Philly Distance Run

Yesterday I went for a run with my sister who is building up miles to train for her first marathon. She was running 8, and I just wanted to run easy for around an hour. It didn't feel good. Lots of pressure on my bladder, legs felt heavy, just not good! I was nervous for today.

Philly Distance Run!

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Around 58 degrees at the start and high 60s at the finish. PERFECT! It felt a bit warm after we started running, but still, what a beautiful day!
At home ate half a cereal bar (nutrigrain) and 1/2 a roll with PB. Headed downtown via a ride from my dad who decided I shouldn't drive into Philly alone. Now that I'm pregnant I get special treatment, hehe.

I was dropped off & followed my normal tradition of standing in the port-a-potty line pre-race.
After that, jogged a bit to get my muscles warm and waited in my corral. It was about 15 minutes to the start by the time I stood in the corral. I chatted with a another woman - it was her birthday and she was friendly and upbeat. I took in the surroundings and felt happy that I could be there!

The horn went off. We walked for a bit then jogged, walked, finally, crossed the start line. Game on! As soon as I started running, I felt the pressure of having to pee. I resisted it and tried talking to the baby as if he/she was causing all the pressure. MOVE UP!! MOVE UP!! PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME HAVE TO STOP! Eventually I was just able to ignore it and I kept running. Mile 1 was 9:00, and I was disappointed. I think it was just from the crowd and crazy start. Miles 2 and 3 I settled into an 8:30 pace and was trying to enjoy everything. For the most part, each time I got to a mile marker, I was hoping I was under 9 minute miles, and most of the race I was a minute below the 9 minute pace.

Miles 5-6 I was reflecting and asking myself if I was in SURVIVAL mode or ENJOYMENT mode. I was semi in survival mode and dealing with pee pressure and I wasn't tired, but I was kind of not having a wonderful time out there and watching the clock. So I attempted to change my perspective to make sure I was enjoying every minute that I was able to be out there running on a beautiful day with lots of people.

Mile 7 I got in a port-a-potty line and was going to use it when I decided time was ticking away and I could keep going and suck it up. Ran out of the line - I had GU and after that I got a real burst of energy and felt really good. I was still a minute under 9 minute pace. Around mile 9, my bad knee started to bother me. By mile 10, I was starting to psych myself out that I still had 3 miles to go and my knee was not feeling strong at all. Still, I was keeping positive and trying to keep up my pace. At no point did I feel like I was pushing myself past my limits or overexerting myself. It was a comfortable pace the entire time.

I had more gu around mile 10 and didn't feel that nice burst, but tried to pretend mentally that I did! I knew my time was pretty far off any fast 10 milers that I've had lately and was kind of bummed. Miles 11-12-13, I definitely slowed down, and was feeling the pain of my knee. I was debating stopping to stretch but decided I was so close to being done that I could make it. The last 2ish miles were slower and kind of painful, but still beautiful (weather) and fun. At that point I was thinking of the neato medals they give out and finishing. That kept me going. The medals are so cool and heavy. Last year's medal was the coolest so far I think.

Right around 12.5 miles, the Rocky theme came on for my ipod. Nice timing! Shortly after that I saw Bill and my mom and I was almost done. I saw the clock at the finish line nearing 2 hours and wanted to get under that for the clock time so I sprinted the last 50 yards. Whew - felt that afterwards! I don't know if I made it in clock time or not, but my chip time was 1:57:05.
My PR was last year 1:55:41 - but this was before I got fast. I think if I wasn't pregnant I would have had a really nice PR and been able to hold under 8 minute miles bc I did that for Broad Street (10 mile race) in May (7:55 pace). So it is fun - and sad - to think about that, but there's so many other years to do that!

I saw a sign around 4-5 miles that said something inspirational that I can't remember that made me smile. I was kind of not happy with myself for worrying about my splits - that wasn't my goal and led to some times where I was not enjoying the whole thing. But at the end, I felt so happy to have finished and finished under 2 hours. And get a pretty medal. A PPR.

My tradition post race is to get changed and wear my race tshirt around all day. I'm a big dork! Love those shirts and this one is a cozy medium : ) And a yummy bagel to refuel and celebrate.

I'm happy! 3 hours after finishing - knees and legs are feeling it! And I'm exhausted!


  1. Great job! Thats an awesome time! Faster than my half! You rock. Those medals are sweet. I would like to do another race soon, but its starting to cool off in MI and it may have to wait until spring. Thanks for the advice about running. I do believe 5am will be my time. Sadly on days i don't have to wake up that early, i'll run and go back to bed. Maybe a routine will happen that way! Anyways, great job with the run. Your PPR should go down in the baby book :)

  2. awesome! glad it went well!! i'll post about my 10k today soon - also pretty good!

  3. You did so good!!! You should be very proud of yourself. Well done. Hope you take the resst of the day to relax!

  4. Don't be sad! You did so amazing!!! I am so proud of you (and I don't even know you! Haha)

    Your pace is SO good for being 18 weeks pregnant. Last year I ran a Half with a gimpy IT band and was VERY early on in my PG and ran that 14 minutes slower than this one. Can you believe it? Now THAT should make you sad. LOL!

    I think this may be one of my new favorites. It was very well organized, perfect weather and a beautiful course.

    And I am wearing my medium t-shirt now too. Hehe. It IS very comfy.

  5. It's amazing how many different emotions one can go through in a long race like this, and you've provided a terrific report here! Well done on the run and thanks for the post! I hope that your knee doesn't flare up again.

  6. Congrats on the run! Nice burst at the end. I'm jealous of those medals, they are pretty unique.

  7. Great run and I like your post race traditions! Have a good week!

  8. OMG!! Wow that is a SUPER speedy time for a pregnant lady. Most def something to be proud of! You rock! ;D ;D

    Thanks for the shout out too ;-)

  9. Again, you are an amazing athlete! Being pregnant can't slow you down. Way to go!!!

  10. AWESOME job girlie!!! that was an amazing run AND a awesome PPR!! you are a rockstar :)

  11. That is a great time for anyone, let alone a pregnant woman! You should be really proud of yourself. So funny about the potty ritual before the race. I'm the same way, although, sometimes, I think it's more nerves than anything. :-)

  12. Will I be as fast as you when I have a bun in the oven? Probably not, because at the rate I'm going I'll be pushing 40!

  13. great job girl! your medals are so cool, too. i like the middle one the best but they are all pretty badass. you should be so proud of yourself, you ran a great race..is it baby's first race? :)

  14. FYI -- a lot of people I know who ran that with their Garmins, measured the course as long.

    It may have been 13.4 miles.
    In which case.... congrats on the PR. :)

  15. great job and nice race ... thanks for the comment ..Yes NY is the best marathon I have done it twice and its great. My goal is to do 3:30 so I am training and concentrating for that.
    Have a great week

  16. Way to go! You are one tough and speedy chica (shamelessley stealing Marcy's voice). Well done.

  17. Great job that's a great time. Glad it went well. I get nervous about running like that too! :) Good report too

  18. No way! LMAO! Thankfully I took the cache off and my blog is not listed on any search engines ;-)

  19. Great race report - something about that 5 mile mark along the Schylkill that gets in everybody's head (including me). Unbelievable that you can run like that "with child" - wow

  20. What a great finish time- I would love to be able to run a half in under 2 hours (someday, someday).

    Your comparison of survival mode, or enjoyment mode is really cool. I think it's great to focus on being in the moment and appreciating what you're doing. Good for you!

    Oh, and those medals are pretty nifty, too. Sorry about the knee- hopefully you'll be able to rest it some before your next race.

  21. Way to go! Love the new medal! You are seriously amazing for all you do while growing a new lil' runner!!