That's all folks.

Yea, I'm over the radar now. Booooo. 23 weeks today. No more pretending I guess. I'm not as lucky as Clare, who is only now being noticed at 31 weeks. Seriously.

This week sucked. I don't know what it was, my lack of patience, too many things going on at once, or hormones, but I had too much going on, and too much work to bring home almost every night this week.

Monday was my dr appt and I had to leave yoga early : ( Tuesday I got in a good run, but afterwards I did feel like I overdid it. I paid for that later this week. Wednesday I went to crappy yoga class, and it was indeed crappy, but included some good moves.

The week ended on a real poopy note. Thursday morning I got up to run and my legs felt like were carrying 20 pound weights, and I had some pain that just made it uncomfortable. I planned to run later. I had my "bad" class the last period of the day on Thursday, and really needed to detox. I had an outside run planned with my hatphones winter hat (favorite thing in the world) near school. I started to run and within literally 2 minutes, I had cramping. I had to stop and walk. I was so upset. I totally needed this run. It sounds so stupid, but then I was stuck walking and thinking. It's really stressful to me deciding how much time to take off, and I started thinking about that. Then everytime I have a problem running, I think it is the end, and I won't be running again until March. It is not a good scene. And I have totally scary doubts that I will have problems running Boston 2 months after giving birth since I have no idea what I can expect.

So that was a bad day. This morning I got up & went swimming, and planned to try running after school. I got in 3 miles before I started to feel cramping. It's really frustrating for me. I know it is really stupid, and I'm stopping when I feel it, but it is really sad to me : (

In other news, I got my Boston fundraising page which is here and I'll post on the side link. I'm running for cancer research, which to me is a great cause. I'd love your support ! I promise I'll finish, I just might be walking a bit! But I hope not.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You look more pregnant with a shirt on than without!!

    I'm sorry you had some crappy runs. :( I know how discouraging it can be. But you're doing (and looking) great!

  2. Do you think your cramping is contractions? Seems like we've all had them. Try to remember that as things change, things change...profound eh, but I mean take it day by day, a bad run does NOT foretell the end! You could feel totally fine in a week or 2. Are you using a support belt yet? And even if running isn't working now, just keep up with ANYTHING. I actually learned to love long walks! But yeah, you THINK more on them. I'm planning to take 8 weeks if I can get them all paid. We'll see though...just all depends! I wish I could take MORE but we can't afford too much unpaid.

  3. Sorry about the crampy runs. Really uncomfortable I know. It is possible that they'll start to get better, and it's possible that they're nothing more than BH contractions which are nothing but uncomfortable. Although they still suck. :( I never went on long walks until a few weeks ago, but now I actually kind of like them. Maybe bc I miss running so much and long walks are the closest I can come right now? On the bright side, swimming feels awesome. I'm swimming 3000+ meters/day and feel like an endurance machine. And I'm only 8-10 sec/100m off my old pace for long repeats (so still faster than the majority of other folks in the pool). I figure a 15 lb brick strapped to my belly is the only reason for the pace slow down...
    You might also consider 'overall stress' in your life as contributing to the crampiness on your runs. Not sure what all you can do about it, but I know the more relaxed I am and the more sleep I can get, the better I feel physically. So maybe next week will be better for you?

  4. BTW, I contributed to the Dana Farber fund... (It appears I was the first one!) :) I'm always for cancer research!

  5. Thats awesome your running for cancer research. My grandfather died last summer 2007 with lung cancer so any chance i get, i donate.

    Your belly is cute, dont feel bad! You look great and i'm sure your gonna be one of those lucky girls that stays tiny and small through the whole pregnancy. I however will become a giant beached whale :) I hope you smiled.

    Take it easy on yourself. Running for two isnt easy. **its funny, i talk like i know right? HA i dont** but running for 1 is hard enough, 2 has to be way hard. Your doing so great, just keep trucking along. I bet you just had a bad day and things will be better soon.

    Try not to focus on what you'll be doing in two months or longer. Take each day for what its worth, dont worry about tomorrow, live for today and worry about tomorrow when it gets here. :)

  6. I think you are doing a great job listening to your body which is most important. Do you think slowing down you pace a bit more will help? Or switching to running, walking, running, etc?

    II'm going to check out your page now.

  7. Maybe you just had an off week - keep listening to your body I am sure things will get better!

  8. Ooh I'm sure you don't want to hear this but man you've really popped out this week! You definitely look pregnant---of course, in the "wow that pregnant lady looks unbelievably cute and hot" sort of way.

    And no, I'm not a lesbian. I'm just trying to make a girl feel good.

  9. Wow! Tough week indeed. Hang in there! BTW, you've got a nice belly.

  10. I have something to tell you. Will you email me? heatherDOTangeline AT gmail

    I also wonder if slowing down your pace might help... not great, but better than not being able to run at all. Hopefully whatever it is, passes!

  11. You did have a tough week!! But don't let it get you down. Next week will be better, I'm sure of it!! :-)

    Ok, I hope this makes you feel better: I just contributed to your fundraiser! :-)

  12. What a terrible cycle of no running making you feel bad and feeling back because you can't run. On a positive note, you look like an adorable pregnant lady!

  13. For 23 weeks you look great! Sorry to hear the running is not going well. I can only imagine your frustration since running is such a good release of all the pent-up crap we carry on our shoulders every day. Try to be patient and work through the rough spots. It's all worth it in the end.

  14. You look great N-slice!

    And I have to agree with D10 on how you are smartly listening to your body and adjusting (as difficult as I know it is for you). Sorry you have had some bad days, but because of the crappy days the good days are THAT much better.

  15. You are SO little! :) Stick with it, seriously!