week 17 recap

A bit late with the exhilaration of the Sunday race : )
Today - bad knee is hurting and not happy, especially walking up the stairs to my 3rd floor classroom in a really old building! But I feel good and want to do another race this weekend. I was considering the 18 mile NYC tuneup in central park on Sunday, but I'm going to wait and see what my doctor thinks (appt tomorrow) and how my knee is feeling to see what I can do. Once I start racing again I get really addicted to the high that I feel!

I did yoga tonight and stretched out. It felt good and hopefully an easy run in the morning will help me to stretch out.

Week 17 recap
Monday: Run 30 minutes (3.15) + yoga
Tuesday: run 1 hr (7)
Wednesday: run 15 minutes (1.5) and swim 30 minutes(1700yd), yoga 30 minutes
Thursday: Run 1 hr (7)
Friday: 30 minutes swimming (1600yd)
Saturday: 55 minutes (5.5 miles)
Sunday: RACE! 13.1 (1:57:05)

Total: 37.3 miles running, 1.5 hours yoga and 3300 yds (1 hour) swimming.
Here's to being able to run in 20 more weeks!


  1. That stinks about your knee! My achilles is bothering me today too. I am not too happy.

    You had a great week! I hear you about the racing high. I was in the best mood all day yesterday! Maybe it was all the beer i drank afterwards. Haha...

  2. let us know how the appt goes! you must be getting close to the point where they do the big ultrasound/anatomy scan and can tell you the sex (if you're finding out!)??

  3. Hope your knee pain is just a blip from the race and that you feel better tomorrow. Great totals, as usual!

  4. Seriously, you inspire me to keep running. I cant believe you find time to do all that exercising! Thats awesome. I'm getting better and better thanks to everyone's advice! Good luck at the doctors apt.

  5. You have been running so well, sorry to hear about the knee. I can't believe you have thoughts of running 18 miles while you are pregnant! Hope all goes well at the doctors!

  6. Seriously you are amazing - running over 37 miles a week and swimming and you are pregnant!!

  7. Sorry to hear about your knee, hopefully it's just an ache and will be gone soon. Great run, good to see you're still out killin it.

  8. Dang that knee, but a kick ass week. Hope the knee feels better soon. If it makes you feel any better, my left hammie is still tight.

  9. Still running strong! Very nice chica! Shoot, with the rate you're going you'll be running until the day that kiddo gets born ;-)

  10. Is Central Park tune-up a race? I miss running in the park. That 6 mile look around the park is the best! So let us know how the appt with the doctor goes! Hope your knees feel better! You are so hardcore. Back to back racing!

  11. hope your knee is feeling better soon!!! i hear you on the racing high :) its so fun!!

  12. Nice job at the race! Way to go!!

  13. Wow! That is a lot of exercise. And good luck with being able to run at 37 weeks. More power to ya! = )

    I am sending good knee vibes your way.