Round 3

The goal of the next 2 days is to buy some clothes that I can wear to work and be comfy and not be told that I look pregnant (aka clothes too tight) by my lovely students. First try going to maternity land, I walked in to the store and wanted to cry. The second time I went to the mall, I couldn't bring myself to go near the store, so I went to banana republic and salivated instead. Today or tomorrow I hope to be successful.

Today started off with a nice run. What a great day to be able to start it off with a relaxing run after sleeping in and being empowered watching people at the gym! Last night I did yoga, and I knew during the class that my arms were going to feel it today - and tomorrow. Whoa I woke up and can already feel the soreness in my arms, and I know it will be worse tomorrow. I love muscle soreness, I just didn't feel like it was THAT intense. I think it was holding those side poses like side planks, whatever they are called in yoga.

So when I was running, I started thinking. The day before I run, I usually get an idea of how much or how long I plan to run the following day. Unless I'm just not feeling well or feeling it, I'll do the amount that I set out to. The only time that I just go out and run with no goal is if I am over my weekly mileage goal for the week and just going for an easy run of whatever feels good. I think having a weekly mileage goal keeps me on track every week. For now, it is around 35 miles give or take. I haven't done any speed work since June or July, but one day a week used to switch it up with speed work. Now it is mostly just go out and run a set time or mileage and run however fast I can that feels good.

Questions for you: Do you always go out with a goal time or mileage in mind? Do you work towards a weekly mileage each week or just get in runs when you can? Do you have a pace goal? Do you set aside one day a week for speed work or interval training? Fartleks? Overall, how would you define your weekly training?


  1. I can imagine the clothing nightmare. But who says you EVER have to wear pukey maternity clothes. I say just get bigger sized, stylish and comfy duds.

    Yes to everything you asked in your questions, except the speedwork shiz, which you know I haven't incorporated yet.

    I think having goals and planning is the ONLY way to go. It is a sign of our higher intelligence (we clearly have that in common). LOL. OMG, I am out of my mind.
    -Peace out, your super intelligent Paisano BR

  2. I need to get into yoga. Seriously. Have you heard of the Daily Method or the Bar Method? It's like yoga and Pilates rolled into one and it's supposedly fantastic. My friends rave about it but haven't been to one, yet. Anyway, thought I'd throw that out there!

    As for my training, I use Hal Higdon... I've been for several years now. So I usually go out with mileage goal in mind. I don't always follow the pace recommendations or speed work. I kinda go out there and see. Which would explain why I haven't increased my speed much. My weekly training is defined by the little print out that I have at my desk. I glance at it in the mornings, see how many miles I have to do that day and do it. Sometimes, I look ahead and plan, too. Which is kinda rare...

  3. Don't give up on the clothing search! Maybe trying things on will help as well as getting bigger sizes. A lot of stores have those shirts that are flowy through the waist.

    I usually know what kind of mileage and Pace i would like to run at the night before my morning run. Its not set in stone though, my mind knows when i can skip or postpone a workout and when i can't and usually i stick with my plan.

  4. there are soooo many cute maternity shops around here! they all have super cute clothes - hopefully you can find some!

    right now i am on a very set schedule (that i keep moving around hehe)... specific runs for each day with a range of paces but definitely some are fast and some are easy.

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  6. First, Banana Republic does have great clothes. Keep looking, you'll find some good stuff. Maybe try regular clothes just a bigger size.

    During marathon training I have a set schedule I follow. I made it fit to my life. I run 4-5 days a week. I try and get 1 speed or hill work in (usually 6 miles) and 1 six mile run in. I try to keep a comfortable yet slightly challenging pace. Weekends I go for a long run and another 5 or 6 miler. I can't follow the programs where they tell you the pace to run. I don't like running slower than I have to, plus I usually have lots to get done so every minute counts!

  7. If I am in an official training mode, I have a prescribed plan and run according to that day. If I'm not officially training, I run on feel.

  8. You'll find colthes! Never fear. Keep looking!

    Since i started running, i've set a few goals. Lately ive been better about setting weekly mileage goals but at frist i was just winging it.

  9. I'm with FL. When I'm training. Everything is specific. How many miles, how fast, etc . . When not? I go with the flow and do what I want :P

  10. I'm too new to the running thing yet to do fartleks or speedwork mostly because I am still afraid of injury. As far as mileage goes I have been totally sticking to a plan because I need it to hold myself back, not put it too high too early. It's the pacing where I find I go faster than I intend to go, and likely are the reason why I hurt my ankle. I'm learning from books and blogs and my training plan will likely mature over the next year. Great post! And good luck on the clothing front.

  11. I hope you find some stylish clothes that will work on the not looking preggos.

    I have 1 day a week for track work then always have a set goal or time then sometimes the coach calls for heart rate zones. It has been a while that I have run just for fun. I need to bring that back.

  12. When I'm training (which I can't wait to start doing again!!) I'm pretty consistent during the weeks. I set up my plan to incorporate all workouts (swim/bike/run/weights) and usually even have set days that I do each on. Track wednesdays, long run Fridays, tempo brick on saturdays, etc. I don't always have a pace figured out beforehand, but I generally have an effort level that I plan to maintain and then the pace falls into place based on how I'm feeling.

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I haven't found a ton of cute maternity clothes either. I'm not working though so it's a little easier for me to hang out in big wife beater tank tops and stretchy shorts all the time... ugh.

    Btw, I answered your questions back in the comments on my blog. ;)

  13. I almost cried too the first time I walked into a Maternity Store and saw the "fake Belly" they strap on you to try on clothes. I turned around and never went back.

    I set my miles (but not time) before I run but I am always flexible. Partly because I am so Type B and partly because I am totally lazy.

    Somehow it works for me. I go out based on how my body is feeling. But once I get out there, 99% of the time I always finish what I had in mind. And it never fails, I always go out thinking I am going to run slower, but halfway through end up pushing myself to beat my best times.

  14. Funny you asked actually, tomorrow would have been my due date. I am having a harder time coping with that than I thought I would.

    I think we are going to start trying after the marathon in November. Not completely sure yet.

  15. I am in training mode also so I am married to a plan. Already think about base building for next year though (psycho). Think I may do 1 speed session a week, and alternate track intervals and tempo runs. Who knows, fun stuff to think about though.

    I agree with everyone else who is jealous of the yoga - I have to find me a class too.

  16. I need to get my GF motivated so she'll start doing yoga, only because I want to try it.

    I'm with you, the day before a run I will make a goal for myself, but it's more of a range... run 6-8 miles today for example. I use to have weekly goals but since my weekend runs go anywhere from 10-23 miles it's hard to stick with a set weekly goal.

    I like having goals, I think it really helps out and will keep you motivated and gives you a sense of accomplishment at the end.

    Good luck with all the prego shopping stuff. Look for funny shirts like "knocked up" if nothing else it might put a smile on your face... or on others.

  17. Great questions! I've never been in what one would call "training mode", but for a while my main goal was to increase my long runs on Saturday, while doing moderate runs during the week. Most of the time I try to vary the distance from day to day, kind of planning ahead and kind of going on how I feel or how much time I have.

    I haven't quite figured out the whole speedwork stuff yet, but I do like to try to get in some hill workouts now and then.

    Good luck with the maternity clothes. It seems like there is a lot of cute stuff here, but then again it's Utah, where tons of women are pregnant all the time (I seriously find out about new pregnant people at work every week- found out about a new one just today!!).