week 14 recap

Labor Day weekend! This means school and having no life goes back into full effect starting tomorrow. While I'm excited for the new school year, I could also use another day of rest from a lonnnng weekend. We had a wedding that we were both in, which turned out to be really fun. It will probably be the only time we get to be partners in someone else's wedding and it was really fun! But boy, I am beat! Really exhausted. Proof - the gym was open until 2 today and I could not even fathom getting up to go. I go when I'm tired all the time, but today is another kind of tired!

On Sat, I had a "shitfit" while running, I got really frustrated that my original bad knee was hurting moreso than the right knee, that I couldn't run as fast, had to go to the bathroom 3 times within 20 minutes of starting off my run, and more fun bodily issues that come along with pregnancy. Not a fun day. I ended doing a mile at a pace that I liked with blaring music on my treadmill. Sometimes the transition of running slow crap miles gets to me, other days I am just happy to still be running! This was one of the days where it got to me - BIG TIME.

On Sun, I was determined to get up to do the nike 10k - anyone else out there do it? I struggled, my original bad knee (left) on the inside was the problem. It became a walking/jogging (not sure if I can even call it running) event, but I became a part of history. Hehe. Pretty cool idea. Hope everyone had a good long weekend!

Week 14 recap: 4 days off from running
Monday: yoga, elliptical 40 minutes
Tuesday: Kickboxing 25 min, walk 15 min
Wednesday: swim 1 hr, yoga, elliptical 20 min
Thursday: lift 30 min, kickbox 30 min, elliptical 15 minutes
Friday: LONG RUN! 15 miles 2:30
Sat: 8 miles running broken up
Sun: Nike 10k from West Orange, NJ.

Totals: Running 29.2 miles, swimming 3000 meters (1 hr)
cross training (2 hrs 25 min), lift (30), yoga 2 classes

Thoughts: This week I feel like I gained considerable weight and started to have a belly. : (

Goals: yoga at least 1 time a week, preferably twice, stretching 2x a day!


  1. Hate to tell you this, but the desperate need to pee when running doesn't really go away (at least for me). :( I notice that whenever I have a BH contraction, which happens while running and even walking now, the urge to pee is tremendous. And vice versa- if I have to pee but am holding it at all I get a BH.

  2. You guys look great! Glad you had a nice time at the wedding. Hang in there. Hope the knees geel better. Good luck with the new school year.

  3. I have mastered the art of finding "hidden" spots on my run to squat, shift shorts to the side, and pee. I have managed to keep it down to 1-2 pees per run, but this involves large portions of time when I REALLY gotta go. I also feel about 10 lbs lighter after I pee and find that I run faster. The bladder pressure definitely takes away some of the joy of running. But, I remind myself of my friends that have been on bed rest during their pregnancies and am happy to be out there slogging miles in whatever way, shape, or form it may happen in! Re: knee...I REALLY think that you should take 3 days off and do NOTHING...the worst that could happen is that you go stir crazy. After many, many injuries that only get worse when trying to "run through them," I've learned the hard way that a good short break is the best way to get out there again and running in the form that you like. Ice, stretch, roll (if you have a foam roller), sleep, and watch TV. That's typically all it takes for me. Just my unsolicited $.02!

  4. Amazing totals for the week! Love the belly!!! You'll likely miss it once it's gone.

  5. Great pictures. Looks like a fun time. Hope your knees feel better (my wife says being preggo can make every body part feel like crap) and your school year starts off smoothly.

  6. for me running (and peeing...i can usually handle just one stop around 1-2 miles) got much better around week 18-20. so far it's still good...so don't lose hope! i mean, yeah, it'll get worse later...but hopefully it'll get better for a bit first!

  7. ROFLMAO! Ohhh girl I can only imagine the pee issues that come with running and pregnancy. I feel your pain.

    You look so cute! Love it!

  8. How did the 10k go? I ended up running. It was fun to log my run and be apart of history! Awesome job with the mileage. Especially while carring a baby! Oh,and those pictures from that wedding are really pretty too!

  9. It makes me sad that you are :( about starting to have a tummy. It's a happy thing! That means your baby is growing!!

    Your picture is beautiful.

  10. I already have to pee a ton! Ugh. I am sorry your knee is giving you such issues :( I did the Human Race here in Cleveland on Sunday morning. What great tshirts they gave out. Great pics from the wedding.

  11. Have you bought maternity clothes yet? Maybe wearing them will help with the weight feelings? Like you are showing everyone you are pregnant and not putting on weigh just because?

  12. you look so pretty!!!!!

    awesome job on another great workout week!

    good luck with the first day at school!

  13. Having bad/hurt running days is really frustrating.

    Hope the first day of school goes well!

    The bridesmaid dresses are really pretty and seem flattering...those may be some of the first I've seen that I like!

  14. I agree - take a few days completely off... use the beginning of a school year as a second excuse to the knee pain, if you need one :)

    Looking forward to some SLOW recovery runs after this weekend!