So for election day the students had off and teachers go in for worthless BS. I didn't mind it since I got to sleep in a little bit and take my time getting there (voted first). I tried running this morning before work but made it only 2 minutes on the TM. I brought stuff with me to go running at lunch if I was feeling it. Usually we have 1/2 hour for lunch, today we had an hour and a half! So I went running over the lunch break! I am jealous of those of you who can do this on a daily basis - this was nice! Of course, I usually just think that a run midday or after school isn't going to work out (mainly due to stomach cramps) and I normally run indoors to take advantage of water and bathrooms. So, I wasn't as prepared as I should have been for an outdoor run. No water, no gu, no support band that I've been wearing most of the time... normally, if I wasn't pregnant, I wouldn't have these things or care, but I want to make sure I have fuel and hydration if I plan to run over an hour.

I started out, and about 10 minutes in, had a side stitch. I thought this was it, but since I had already done 10 min, I figured I could just push through it. It ended up fine. I walked when I needed to. My plan was to turn around at 30 minutes, but then I started thinking I could go a little further. It started raining after about 30, but light rain. It was refreshing and kind of nice. After about 40 minutes though, I was hungry. I was close to where I wanted to turn around (@ Villanova) so I just turned around knowing I'd pass a CVS and Running Store on the way back. First stop - CVS - water and a Whatchamacalit (I just saw this at the counter and it reminded me of when I was younger, and I thought if the running store wasn't there anymore, it would be something to eat). Water was good. I found the running store a few blocks further down and grabbed a Gu. The gu was my salvation. I savored every squeeze of the stuff. After this, I was in the zone until the end. I finished just short of 7 miles, but it felt like I had done double that. I carried the whatchama back and had some when I got back. That stuff is good!

I was happy to run outside. When I went to Villanova, I would do the opposite run. I would start at Villanova, run for 30 minutes to Ardmore and run back. This time I started at my school/work further out in Ardmore and almost made it to Nova. My time was ridiculously slow (7 miles/1:15ish), but I was pretty much just happy to be running outside and on the lunch hour!

Post run - some low back pain. Feels fine now, but maybe the extra weight is starting to bother my back. I always wish that I had a camera to take shots of the sites. I found a new brueger's bagels going up and saxby's coffee. I never made a bathroom stop!! This was pretty good!

While I was running, I thought about flexibility and stretching. In the NYtimes magazine was an article about stretching and how holding a stretch isn't necessarily good. That what you should do is warmup for 10 minutes then do some warmups similar to what you will be doing - so for running, butt kicks, high knees, and some other weird stretches that they gave demos of. Anyone see that? Since I normally don't stop after 10 minutes to stretch, and much of the time during the week, I don't even stretch after = BAD, BAD, BAD, I need to improve my stretching routine.

What's your stretching routine??? Which stretches are always a part of your routine?


  1. I love Whatchamacallits, too! I didn't realize they still sell those? Totally reminds me of way back when! And what is a support band? For your pregnant bump? I think I need one of those for everyday use! Great job on your lunchtime run today!

    Interesting theory on the stretching. I don't warm up.. hardly ever. I do stretch after.. that's about it, though. And I don't think I stretch long enough.

  2. Many people complain about how us teachers get the "summers off" and such.... but one negative of being a teacher is the lack of an hour (or more) lunch break! Heck, I used to get 25 minutes!

    I try to stretch after every run. I know I Should be doing it daily but that doesn't always happen. Sometimes I get into a routine of stretching before i crawl into bed. Just the basics, but I try to really focus on the IT band by stretching standing up, legs crossed over each other and reaching for my toes.It's makes a difference.... that stretching stuff. :)

  3. Sadly i'm horrible about stretching. I never warm up and only stretch after my runs not before. M U S T W O R K O N T H A T!

  4. Jealous of your nooner. I could never workout at lunch, then come back to work. First off, it takes me about an hour just to get ready!

    I only stretch after my runs :)

  5. OMG, Whatchamacallits are so good!!! I wish I could run at lunch too. Sigh.

    I stretch after every run, usually for about 15-20 minutes. I mainly focus on my lower back, quads, hamstrings and hips. Plus anything to help my IT band. I use the roller too.

    I got so badly hurt after my marathon last year I couldn't run for months, so I don't want that to happen again.

  6. Sounds like a great run! No bathroom stops? You're a hero! ;)

    I don't really stretch like I should. I have a lot of natural flexibility that I take for granted. Most of the time my strecthing is done separately from a workout. I just never factor in the additional time to do it.

  7. Nice job on the slow nooner today homie. :) Nooners are a luxury I can't enjoy except on very rare occasions.

    I did see that NYT article. I never stretch before running or lifting. I walk 5 minutes to warm up before I run. I stretch after my runs (actually I use the foam roller thingie alot now and add a few stretches for my lower back and hammies).

  8. Ha ha- you said nooner. I don't know how people can run during lunch, because I get too sweaty and gross. I need to shower after to remove the crusty layer of salt.

    About the stretching, I (now) always stretch after running. I don't stretch after a warm-up unless I'm at a race, because then there's plenty of time, and everyone else is doing it, too. But mostly I do it because it feels good, and I used to be a dancer, so it's just natural, I guess.

  9. Nice job on the run. Don't worry about time, just running is a huge accomplishment (I know easier said than done, I am a number freak).

    I could run during lunch, but the roads are so congested where I work I don't feel safe, lots of buses.

    Stretching, I am awful with it. I hardly ever stretch before I run. Sometimes I stretch my claves. After, I make sure I stretch my legs out, but half ass it many times.

  10. OMG I haven't had a Whatchamacallit in FO-EVAH!!

    Like Julianne, I don't warm up but I do stretch a bit afterward. Not for very long but for the most part it's coolio LOL

  11. I only ever stretch when I'm injured. By which time it's too late. I tend to rely on my yoga classes.

  12. Lucky you go to run at lunch - I am hoping to try that someday.

    At the beginning of training I was going to the trainers to have my hamstrings stretched out. Now i just do it on my own. At practice we don't really stretch we just do "drills" or warm ups which included A and B skips (not sure how to describe them).

  13. i have been thinking about trying out the lunch time runs lately... since its LIGHT and all :) i just dont know about getting back into work clothes after even though we have a shower here. great job on the run!!!

  14. Nice work. I'm always jealous of lunchtime runners too. Keep up the good work!