Raise your hand if...

If you were given the choice to keep your life the way it is now or to add drastic change to it, what would you do? Most people I think, would keep it the way that it is. Maybe those seeking adventure or deeper happiness would opt for change. So, having a baby - kind of a similar situation, except you don't know what is going to happen, but maybe you know you've always wanted a family, so you have to go along with drastic changes that will come. I think it is ok that I feel scared about what is to come and although I sometimes feel bad about my feelings, I think they are normal.

I think that having another member of the family will add a neat thing to our lives, new perspectives and I think it is so neat that it will have a part of both of us and part of our personalities and looks and all that. I think things that are #1 now will maybe be less of a priority and everything will fall into place.

Now I just have to read this floating in the clouds email whenever I am stressing.

Thanks for your comments on my stressing out post and have a great weekend!


  1. I wouldn't change a thing now, but did back in 2005. I quit my job with one kid in daycare and the younger one barely 9 months old, stayed home for three months while my wife was on maternity leave, then started grad school and drove us into debt like it was going out of style. Best thing I ever did! Drastic change is sometimes the only and best option. Hey, you only live once right? And kids are never the wrong thing!

  2. I can relate to how you feel in some ways. My first (nor my second LOL) was planned and I got pregnant young (well young for today's standards) and I was NOT happy about at.all. Being 23/24, selfish, and kinda just starting off in the game of life this was NOT NOT NOT the direction I wanted to go LOL. But now that's it's done I would not change a thing :-) Vava is right, kids are never a wrong thing. You'll see! And you'll laugh at all the things you once considered important ;-)

  3. i do take comfort in how many people have said having a kid is the best thing i'll ever do. and in the fact that NO ONE has ever said the opposite!

  4. I can't add anything better than the group has already said before me. I wouldn't "change" anything.

  5. Addendum: I would change my commute. That long-ass efffer SUCKS!

  6. Girl, know where you are coming from.

    Angeline was not expected. I was on birth control pills for a reason! And only 23. And while engaged, not yet married. And wanting to do an Ironman. And not finished with school/started in my career.

    But now that I've held her, I gotta say... No way I would take it back even if I was promised I could have her, the same baby, in a few years.
    It really is amazing.

  7. I am exactly where I want to be in life. Maybe it's that so many years in the past were rotten that by contrast, things are awesome now. There's nothing better, to me, than my husband and our life together. And add the baby to that, and I can't imagine things being any more perfect!