Is is time to go to sleep yet?

My day started off in the 4's and on the treadmill for a run. I try to get on by 5am for an hour and watch an hour of the news, but listen to my IPOD. Today, I was semi tired when I woke up, but pretty much, I wake up every morning at the same time w/o the alarm and I'm ready to go. Sometimes I question what gets me out of bed, but what I think of when I'm considering not getting up, is running when I get home - I have no energy by that point to do an hour workout, so I always get up or otherwise take the day off. The run was kind of crappy this morning, I just felt like my legs were heavy, I did a yoga video yesterday and my legs were sore, and I might have been semi- still asleep. I pushed through it and finished, took 3 pee breaks, which I think sometimes the pressure feeling could be in my head - but maybe not.

Got to work, and I have to trek up 3 long flights everyday so by the time I'm at the top I'm having a partial heart attack. Fast forward 5 minutes and there was an announcement about car lights being on and it sounded like my car. RAN out since I was already running later than usual, cross the street, through the parking lot - my lights are off. Back up the 3 flights, now just totally spent. 2 periods later teaching a class and a kid is really testing me. I've explained something 3 times and he still doesn't understand why his answer is wrong. I want to say, ok, kid, it is time now to shut the **** up. You aren't god's gift to the world, and your parents need to punish you more. After this ordeal, my blood is boiling for the next period. I think my emotions are heightened at this time. My next 2 classes were a bit chaotic and I couldn't believe by the 2nd to last period of the day that it wasn't the last class.
Made it through - and really, I love everyday, but this one was tough to love.

Clothes - getting too tight. No more trying to fit into button/zipper pants. Gotta do the bands, and elastic pants. Shirts - need to go on shopping spree and get some mediums for now.

This week, I have been exhausted when I get home. It hits me around 5 or 6pm and I'm beat!
I don't know if it is pregnancy or what, but I am getting the same amount of sleep as normal and sleeping well. I feel like its that week of your cycle (sorry to the male readers) where you are super hungry and major tired. I hope it passes.

This weekend - PHILLY DISTANCE RUN! I'm so pumped. I hope my energy is high and the forecast does already look spectacular! My goals - to enjoy the course, not have to use port-a-potties, not have my stomach hanging out, and get my pretty medal! I'd be thrilled to beat my time from last year since I've become faster over the last year, but I don't know what to expect and there's no pressure there. I don't plan on pushing it.

I'll be back this weekend with week 17 stats & race stories! Have a great weekend everyone!
Tomorrow is week 18!


  1. wow girl i would be tired if i was you too! i am tired just reading this! you are so busy getting back into the routine of school, i am sure takes a lot out of you, not to mention you are pregnant and waking up for run for an hour! i dont know how you get up everyday - i wish i could do that!

    good luck this weekend!

  2. I was tired ALL the time with both the kids. I remember the only way I could take a nap was to get Keira to take a nap with me while I was pg with Cam LOL. You've got a lot going on too, so dang it's no wonder ;-)

  3. I had heavy legs today too! Great job getting the runs and yoga in. Best of luck this weekend. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. Hahahahahaha! "You aren't god's gift to the world, and your parents need to punish you more."

    LOVE that! Tooooooo funny.

    That is SO early to get up, you are so good. I am the worst for adding time to the alarm, and then I end up not getting on the treadmill.youbcmw

  5. I'll be out there this weekend, too, but likely won't see you - I'm walking the half with my dad (which should be fun on one level, and mildly excruciating on another, watching all the runners pass us by!).

    Are you around next weekend? Want to meet up for 10-ish? My legs are feeling pretty much back to normal, post-IM, but I'm still getting used to the absence of two-a-days in my life!

  6. You deserve an award for doing what you're doing while preggers. I would SO be insisting hubbie waits on me hand and foot while I help ore ida increase their stocks.

  7. I think it's pretty normal to be tired when you're pregnant, especially considering the other factors of how much you workout, getting up early, and the change of seasons (plus your life is different than a few weeks ago, what with school starting up and all).

    Just try to rest when you can and don't fight it too much. You are doing amazing things for your body and your unborn baby, so relish that. Oh, and sorry about the clothes, issue. Hopefully getting the mediums will make you feel better.

  8. The race this weekend is going to be awesome! I can't believe it is the ONE day it's going to be in the 80's! Ha. i also can't believe coming from Miami I am complaining about that.

    You're doing great! Getting up that early and dealing with kids all day, it's no wonder you are feeling worn down.

    Can't wait till Sunday, woo!

  9. I agree with Aron. Reading all of that made me tired. You are kicking butt with running & working + your pregnancy. Give yourself some credit girl!

    I'm not pregnant and i have about one week a month when hell breaks lose. I'm sure it will pass. Good luck this weekend! I can't wait to read about your race!

  10. I do the same thing except my alarm goes off at 5. I should set it earlier because I'm 10 minutes late for work daily. If stairs are hard now honey, wait until the 6th month! That will be your exercise for day! Totally no the feeling of getting flustered from a student. Again, since you've worked out in the am, take extra time in the PM to rest! Good luck with your race and no pee breaks!!!

  11. I can't believe you get up at 5am WITHOUT an alarm clock!?!?!? Wow. You are seriously hardcore! :-) Good luck with your distance run this weekend!! How far is that exactly?

    Btw, you need to ask for a longer lunch time. 40 min?? Boo...
    And yeah, to answer your question a few days ago, I've pretty much given up running the Nike Marathon. Maybe I'll run the Silicon Valley Marathon... it's the week after! (I just don't think I'll be ready, though...)

  12. i love your silent comment to the annoying kid...some of the PARENTS need to be punished more! keep slogging through the workouts, the tiredness might end soon but anything you do now is good mentally and physically. if you PR that would be amazing...i'm planning to run my SLOWEST 10k on sunday, and not on purpose! good luck!

  13. Reading your post makes ME tired! I hope you have a great day today. Enjoy the race this weekend, and it sure sounds like you've recovered from your knee issue since I haven't seen any posts lately on that front. Congrats!

  14. I agree with everyone else. It is amazing how much you are doing. No wonder you feel tired.

    I love reading your uniquely N.D. perspective on things. You alway make me laugh. I am looking forward to your report on the Philly run. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

  15. Have a great race! I'm sure you're tired, you're doing so much! A friend of mine is about 8 weeks along and she's super tired all the time too, and supposedly they say some people need to almost double their amount of sleep..that seems like a lot though!