week 20 stats

So this week was a bit of a wakeup call with some hard runs towards the end of the week and ligament or some kind of pain that I need to call about and make sure it is ok. I'm running slower and taking it easier as I start to expand! I feel like I grew overnight, really, over the last 2 nights and became huge.

Today I have shin splints (WHY?) and a sore bad knee. What causes the shin splints?
I woke up this morning and wanted to sign up for the Philly marathon. I realized last night that the half is sold out. Since I haven't had any great runs lately, I'm doubting myself, and at the same time trying to be rational, but on the other side is my I CAN DO IT attitude, with taking it easy and going slow. I really don't know! A part of me just wants to let it go!! And sign up for a spring one!
I haven't heard back from Boston charity #1 yet.

Week 20:Slowing it down
Monday: YOGA
Tuesday: Run 1 hour (6.54 miles/9:11)
Wednesday: swim 45 min (2700yards), run 1/2 mile (5 min), YOGA class
Thursday: run 1:08:30 (7 miles) - trouble started this day
Friday: Tried to run an easy 3, ended up unable to run, walked 15 minutes
Saturday: 1/2 marathon - Baltimore - 2:13:45 - had to walk miles 6.5- 8 off and on. Jog/walk the rest.
Sunday: Run/Walk easy 7 miles (1:17:24). Started off with pain right away, took a break, walked, went back to it and was able to run 5 painless miles, lift in between (20 min)

Total running for the week: 34.2 miles, swimming: 2700 yards, yoga - 2 classes, lifting 20 min

Song of the week:
Pink - SO WHAT!
('I'm still a rockstar' -got me through the race on Sat as I walked) :)

Can't wait to hear those race reports!


  1. There is nothing wrong with slowing down every now and then. Even Batgirl chills out now and then between crimefighting battles. Capisce?

  2. Yeah, I hate to break it to you, but my problems with runing started around 23-24 weeks... feeling sorta crampy and walking some during each run. Maybe your body will handle it better, but I made the switch to water running and elliptical in the hopes of maintaining some sanity and fitness through the last 1/2 of pregnancy. With any luck I'll have this baby soon (like *today* would be fine) and then start back up running... I'll be able to tell you how the water running maintains fitness applicable to road running. My legs still feel strong to me and I know cardiovascularly I'm fine, but the legs haven't endured any pounding so we'll have to see how it goes. I'm gonna go for it as soon as I'm able after D-Day!!

  3. You still ran more than me this past week! And I'm not even prego... Hang in there. There's always Philly next year! Riiiigght?

  4. Great job on running the half marathon!! Just keep listening to your body and I am sure you will be running until the day you go to the hospital to deliver! lol

  5. If you need to slow it down a bit do it, in the long run it'll only help you out. There is nothing wrong with slow and easy. I love the attitude (I know I can do it) but be careful. Looks like you've got a great week ahead of you... make it a good one.

  6. Nice job on the half mary!!! There is nothing wrong with slowing it down a bit. Your body is doing a lot of work right now. If it is barking at you there is nothing wrong with taking a breather.

  7. For a slower week, you still packed in a lot of activity. It's good to have those types of weeks now and then, they seem to be a good motivator to push yourself harder the next week.

  8. You're still so busy for being slow. Haha. You're doing great!

    Just listen to your body. It seems like it may be trying to tell you something, like "You can still be a rockstar and run without doing it in a marathon."

    However, signing up for the full and doing the half doesn't sound like a bad idea. Although something tells me you would pass that half-marathon point and keep going. ;)

  9. you are still doing AMAZING for slowing it down!!!

  10. Hey N.D. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the congrats. I really appreciate it.

    OMG, I am SO impressed with you. When I was pregnant, it never occurred to me to run. Guess that's why I gained 65 lbs with BOTH my kids. LOL

    It's ok to slow down. You're body is changing, for the good. Wow, before you know it the lil' bambino will be here. BTW, congrats!!!

    Also, I am way impressed with your Math blogs. Wow, I'm old (well, not really:). When I went to school, even through college, there was no internet (well, there was, but just not open to the public yet). Actually by the end of college they had it, but I am SO blown away by the fact that kids can sign on online and get an assignment, or grades for that matter. Amazing how things have changed!

  11. Just came across your blog... from someone else... POM I think. Sorry to hear about the shin splints. yucky!

  12. Shin splints? I had those last week. I think mine were due to too many hard training days and especially since I want to up those miles a little bit.

  13. did you see jennifer burgett's race report? there was a 7 months prego lady at her half (or full?) marathon!


    with a sign that said "baby on board"! :-)

  14. Shin splints are generally caused by taking off to high on the front of your foot...I think. I would highly recommend a book called "chirunning".

    You're like a pregnant super woman! I ran 20 miles last week and was really chuffed with myself.

    Re the comment on my blog. No my belly button hasn't popped yet. It's the drawstring on my trousers that's sticking out :-) Lol.