill's family wants to travel to Italy this summer to celebrate their wedding anniversary. My thoughts - there is no way in hell I am traveling with a 3-4 month old child on a plane ride and to a foreign country and having any enjoyment whatsoever. My summer plan - pool and beach. What do you think?

Enjoy the week!


  1. I'm also giving my blog a new fallish look.. ive been playing with it all day. Ive recently found a website where you can get layouts for the templates so they arent so boring. Its really addicting and i cant stop messing with it!

  2. I can't vote because I say it depends on the baby. My first was a DISASTER LOL. She cried, cried, cried ALL the time. Super sensitive high needer. (It was actually a blessing in disguise. I was TOTALLY prepared my second one after dealing with her. Although at the time I didn't think so LOL) so I would say NO WAY if it was her. BUT my second was the most laid back and easy going baby so I would've been all over it if it was her.

  3. From experience, it is easier taking an infant on the plan than a two year old who can't sit still and needs something new to do every 10 minutes! When we had to CA we will be bringing a portable DVD player.

  4. sorry it should read plane!

  5. i just search blog templates on google and follow the instructions. i had this awesome website but it isnt working for me anymore? :( check it out though


  6. here are somemore!



    now mine is pumpkins! i was going for a fall look.. halloween is my FAVORITE!

  7. Great training week! Oh how nice on the two holidays but even more exciting is that ultrasound!

    I voted no, not so much the plane ride, I believe that would not be too brutal. It is the NON baby friendliness of Europe. Like our nice cozy changing stations and baby swings for the carrier at resturants the crowdness of small cafe's..That is just me but people do raise babies out there too I guess so I am no help.

  8. my brother and sister in law came to CT from paris for christmas last year with their 3 month old...they said it was fine. granted, they stayed with family. but i imagine it's easier to travel with a baby who can't move than a toddler...scary!

  9. love the new look :) i have been trying to find something fun for mine too but haven't yet... its fun to play around with though!

    awesome job on the week!!

    do you get to see if its a he or she at the ultrasound??

  10. I think it does depend on the baby - maybe this one will be quiet and calm and stuff and will be easy to handle for that trip.

    Like the new look! Are you going to find out if it is a boy or a girl or are you waiting until its born???

  11. I would agree. I think it depends on the baby. Most of my friends with kids say to travel when the baby is 3-4 months because you have figured the sleeping/eating stuff out and they still don't need to move around as much. If we can afford it, I hope to go on a trip that involves plane travel.

  12. Oooh, I think I just made your poll evenly split between the first 2 items! I think I would go... even if it means more work for me. I just can't pass up Europe!! Love the new look, btw!

  13. No way to I go to Italy with a baby. That is no way to experience Bella Italia. You need to be free to drink wine and explore and soak up La Dolce Vita. To me, that would be like holding fresh baked cookies in front of me when I am starving, but I can't reach them.

    I know it is a work in progress, but I like the new look of the blog. When you figure out how to get gadgets on both sides (or widen the text area) please let me know.

    BTW, the blog pic is great. Look at you smoking the field. NICE! You rock, paisana.

  14. Oooh, tough call. I definitely think it would be easier to take a baby than a toddler, though, so maybe if the baby is more on the mellow side you should take advantage of it.

    And I like the new look.

  15. I love the new look and the big picture on top. But I am a sucker for photos. I have been thinking about changing mine up too, but somehow I haven't had the time. Funny, since I don't have a job, lol!

    Personally, I wouldn't want to travel that far with a young baby. I think I would be too paranoid to go that far with my new baby and would be too afraid I would be so busy I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself.

    HOWEVER, I would never want to pass up a trip to Italy. That's a tough one.