week 15 recap

Yesterday I really wanted to get a long run out of the way. With the weather being so humid, rainy, and windy, I planned on running on the treadmill. I was totally not into it from the get-go. I didn't want to get up early, so I slept in, ate breakfast, then ran. It was hard and I never really got into it, just trucked through it.

Did 10.22 miles/1:30:00/8:48 pace. Knees are feeling better, but need TLC. I can run faster on the treadmill than outside so it helps my pace for training for the 1/2 in 2 weeks!

This week was nuts in terms of the first week of school and working at home 24/7 when I was home and being tired! And it was only a 4 day week! I wish we always had Monday off!

I applied to run Boston with Dana Farber last week, and I figure that is the only place I will apply. If I get in, it is meant to be. If not, it is not. I'm going with that outlook on Boston for now, not knowing what my body will be like 2 months postpartum.

I watched the movie "waitress" last night and found my match - Felicity :) or whatever her name is - the anti mother. Haha. Have a great week everyone!

The stats
Monday: 30 minutes of yoga/recovery day!
Tuesday: run 8.3 miles (5.3 (50:00) in am, 3 (26:30) in pm)
Wednesday: swim 40 minutes (new place), yoga
Thursday: run 8 miles (6.78am(1:00:00)/1.22(11:00) pm)
Friday: swim 30 minutes, elliptical 15 minutes, lift 30 minutes
Saturday: run 10.22 (1:30:00)
Sunday: run 5.75 (50:15)

Total: Running 32.3 miles/ 4:47:45
swimming 70 minutes (??yards)
crosstrain 15 minutes
yoga 1.5 hours, lift 30 minutes.


  1. OMG! I just DVR-ed that (yesterday or Friday) movie and am going to watch it tonight!

    KILLER on the 10 miler! Very nice!

  2. 8:48 pace at 15 weeks? i'm not talking to you any more.


  3. Damn, 10 miles on a treadmill!
    I thought the character in Waitress was great...maybe you need to feed your baby some pie. :)

  4. Amen on having every Monday off. THat would be sooo nice. In fact, why am I up right now? I need to get to bed. I'm sorry it wasn't as long as you wanted, but that's a long time being on the treadmill. Do you do tv, music, or nothing while on it?

  5. Nice job on the run. I think if you are able to continue running throughout your pregnancy, even if the mileage decreases significantly, you will at a good starting point post pregnancy. Glad to hear the knee is still getting better.

  6. Great stats for the week! Good luck with settling into a routine at school.

  7. 10 miles on the treadmill?!? dont know how you do it girl :) great job!!

    yayyy for the upcoming half! that will be fun!

  8. You rock. The mill gets a bad rap. Nice job using the boring effer to your advantage and then smoking out 10.

  9. You applied for Boston? You can apply? I didnt know that. Do you just have to run a qulifying time to apply? How does that work?
    Good luck!!! :)

  10. Ugh, the weather on Saturday was miserable.

    Great 10 mile run. Good luck getting adjusted to school.