Run Paula Run!

It was really neat watching Paula Radcliffe win the NYC marathon again. I was watching online and she is amazing! She's been my hero ever since her 7 month post-partum win in NYC. The race was inspiring! I love you Paula!!! If I liked your name, I would name our baby after you!

Yesterday I was able to do 12 miles in one shot. I started with 3 in the morning but had a side stitch so I went back to it later and was able to do 12 more. I had wanted to try to do 16 (to see how the marathon was looking in a few weeks), but I was happy with the 3 and 12. I did the 'LAUREL' plan aka Galloway method I think? and did walks of one minute every 10 minute. I think it really helped! I took breaks for water, bathroom stops, a milky way (in honor of D10) and to shove down some food in between, but mainly it was all in one shot and under 10 minute pace by a few seconds. It felt good, and I like how once I get into it, if I am feeling good, I feel like I can get into my stride and it feels comfortable. The second half if normally better than the first - hopefully that will translate into future races.Here's my setup in the basement where I've been doing most of my runs!

lots of gu

On Friday I was made the mistake of going on the gym at the scale and started freaking out about weight gain. By 24 weeks I've gained 13 pounds on one of those doctor office scales. I was figuring out that if I gain a pound a week with 16 pounds left, then I'd gain 30 pounds. But I hope that I won't gain a pound every week. And I want to look at it more healthfully and trust that my body is doing what it needs to do for the baby. But also I want to make sure I'm not just an eating machine and eating whatever I want (like the 3 chocolate munchkins that I had on Friday and bagel and cream cheese at a breakfast at school on Friday- things I'd never eat if I wasn't pregnant). I'm going to be more vigilant about that and make sure that my protein is high, but not go nuts about it.
24 weeks

I also read about mamas that eat a lot of peanut butter causes asthma in babies?? I eat peanut butter every day. I feel like I need to eat it more moderately now since every day might be excessive. That will be killer!!!

I am ready to meet the baby. 16 more weeks??? I'm already anxious.

Congrats to Paula Radcliffe - and all of the marathon and race runners this weekend!

this week's stats - the past week was 24 weeks? My pace is all over the place
Monday: Run 5 and 3.09 miles (9:32 and 9:43) and yoga
Tuesday: Run 4.11 miles (9:44)
Wednesday: Swim 2200 yards, 2 miles (10:00)
Thursday: Run 7.37 (10:11)
Friday: Run 0.92 (11:58), lift, elliptical (lifeguard no show)
Saturday: 3 miles (30:00), 12 miles (1:59:00)
Sunday 2.5 miles (10:32), bike and elliptical
Totals: 40 miles! (6:38:59), Swim 2200, yoga 1x, some elliptical and bike

* Compared to the last time I put in 40 miles in July, it took me 40 minutes longer. I like number comparisons. :)


  1. nice job! i could never run that much on the treadmill, but i guess with pee stops it's easier. i think you're really going to do the marathon! i'm impressed!!! i played that "if i gained 1 pound a week, then..." game too. (by my math, math teacher, 13+16=29, not 40 though?) but i doubt you'll gain that much every week...some maybe, not every.

  2. So glad the walk breaks helped. Sometimes it helps, physically and mentally, to break up the run in a way where if you're tired, you only have to look forward to your 10 minutes being up for a break. Hope it keeps working out for you!!

    You're still looking fantastic! And your workouts are GREAT!!! I can't wait to see your baby too! Hehehe..

  3. You look great for 24 weeks! Keep up the great work with running. I just talked to my mom about when she was pregnant with me. She said that she walked and cross country skied and snow shoed up until i was born (i was born in march). I think the fact that you are staying active is good.

    I tried to watch the race online (NYC marathon) but it didnt work for me : (

  4. Nice job you ROCK! Your lil belly is so cute!

  5. You really amaze me with the mileage you are doing and the swimming too. You are doing an awesome job. Hope the Milky Way helped!!

    It is really fun seeing the belly shots. You are looking great. Only 16 more weeks! With the Holidays, the time is going to fly.

  6. That is a lot of miles on the treadmill! You had a great week in numbers! Way to go! :)

  7. I remember watching her win last year and could not believe that she had pretty much just had a baby a few months before. So cool. I am SOOOOOO jealous that you get to watch TV when you run on the treadmill! I face the wall, and can kinda look out a window....no tv. It would be so much more fun if I could!

  8. awesome job and awesome week!! you are so amazing :) i was even telling my mom about you today :)your baby bump is looking sooo cute... still so tiny!

  9. I had put on 15 pounds at week 24 and I've put a pound on every week since then. Healthy weight gain is 28-35lbs, so you're right on target. And the lighter you were to start with, the more you should gain. I was 113lbs.

    I'm just going with it. I'm mostly very healthy, but it's great to treat myself too. Before I got preggers I was a bit of control freak when it came to food, so it's really great to relax. I just wish we had more trick or treaters round on Friday night, as I'm working my way through quite a bit of sweets and chocolate :-)

    Forget the scales. You look fantastic.

  10. A couple things...

    The peanut butter thing has not been conclusive and only suggested when parents have a history of allergies. If you and your husband do not, there's been no advice not to eat peanut butter.

    25-35 is the recommended weight gain for a normal weight woman. 30 would put you solidly within that range, not over. I wouldn't worry about it. Also, the last few weeks of pregnancy, most weight gain stops (except maybe water weight gain that will be gone shortly after delivery)

  11. I didn't gain a pound a week. Try not to freak out. Your body will do what it needs to do to create a healthy baby!

  12. Great job on the 15!!! So happy the Galloway method worked for you. Hey, whatever gets you through the miles, right? Seriously, 40 miles is amazing for a pregnant lady!! And your bump is tiny still! But, I'm finally starting to believe that you're prego!

  13. I love your little set up. Who needs a gym with a tv and food station like that.

    You're still looking great with your teeny belly too.

  14. Paula rocks as do you getting in all that mileage and doing so great with it!

    You and the baby bump look wonderful! I doubt you will gain a pound a week.

  15. Great job on doing 12 miles in one shot! Love the baby bump pic- it's definitely showing a bit more (but in a cute-skinny-pregnant-lady good way).

    And if I have to limit PB when I'm pregnant, we might have some serious issues!