1 day later

I slept so well last night. I woke up and started feeling disappointed with my crappy time. Don't you hate that - even though it is just a number. I hate that feeling. 10 minutes faster and I would have been a little bit happier with it. Why did I just meltdown in the second half? I'm frustrated.

On the other hand, I feel lucky to be capable to train for and finish a marathon, so I'm trying to take it in stride. Thoughts for the future - 1 day later? Next time I'm ready to tackle a marathon (if there is a next time, right?), maybe I'll look into the coach thing. It seems like it might be a way to bounce things off of someone and get more direction. Right now, I feel like I want a personal trainer and nutritionist to get everything back on track. I feel pretty down in the dumps with the marathon being over and having nothing on the horizon right now, even though it is probably what I need. I've been thinking lately about not being able to drop weight, and how if I was working and standing up all day, everything would probably be back to normal. There are trade offs for everything, but when I get down, I definitely miss that part of my life.

The day and week after the marathon - what do you do? Yesterday was a big protein day - tried to get as much as possible (including some shot roks which I will tell you about!) Do you take the whole week off from running? I am going to try. Do you cross train? Today I did yoga. I plan to lower my food intake and cross train and try not to run. Would love to hear what you typically do!

More pics from my mom's camera:


  1. What I really want to do today is curl up with a good book!

    But I'm going to try to get on the bike for an hour or so later, to shake out my legs, and then just do what feels good for the rest of the week. There's a Turkey Trot on Thursday morning that I may (may) do, but otherwise, I'm planning on doing more biking and hiking/walking than running, for sure.

    Good luck with recovery, and try not to get so down on yourself. You have so much stuff going on right now; it makes sense that the race wasn't quite what you were hoping for. Looking forward to seeing you next week!

  2. Such cute pics! No matter what the time, it is just plain amazing you made it! I would have died! haha

  3. Love the pic of Nic crying! Hahaha!
    Don't beat yourself up about your time - you finished a marathon in a respectible time and I am really excited for you.
    The day after I usually try to get a recovery run in...but that is usually because I have another race not to far off in the distance. Some training plans say don't run this week but cross train and bike. I think you should listen to your body and mind - you will know.
    Maybe try signing up for a half in the early part of 2010 - that might help your motivation.
    Great job yesterday! Don't forget that!!! ;)

  4. Echoing what others are saying on here - don't get down on yourself!! I think it's amazing to just finish it -I haven't even done a 1/2 yet!!).

    I know what you mean about feeling blah. With injury and grey, cold weather, I have been feeling OLD. Yuk. Plus all my friends at home are at the beach - 'nuff said! Maybe you could start signing up for some events in 2010. Find some that involve a bit of travel (if you're up for it) to make it more interesting, different distances etc

    Can recommend the trainer/coach thing - I've had one for 18 months (not super pricey either) and she has prevented my sanity from leaving and corrected a lot of things that I was doing wrong and leaving myself open to long term injury - not to mention having an actual plan to follow!

    Love the pics!

  5. Love those socks!!

    Day after, I rest depending on the lenght of race.

    Don't stress the time. It IS just a number on the road to being the best runner YOU can be.

    Love the pictures!!

  6. The post marathon blues haven't hit me yet, but I know they are coming. A friend of mine is organizing a NYE fun marathon at Mondauk. It's a one mile loop so you can do as many as you want and stop whenever. So I have that to keep me going through December then I hope to be back to running races in the beginning of the New Year.

    You've seen how far I have come since hiring a coach. I mean, it's still up to you to do the work but it's nice to have the guidance. You just have to be willing to listen and follow the advice even when you think it's not right. I can give you Coach Jack's info if you want it.

  7. Ahh, the post marathon blues. I had that for a while, but then I decided to ENJOY the no-pressure running/exercise. No race on the horizon means run when and if you feel like it. Enjoy the break!

  8. Congrats on finishing another marathon! (I have yet to run one, so I think you're amazing!!!). The pictures are really cute, and those polka dot socks rock. :)

  9. You have finished a lot of marathons! Just crossing the finish line again is a cause for celebration. Now you can start focusing on triathlons :) I have never had a coach, but it seems like everyone besides me has one and they all seem to really enjoy the experience.

    Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling so great about your body. I think we all go through that at times. Sometimes if I focus on how amazing my body is and what it is capable of I a little bit feel better.

  10. I'm late to the game here, so sorry to hear that you missed your goal time, but you still ran an awesome race! Great pics!

  11. Love that last picture where Nick is smiling at you!

    Sorry you're feeling blah about your time but I think you're in the right spot to take it as: at least I did it, at least my body is able to do this.

  12. I gained weight during marathon training, then gained when when I stopped training. I guess thats pretty common though ...

    I think you need to relax and think about your accomplishments :) You did awesome and can always improve and change in the future (whether it be in a marathon situation or otherwise). For now, be proud of what you did and where you are! You did awesome!!!!

  13. I'm proud of you girl- you trained and ran a marathon and thats great! I can understand being dissapointed though.

    love all the pics! :)