week 16 recap

On to week 17 which hit on Friday, and 4 month mark which hits tomorrow. Still running strong, and getting some speed back after losing it from knee issues! Last week I beat my record for # of times going to the bathroom during a run. Boo. It hits mostly during the first 30 minutes and then I'm ok. Any other fellow prego runners, is this how it is for you? I felt good and normal most of this week - Yay! Next weekend is the Philly Distance run - I'm a little nervous about the bathroom situation, but most of the time when I'm doing a race, I forget about discomforts. Hopefully there will be lots of port-a-potties or places to squat! As soon as I got to that 5k on Tuesday I had to pee, but I forgot about it when I started running. Maybe alot of it is mental!

This weekend, we went to Shea to see the Mets play, and stayed with my brother. Didn't sleep the best ever and wish tomorrow was Sunday again :( !

The stats from last week:

Monday: Run 30 minutes (3.25 miles/9:14 pace), yoga class (enjoyed very much!)
Tuesday: run 1:01:04 (7 miles/8:44), 5k race (26:43/8:38 pace)
Wednesday: Swim 1/2 hour & yoga class (not as enjoyable/different instructor)
Thursday: Run 1:00:17 (7 miles/8:37)
Friday: Swim 1/2 hour
Saturday: Run 1:23:56 (10 miles/8:24)
Sunday: Run 45:00 (5.16 miles/8:44)

Totals: Run: 35.5 miles, 5:07:00
Swim 1 hour, 2 hours of yoga
Knees feeling better, still hurt after running for a bit, keep stretching + Yogaing!


  1. It's not just running, being pregnant you ALWAYS have to pee. It's ok, it gets you to the front of the line faster. About being slower, many women get put on bed rest during pregnancy. Some could do nothing about it, but other times it's from women not listening to their bodies. Nobody is telling you to sit on the couch all day, but you need to listen to your body. You are now taking care of 2 and it's taxing on a body, especially a tiny one like yourself. If you push it to much, you might be FORCED to lay on the couch or in bed all day from your doc! Just be careful to youself for you and baby.

  2. the peeing thing eased up tremendously for me around week 20 i think. i even sleep through the night! before runs now, though, i try to go every 5-10 minutes before i leave the house, for like 30 minutes. seriously, but it works! tougher with port-a-potty lines though!

    how come your 10 mile runs are at a faster pace than your shorter ones??? is that on purpose or just what happens? even pre-preg, the longer the slower for me no matter what i wanted!

  3. yay for 4 months! are you going to find out what you are having??

    another great week! you are amazing with all this exercise you get in while pregnant!!!

    good luck at the race next weekend!! exciting! how far is it?

  4. Your totals continue to impress - Well Done!

  5. Awesome job with the running... i still think your super awesome for running high mileage while being pregnant! I'm not pregnant and my mileage isnt even close to that!

    Good luck with your race next weekend, i bet it will be fun!

    Your AWESOME :)

  6. Great job on an impressive week. Well done indeed.

  7. You're doing so great! I'm so impressed by your determination.

    Hopefully the bathroom issues will work themselves out for you. I'll look for a slightly pregnant girl squatting on the side of the course or hopping in line to a port-o-potty next sunday. LOL!

  8. Your dedication to running is really inspiring. I hope I keep it up when I am prego one day!! ;-)

  9. Nice job with all the workouts. Hope you had fun at the Mets game. I wish it was Sunday again too!

  10. Ohhhh girl I hear you. I always had to pee every 5 minutes while pregnant. I can't even imagine how I'd be if I ran and was pregnant LOL

  11. SO you did a 10 mile run basically at my BQ pace while preggers....how pathetic do I feel?

  12. You're fast! I'm jealous. End of story.

  13. Yeah, we have been doing all our long runs around Kelly Drive. We start in Manayunk and run around the museum and back. For runs during the week, we do the bike path out towards VF, or a variation of the tow path. Sometimes we will go out to Wissahickon (I love it out there!).

    I think I just need to relax. Who knows what my problem is.

    I am getting excited about the race this weekend too. I think it will get my head back in the game. I haven't done any race since January!

    We should meet up afterwards somewhere to say hi. I'm sure it will be easy to find each other in a sea of 5 million people in front of the museum! LOL!

  14. I've started to choose my routes according to suitable pee stops :-) I fear I'm going to get arrested soon.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm 5'4" too. I may not have a huge bump, but I think I'm putting on weight all over. I may be having twins in my boobs :-)

  15. You are amazing for even running, I only hope that I can be like you if that day comes for me... which shouldn't be for a long long time :)