Ran my first race tonight, a local 5k corporate challenge. I was iffy going into it, not sure if I should do it, if I would push too hard, if I would be disappointed by my slower time, etc. I decided I had no goals, and that I was just going to run a nice 3 miles with other people instead of on the treadmill.

When I got there, I felt elated. I haven't ran a race since May, before I was pregnant and I had an awesome spring of all PRs. I felt so normal being there amongst other runners, and in the back of my head thinking that I wouldn't have this experience again, next year I'll have a child! (lots of these thoughts lately - 'will my life be over?' thoughts - among good ones!)
Also I was thinking that I would NEVER want to be a fan watcher. I am very glad my husband isn't a runner for that reason. I wouldn't be able to happily go watch him race when I couldn't. After lots of thoughts and some nervous feelings, the race kicked off. I liked looking around.

The first mile, I didn't feel like I was pushing it too hard, just taking it at a moderate pace and listening to people around me. It was HUMID!!! My first mile was 8:13. After that, it started to be hilly, miles 2 to the finish were up and down pretty steep hills! Those miles I was just in thoughtful mode, thinking about how fast or slow I might be running, how I felt, how nice it was to run with other people, and how nice it was to just be a runner. I missed the 2 mile mark so I don't know what my split was for that, and I ended in 26:43. I was happy with it, for my first Pregnancy PR, but also when you think in the back of your head, whoa, that's over 3 minutes slower than my real PR, it can be hard to swallow. I'm still feeling good about it right now, I was thinking I should get a shirt that says on the back, "Hey you! A pregnant chic just passed you. " Haha. But that would be mean. The best thing was at the end, I was walking back to my car, and this trainer idiot at my gym was just finishing and panting. I worked with him for a free trial and realized I knew more than him so I didn't continue working with him. But oh man, seriously?

Overall a nicely organized run and it felt good! I will sleep well tonight!

Yesterday- I went to yoga with the instructor who I last time called a show off, but she was injured, and not doing much this time. It was a REALLY good class. I just liked all of the poses we did and it felt really good to stretch.

My final thought for today is - do you alternate your shoes? I bought 2 pairs and I get into the habit of wearing one of the pairs much more favorably than the other. How often do you alternate if you do?


  1. Woohoo for your first pregnacy PR! (I love PPR, btw. Funny!) And great job on your race!! Oh I try to alternate my shoes but I get lazy and stick to one that I usually favor. So, what usually happens is I end up buying a 3rd pair while the first pair getting very very tired. ;-)

  2. Go for it. Get the shirt. I think its freaking hilarous and i would totally support a preggo runner!

    So i guess i wasnt aware that you were supposed to switch shoes. I have one pair that i wear daily. Maybe i should invest in another new pair.....

    Now only if my college kid salary could afford another pair.... :)

    P.s. Great job in your race! Id say thats pretty awesome running for 2 :)

  3. your 5k ppr might be 3 min slower than your regular pr, but hey, it's 3 min FASTER than my 5k ppr!

    i got the gabrialla...will test it this week and report back. i've worn it around the house to get used to it and i like it, though it's not comfy when sitting down.

    i usually have 2 pairs i try to alternate on, but they're sometimes 2 pairs of the same shoe...does that count? i don't know!

  4. wooooo congrats on the PPR! love it :)

    i have 2 pairs of the same shoes, but i am trying to wear one down more before alternating the others in... the only reason i have 2 is because i got a new pair for SFM before the other pair was out. i was actually just talking about this tonight so glad you brought it up!

  5. Great job on the PR. You are running awesome. Your comment about a pregnant chic passing made me laugh.

  6. Nice job! Don't worry about your time, just think about how awesome it is you can still do this. Lots of preggo people can't or don't even try. I think the shirt would be funny!

  7. CONGRATS CHICA!!! That is DEFINITELY a killer time for being pg. Good God I'd probably be running 20 minutes slower :P

    I rotate my kicks. I've read that it takes 24 hrs for shoes to "go back to normal" after you run in them. I don't know if that's true or not but it gives me a good reason to buy stuff :P

  8. I like reading your pregnancy running stories. I have often wondered what it would be like to run while pregnant and how it would affect the running pace. Congrats on the PPR!

  9. Lol, that would be an awesome shirt. Congratulations on the race! I have an indoor treadmill pair of shoes and an outdoor pair.

  10. I don't alternate shoes...I probably should, but I wear inserts and am already too lazy to tie my shoes.

    Re: having a non-running hubby...sometimes I wish that I had a more athletic hubby that was into racing, but it is really nice to have someone go to your races, hold you stuff, and cheer for you. Plus, I like having my alone time on runs.

    Congrats on the 5k!

  11. Great time, and that shirt idea is awesome! I'd laugh if I saw someone wearing one passing me, and it might even pick me up a little. Well done!

  12. You rock! Great job and I love the shirt idea.

  13. Great job on the PR! When I was pregnant I ran a Half Marathon nine minutes slower than my PR and even though I knew I was pregnant (with IT band issues and hardly any training) it was still really difficult to accept.

    But your time is great! And it's nice to hear you just went out and enjoyed yourself.

    Haha, I just realized your PPR is 2 seconds faster than my normal 5k PR!!!