case of the Mondays

I'm not motivated today. Between being here for 15 hours on Thursday, being in the car for 7 hours and working on math problems, and knowing I have off the next 2 days, I can't function today. Why not make it a 5 day weekend.

It is marathon season and I want in. I like reading all of your training plans and I want to be a part!
I wish I was running one. I sent in one application for charity for Boston in April, and haven't heard back yet. I have 3 others that I might send in for different charities. At least with a future goal in mind, it helps me to stay sane.

Today's happy thought is that I am wearing non-maternity clothes today. I changed my outfit 3 times, but went back to the original which is a pair of normal pants and a normal shirt. I guess they were a little big to start and I can still fit into them and be comfortable. No get dressed drama this morning.


  1. I missed yesterday's post, so here is my comment: No way to I go to Italy with a baby. That is no way to experience Bella Italia. You need to be free to drink wine and explore and soak up La Dolce Vita.

    I know it is a work in progress, but I like the new look of your blog. When you figure out how to get gadgets on both sides (or widen the text area) please let me know.

    BTW, the blog pic is great. Look at you smoking the field. NICE! You rock, paisana.

  2. I'm with you on wanting to be part of the marathon season! I wish I was running some of them in October but I don't have a good reason like you... I'm not ready or in shape to run 26.2. Well, I have a half marathon next weekend and I'll have to see how that goes!

    Good thoughts are good! Especially when they due to clothes. :-)

  3. I'm no marathoner, but I feel your pain and yearning for running one! Also, your blog looks cool and I'm sure the changes will be great. I'm no html wiz but you can get a lot of stuff through google or just messing around with the HTML code in the blogger template.

  4. won't be long and you will be running a marathon again!!! hopefuly you can get into boston and if not there are a bunch of others around during april.

    i hate mondays :(

  5. Reading other blogs always gets me excited to run races and do things.

    I hope you hear about Boston soon. There is plenty of races in the Spring that you'll be able to train for if Boston doesn't work out.

  6. I hate mondays too! At least you have extra days off!

    You never know what might happen for Boston or something else in the spring time.

  7. Ohhh don't you worry, you'll be back in action marathon action in no time ;-)

  8. Try not to fret about it. The good news is that the great ones happen every year.

    I'm not running a marathon.. yet anyway! Your not alone my fellow runner! :) I am gonna try one in Spring of 09 if i can get my butt movin! I just bought a book 4 months to a 4 hour marathon... think i can do it? I'm nervous!!

  10. You are obsessed with running to be prego and you still want to run! :) Motivation to keep me going for sure.

  11. I know i know! This one im sticking with.. for today anyways! HAHA.. i cant stop.. :)

    I will.. im actually gonna post soon about marathons cuz i have alot of questions. I would love to get in the 3s if possible!

  12. Cool new look!
    You're still putting in a ton of miles, I'd be excited about that. You'll be racing come spring/summer!
    My friend is only about 6 weeks or so along and she bought one of those bands so she can continue wearing her normal jeans. She's excited but it's really weird to her to be gaining weight. I think you're definitely normal.

  13. I can relate to wanting to be training. I am out of the running scene for now too. It sucks. You will be back in action in no time. I am quite impressed that you can fit into non-maternity clothes, that is something to be very happy about!

  14. YAY for no dressing drama. That is the worst.

    Maybe you could volunteer at the races to at least be a part of it. I know it's totally not the same thing, but at least you feel like you are a part of helping other meet their goals. And you're still in, in a way.

    Don't worry, you'll be logging those early morning long runs again in no time :)

  15. I know all about not feeling motivated, some days are like that I guess. Hope everything goes well with getting into Boston, that sounds like a great idea, I'm going to look into charity myself now.

    I really like the new look.